Grocery Store Pickup Attempt

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    Grocery Store Pickup Attempt

    Changed my approach today and went for an indirect.

    Saw a girl in the Bulk/Organic isle. Asked, "where are they hiding the Almond flour?"

    She found it for me and pointed out there are two types and which one I wanted. Played the innie meenie Minnie moh game and that got her to chuckle.

    Did a cold read and said that she must be into nutrition. This led to a long stack about our meal plans, diets, and exercise. She made a statement as she was walking away, which led me to do a cold read that she was in the medical field.

    Then she revealed that she worked for a bank and was on her lunch break. I observed that she looked like she was in a hurry and needed to get back to work. She smiled and said yes and she was short on time.

    I got her name. When I did, I made the mistake and said, I'm Chelsea. So I went with it and said, "hi my name is Chelsea, it is so nice to meet you Scott." She laughed.

    I said that "I'm on my way out too and let's continue talking over the phone. You free tonight?" She said no, she has a boyfriend. So, I replied that "I have a boyfriend too but he is allowing an open relationship. What about yours?" She laughed and said no. I politely said have a nice day and it was great talking to her.

    Few questions. She I have been more direct? Should I have complimented on how attractive I found her? What are some ways to build more attraction in a short amount of time.

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    Did good man.

    Am I the only other person active in this forum?


    Should you have been more direct? You could have. It's really a hit and miss during the day. There are two dynamics at play in the day. One it moves slow, meaning you may not get a full close that day. You may not even get a kiss close and it could take two or three meetings. Second dynamic is that you may have only seconds to get her interest. In general, you need 10 minutes for number close, 20 for kiss close, 40 for a full close. Can these happen faster, yes. It depends on the girl, the situation, and how well you handle the logistics.

    Great job on handling the boyfriend thing. Not allowing it to affect you is huge alpha.

    If you want to try a direct give this a shot. "I know this kind of sudden, but I saw you from across the store/mall/park and had to tell you that your style makes you look like a modern day Audrey Hepburn."
    If she looks all creeped out, then bounce with "Just thought I would pay you a complement. You do look nice though."
    If she is positive you can follow up with an introduction.
    Next thing part is pure logistics, as you improve you won't need it, does she have a few minutes. If she doesn't bounce with "Well, I don't want to keep you then. Nice meeting you." If she does awesome. Just know that with direct bitch shields can go up instantly. So, you need to overcome them.

    The reason I like this is because I can bounce at any time while at the same time giving her feedback. She looks all creeped out I bounce while letting her know I was sincere. She doesn't have time I bounce while showing her I really wanted to talk to her. Not 100%, but many times, I have had the girl apologize and engage.

    To build attraction you have two areas you need to stimulate with the girl. The mental and emotional side of her. Something to keep in mind is that women want to feel special, but not idealized. Very general or vague complements that can be given to any girl don't really work. Girls are taught from an early age to not trust guys who use those. Something that sounds and feels tailor made for her works much better. It shows you have an eye for detail. Especially, if your outfit is well put together.

    Here's the trick to this so you can run with it on your own. Give her a compliment on something she has chosen to do, or worked to achieve. In other words something she hasn't gotten from genetics. Her shoes, style of shirt, coordinated jewelry, her make up, eye make up, etc. Even if she looks like a slob, she will spend time selecting pieces for the look.

    To build attraction you need to be a master of timing. Flirting is all about timing. In day pick up I tend to concentrate on the girls legs to build sexual tension. It's not overly sexual and it's easy to pull off. I just act like something distracted me, look at her legs, then say something like "you have amazing legs, sorry, I got distracted, you were saying."

    You also have to mix in kino. Light, non-sexual, touching to help build trust and reinforce attraction. That's pretty much how it's done.

    I'll post an encounter I had yesterday in another thread.

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