Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - New York, April 2018

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    Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - New York, April 2018

    We've completely overhauled the 10-day bootcamp to incredible success. This is the culmination of 10 years of development, and I think we've hit something pretty special. But I'll let the guys speak for themselves.

    Thanks to everyone that attended for a truly profound experience. Feeling very blessed.

  2. This 10 day program was incredible. A few years ago I came over from Australia to attend the Super conference in Vegas and while it was a great experience I ultimately never achieved the success I wanted. A lot of that was on me but part of it was that the program just didn’t click with me. This 10 day was completely different. To be honest I can’t even describe it as a pickup seminar. At the end it felt more like a 10 day spiritual journey with some communication skills thrown in because fuck it why not.

    The day 10 was held in Andrew’s (Sterling) apartment in NYC. It had a really cool vibe and provided a really intimate atmosphere to the whole event. We had four instructors for the 12 of us. Andrew, Blake, Alex and Tanner plus some of the guys from Rockstar who came in from time to time. The instructor to student ratio was good and I never felt like I was left alone.

    On the first day Andrew covered off on some basic principles which set the tone. He let us know that this 10 day had a completely overhauled curriculum and very little of it would be what we were expecting. The first four days was intended to set the foundation for the course and build the container that we’re all going to be a part of. We all contributed the following principles:

    No judgement – Everyone has demons

    Be authentically open and transparent

    No Defensiveness – There’s nothing that can impress and nothing that can disappoint

    Support each other

    Play all out – bring yourself to the table every single day

    Agency and Intentionality – Set your intention and exercise your agency

    Trust – Trust for no other reason than to trust

    We then started to explore some mental concepts that changed the way I looked at going out and approaching. Even this small amount of material on things like trust, surrender and conquest had a huge impact on me. After a few hours I started to realise that the majority of the material was designed to help me live a happier more fulfilling life and as Andrew said, the girls are just a by product of that.
    Over the next few days we started to get a glimpse of the Simplified Natural curriculum. It wasn’t about learning routines or faking anything in a conversation, it all it came down to being comfortable expressing your natural personality whilst knowing how to push the conversation forward. We had to learn how to push various thresholds in order to make something happen without getting stuck in a normal conversation or going so far as to get blown out. After that we covered subcomms and how to move the non verbal conversation forward. Andrew made the point that the outer game mechanics are easy and make up about 20-30% of the journey, the rest comes from within you. It’s a continuous life long journey to get out of your head and into your body.

    We went out the first night with the goal of just getting into a normal conversation. It surprised me how much fun I had with this. There was no overarching goal, I didn’t feel like I’d come to work on anything or put in work at my job, I was just there to have fun. We also played a game called let it die. The instructors made us start all of our sets and keep them going for a minute or so before deliberately letting them fizzle and die. When the girl walked away we were supposed to sit in the emotion that came up and really feel it. The first few times it felt shit, just like getting blown out always does, but after a while it stopped feeling like anything, and then it became fun. The idea was to get to the point where the set wasn’t good or bad it just was. It was designed to make us indifferent to the outcome. This was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done. It got me completely out of my head and I ended having a really cool night just bouncing around talking to people. This was also one of the first times I’d had almost nothing to drink when I was out. Alcohol has always been a big crutch for me I managed to stay off it. What was really amazing to me was that I felt completely energized after we left the club. I realised that I didn’t need alcohol to get into state and that I was actually better off without it.

    The second night was all about being fun and flirting with girls. We were supposed to talk shit, make jokes and try and have as much fun pushing the threshold with girls. The instructors gave us some core principles like “I’m not here to get laid I’m here to get into state” and that we needed to think about going out like a collaborative art project that involved everyone in the club. I found this a little harder than the first night but a lot of that came down to trying to get something out of the girls instead of just trying to have fun. Once I relaxed and remembered the process we were taught the night got a lot better, I had a few half an hour sets and lot of smaller ones that didn’t really go anywhere.

    The third night out we went to a strip club in order to experience what it was like on the receiving end of a cold approach and to experience a conversation that we knew couldn’t go anywhere. It was pretty cool seeing how some of the strippers would approach us and joke around and have a good time and laugh with us versus those who were only there to get paid. I felt pretty sympathetic to regular girls after we left.

    After the mechanics were covered we started to go on a deep dive into our selves. This was the part the none of us expected. We started a daily meditation and breathing practise designed get us out of our heads and into our bodies, I’d done meditation before but this was much more powerful. It brought up a lot of emotion for some people myself included. Everybody was given an opportunity to share how It felt what came up for them.

    Over the next few days we did an exercise where we played with the mental exercises covered on day one and the breathing techniques we’d learnt earlier. The idea was to surrender completely and learn to ‘just be’ despite whatever was going on around you. Then we practised an active form of meditation. The idea was that if you can’t see anyone and they can’t see you then you can judge anyone or be judged by anyone.

