Long time lurker here! Asked for a number, didn't get it. Open for more details!

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  1. Long time lurker here! Asked for a number, didn't get it. Open for more details!

    This thing happened in a gym. Waited until the lady is done with her stuff, as she left the reception, I called her out and talked for a little bit. Introduced myself, made eye contact. I knew she was in a hurry, thinking this might be an advantage, I told her "I should get your number!", she said "oh, I don't give out my number that easy". I thought I was getting rejected until she finished what she was saying. I was expecting that she has a boyfriend.

    As a consolation prize, she told me that she'll see me around at the gym again. She's the type that doesn't open her phone while inside the gym frequently, I noticed she only opened her phone once in one of her many breaks. She doesn't make eye contact to any of the dudes. We walked past each other earlier on, I think she was gonna let out a smile but hesitated and same with me as I was sweating like a pig and so exhausted lol

    Should I look forward? On our next encounter, what you guys advice should I do? This lady has a great wall of China all over her when she's working out. I was thinking maybe approach her in one of her breaks next time. Maybe ask for Facebook or Instagram first, or should I try for the number again?

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    The issue here is that you do not approach enough women. So you get hung up on the tactics of how to approach a single woman.

    You need practice to get a sense for what the non-verbal cues of women mean (i.e., is she receptive or is she blowing you off) and also to become attractive enough that she will more likely want to give you her number.

    Also... simply asking for a phone number is awkward. Men are usually better off asking "are you single? I'd like to have a drink and get to know you better. Give me your number and i'll text you"

  3. Just to give an update. I saw here again at the gym, exchanged hi hellos how are you. Never really tried to walk up to her since she's mostly doing something and she seldom take breaks this time. Anyway, she said goodbye as she was leaving. Thinking she's gone, I went downstairs to cool down. She was still there, she said another goodbye lol

    I'm kind of freezing whenever I get the chance to talk to her, it's not that I don't approach enough women. She's exactly my type in almost everything. Thinking about going slow, get to know her first before I ask for her social media or number.

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