Nicest amog

So I’m at this karaoke bar last night and I see a three set. One guy, two girls. And bonus, I see the guy kissing one of the girls (not my target). I approach and do my opening, “which one of you is the singer in the group?” And invite myself to their group. I neg my target, I charm the obstacles, and comes time to demonstrate value I get up on stage. I kill it as I usually do. There’s a reason I work the karaoke bar, first I want to put my best foot forward, second there are new sets everyday. So I get back to the table and the guy is all over me. “Man that was great! You’re awesome. Wish I could sing like that... so on... and on. There’s just so many times I can say thank you. Finally I get a second to talk to my target, but only a second. I haven’t started my line yet the guy pulls me away and pushes me on stage to sing more and he’s screaming the whole time. Seriously the nicest cockblock ever.