    All of these out of mind and into body exercises lead us to what was for me one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Andrew lead us in the circle of vulnerability. There were tears all around and it really highlighted that everybody had demons in their life and that we were all in this together.

    After five days of some of the deepest experiences I’ve ever had we were ready to go out again. I felt like a layer of dirt had been cleaned off my soul and It seems like everyone else felt the same. There was no analysing my interactions, no over thinking anything just pure fun. I had a few long sets but after a while I didn’t even feel like I was doing approaches, I was just talking to everybody around me. Towards the end of the night I ended up pulling a Kiwi girl into the bathroom and getting a blow job off her.

    Over the next few days we dove even further into masculinity vs femininity and spent some one on one time with Andrew infront of the group working on our individual issues. Mine revolved around how I find it hard to get in touch with my masculinity what I need to do to bring it out. Andrew truly is a wizard with this sort of thing. His ability to diagnose people and bring about a change in them is incredible.

    On the last day we spoke about how to integrate this into our lives and how to prevent it from becoming just a cool experience we had one time. We talked about nutrition and exercise and a daily ritual for success.
    I don’t really know how to describe how different this experience was. So little of it was on game. To me this felt like the awakening I didn’t even know I needed.

  3. Well, it's going to be hard to top SamR's review, but I'm going to try to add some further information.

    Like he said, the curriculum was completely redone for this 10-day (and consequently the curriculum on the LS website is completely obsolete). Andrew and Alex have taken everything they've learned from running Rockstar all these years and tried to condense the most important aspects into the 10 day curriculum. They've also taken the best insights from a ton of different self-development programs and incorporated them into a powerful, comprehensive system.

    So the program was not what I expected going in, but it turned out to be *far* better in actuality than I could have hoped for. It was an absolutely incredible experience. It isn't just about getting girls. It's about becoming a better, more fulfilled man. (And consequently, the girls will follow. But so will a lot of other benefits.)

    I signed up for this program with barely any knowledge of pick-up. My knowledge was limited to what I had learned at a 3-day boot-camp a few months before. That camp got me to the point where I could get comfortable in a bar or lounge and actually approach people and have a conversation. But it didn't get me much further than that (because it's only 3 days and you can only do so much). Tanner was helping out at that camp and both he and Issac recommended the 10-day as the next step, so I decided to give it a shot. I'm very glad I did.

    Broadly, the first 3 days were about outer game. The tasks they gave us when we went out that first weekend were designed to help us see where our blockages were. The next 4 days were devoted to "inner game" and actually starting the process of breaking through the major issues holding us back. Then we went back to the outer game for the last days and worked on incorporating everything we'd learned into an overall package. When we went out that second weekend, I think everyone saw a major reorientation and consequent massive improvement.

    I certainly got far more out of the camp than I had expected. In fact to be honest, when Andrew started introducing his view on the inner game stuff, I was very skeptical and was seriously imagining that I was going to have to exercise the money back guarantee. It didn't turn out that way though. Give him a chance and jump into the exercises with both feet and you'll make dramatic strides.

    If you are seriously wrapped up in science, although Andrew doesn't think of it this way, you could understand what he's doing as being an eclectic mix of various psycho-social interventions that are all known to work but that don't have an agreed upon basis for *why* they work. He has elements of CBT, ACT, DBT, imagery rescripting, MBSR, and a few others -- combining the most powerful techniques from a whole host of methods. But he's simplified and unified the terminology so that you can understand it without a PhD in psychology and years of study.

    If you are thinking about doing this or any other dating camp, I'd recommend just taking the plunge and starting with this one instead of "working your way up" like so many others have done. Furthermore, if you are looking for a general self-improvement program, I'd *also* recommend starting here since it incorporates the major ideas from so many places. Then you can see where you'd benefit most from going further and zeroing in on that instead of jumping around haphazardly. (And Andrew isn't hesitant to tell you where he got his ideas from or to recommend that you follow up by going further by doing a particular program despite his not getting anything out the referral.)

    As for the cost, I know it seems like a ton of money. But if you break it down by the hourly rate, it isn't really that much. The hours varied each day, but I'd estimate that we got *at least* 5 hours of seminar every day and 3 hours additional hours of either in-field or other activities. So that's 80 hours over 10 days. And it included Alex, Andrew, Tanner, Blake and a host of guests from Project Rockstar to help out. At $12,000 for the camp, that works out to under $40 per person-hour and less than $120 per hour overall. (And again, they actually spent more time with us, and there were more people involved, so this is a *very* conservative estimate.)

    So, don't let the price scare you away. You will not find any program of remotely comparable quality for anywhere near this price per unit time. The 10-day is a fantastic bargain and you'll get far more than you expected out of it. Furthermore, skipping all the other programs you are considering and doing this right away will save you time and money in the long run by maximizing the impact for the time and money you spend by eliminating the need for that other stuff.

