Another week’s gone and we’re one step closer to Vegas.

My weight continues to go down, and I feel like over the past couple of weeks I’ve found a certain calmness from the sheer regularity and predictability of the process. Earlier in the process my emotions were more of a rollercoaster - I’d get really happy if I had a week where my weight dropped significantly, but I’d be disappointed in myself if it went down slower the following week. Now I feel like I’ve come to accept that

1. I don’t have 100% control over my daily weight, and a bunch of factors are going to push it up and down,
2. some weeks are going to be better, other weeks are going to be worse, and the important thing is that I’m moving in the right direction,
3. I don’t gain anything by being anxious about the rate of weight loss. I should just focus on doing the right things - trust the process! - and be happy as long as I’m doing that.

I recall the PR fitness manual we were given said that people on the fat loss program are expected to lose 15 to 20 pounds on average. I’m down 15 pounds as of this morning relative to day 1. I’d be surprised if I hadn’t put on a little muscle too, so perhaps actual fat loss is slightly more than that. I hope to make as much progress as possible over the last two weeks, but I’m certainly going to have to continue working on fitness during Vegas and after to get to a really ripped condition, and that’s okay.

Tony Robbins says “progress = happiness”. We’ve all made a lot of progress over the past 10 weeks. I don’t know if ‘happy’ is the word I’d use to describe how I feel though, and I’m curious to hear how the rest of you are thinking about it. I’ve certainly gotten the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something difficult. But I think the truly deep satisfaction (i.e. ‘happiness’) will come from an identity level change, when I’m able to go from “I proud that I stuck with a really difficult fitness program and lost a bunch of fat” to “Being fit is just who I am”. That's when you raise the minimum standard for what you're willing to accept from yourself. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve made the transition to that latter mindset yet. But again, I’m sure it’ll happen slowly over time as long as I stick to it- trust the process.

Coming now to the week itself, I reduced my calories to 1500 calories this week. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, though I did have hunger pangs every now and then. Based on Claudio’s advice - and he’s been great at keeping us inspired and engaged throughout - I’ve also started pushing harder on the weights, generally try to start at higher weights and seeing how far I can push it. Between the lower calories and the higher weights, I was feeling the muscle soreness more intensely than before. But it’s definitely worth pushing the boundaries for this last stretch.

I had another bout of flu during the week - seems to be going around the office - which made a couple of the workouts pretty miserable. Loaded up to my ears on Vitamin C and tried to get a good nights sleep, though I haven’t fully recovered yet. The extra rest was hard to fit in as well, because my work is really ramping up and we have a major deadline coming up this week. I had to work a good chunk of Saturday and a few late nights during the week too. I’m gonna be working pretty much non-stop all the way until I get on the flight to Vegas, so getting enough rest is going to be a challenge. Good thing I have a long, long flight during which I can sleep!

Also coming up next week - my annual health screening. I’m quite curious to see how all this work will impact my blood markers, triglycerides, cholesterol, my blood pressure and everything else

I’ve gotten more compliments on my weight loss recently, and my shirts at work are really starting to swim on me. Am looking forward to buying new clothes in Vegas!

Hope the rest of you guys had a good week!