Wingman in Barcelona

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  1. Wingman in Barcelona

    Hi guys!

    I am looking for a wingman in Barcelona. I am in my thirties, intermediate level of sarging. I am looking for someone that wants to practice, improve and have a good time, both for day and night game. PM me if interested!

  2. Hi mark
    I’m also in my 30s live in Barcelona... I need a wing too .. I’m beginner/ intermediate.. let’s meet up and talk

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a beginner and currently beginning with the Sasha Daygame Bible. I'm looking for a wing to push each other.

    I'm 24, European, and speak 4 languages including Spanish & English.


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    i am going spain after like 2 weeks ,,, will day/night game 24/7

    if anyone intrested message me

    whats app

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