My time out last weekend FR

Note: This was meant to posted three days ago

My first field report in a while…trying to get in the habit again. Here it goes!

I went out to my usual night spot with my wingman Dan. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling that great at the time; my back was hurting from work and I was relatively tired, but I needed to drag myself out here the way you drag yourself out to work or the gym. So I decided to use an opener that would amuse me.

Me: Hey! Quick question, I need to get back to my friend in a sec, who would win in a fight? A flying crocodile or a flying shark?
Both Girls: The shark!
Me: Why the shark?
Girls: (blah blah blah)
Me: I’m Matt. (gives hand out to shake)
Girl 1: Casey Girl 2: Blair
Me: Blair? Say are you a witch?
Blair: (laughs)…yes!
Casey: How did you know?
Me: Honestly, I’m just making a Blair Witch Project reference.
Blair: OMG, that movie was awesome.

We began talking about movies from the 1990s. It was pretty fun, but I moved on to another group.

I tried the opening with another set of women. They did not open to me as warmly, but I still got their names at least (something in Indian that I could not understand). I went to another group of three black women and tried a different conversation starter.
Me: If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
Brittany: Haha! Invisibility!
Christian: Flying…definitely flght!
Me: My super power would be going to sleep on command!

BURSTS OF LAUGHTER! The ice was broken…yet it was hard to stay engaged after the opener.
I am getting a WHOLE LOT better of approaching and opening without having anxiety. I still seem to be having trouble having conversations that generate interest or attraction though.