  4. I just wanted to add a little extra to my review as it's now been almost two weeks since I've been back to my life. The changes really are remarkable. I feel completely different day to day than I used to. I'm feel generally happy almost all the time, I find myself having a good time for no reason. I'm no longer starting to over analyse every interaction or getting anxious at every hot girl I see walking down the street. I'm not getting intimidated by other men I interact with either which is a huge change for me. I find my natural personality is coming out much easier and I'm so much more comfortable expressing myself in my day to day life. I feel very blessed to have had the experience of being on this program.

  5. My decision to actually go on this 10 day bootcamp was not an easy one. My hesitation was related to the amount of money that I would have to put down, and would I be able to make it work with having a job/working at the same time. I first heard about the 10 day bootcamp from a friend who had completed the full Rockstar program. He told me that it had changed his life, and that he had become a completely different person. Being an over-analytical skeptic, I rolled my eyes when he told me this. We had been going out in Miami for a couple of days and I noticed my relationships with women were subpar to say the least. I told him that I was getting in my head way too much, and that I was finding it difficult to be in state. I got to the point where I wanted things to change and I was ready to put the work in for that change to happen. My friend referred me to the co founder of the 10 day and we had a video chat where he explained to me the 10 day bootcamp and the work that they do. I was immediately impressed by their philosophy to game, particularly their emphasis on the inner game component. Fast forward to several weeks later, I got into a car accident, wrecked my car and the insurance paid me out for the value of the car. The amount was exactly enough to pay for the 10 day. At this point, the money was there, my mind was into it, so there was not turning back. I was happy to know that there was still spaces left.

    I was excited/nervous landing in New York for the first day of the program. There was a comfort knowing that my brother was joining me on this journey, but I realized that we would be forging our own paths forward. One major benefit is that it was being run out of Andrew's apartment, so it definitely was a more intimate atmosphere. As soon as I started meeting some of the guys, I came to another more important realization that there are others out there on the same journey of self improvement. The connection and bond forged with the other guys in the program would be easily one of the highlights of the entire experience.

    The first couple of days were focused on the material that we had showed up for. It was a lot of outer game technical details that you would be used to hearing in a variety of other resources, but with one exception. I had never participated in any bootcamps, but I really connected with the principle of going out to just have FUN. In principle this seemed so simple, but it was something that I had forgotten over the years. The instructors were are all really good guys, and they knew their shit. Right off the bat you could tell that they had A LOT of experience between them when it came to going out and talking to girls. There was a bit of surface level inner game material that I found really interesting. That was the material that I really wanted to get into. The first three days felt like a bit of a massive knowledge transfer concerning the mechanics of being out, talking to women, etc. There was a lot of useful information presented. Again, I had no prior experience with bootcamps, so for me it was valuable. The crucial part of the first day, and for that matter all of them, was the emphasis on the container. The container refers to the fact that all of us who came on this journey are in sort of a bubble together. The container serves to create a space where there is mutual respect and trust. At first I was rolling my eyes at this concept, but this principle would come to my rescue over and over again through the course of the next 10 days.

    The first three nights were all spent going out to various places in New York. The first night we went to a club in Lower Manhattan. As soon as I got there, I started having some good conversations and felt good about myself. As the night went on, I could feel myself getting more and more into my own head. It was a feeling that was very familiar, but instead of feeling isolated, I felt charged. The instructors could sense that I was getting into a bad place, and that is when the real learning began. During the course of the day, we were just learning concepts. Now it was real. My first instinct when feeling this way is to close off, but the instructors told me that the solution is to open up, let go and trust. One of the exercises I engaged in was saying hello or paying a compliment to everyone I saw. I had to walk past several people and just say anything. I was so uncomfortable at first because it involved interacting with girls that had already blown me out. While doing this exercise, I engaged in yet another great interaction with a really attractive woman. Even to this day, when I find myself in the same headspace, I will start conversations with random people, and enough of those will generally pull me back into my body. The next two nights were way more enjoyable because I started emphasizing the concept of having fun and bringing fun energy.

    The program really started for me during the inner game deep dive. This is where all of the material really started hitting a nerve. Lately at this stage of life, real moments of self discovery are rare, but for the next 5 days, it was non stop. There was a lot of real discussions regarding being in your body versus your mind, and the concepts of trust versus surrender. The difficulty for me was trying to analytically break down these concepts. Unfortunately, that method only serves to lead you further away from the truth. I had to confront certain parts of myself that I had either suppressed or shamed over the years. There was so much progress made as far as self acceptance. This is where the container's strength was demonstrated. Over these next few days all of us who chose to attend, connected on a level that I was not expecting. The vulnerability that my fellow men displayed was courageous and admirable. There were several exercises that we participated in as a group that really served to help us understand the concepts and bond as a group. Some of these exercises really helped me find a part of my masculinity that I had somehow misplaced. Not only did these inner game days help me understand and accept myself in a new light, it also shined a light on how other relationships in my life are lacking. Andrew had told us at the beginning, "you came for A, but you will receive B". For me, B was much bigger and more profound than I would have believed. This was demonstrated for me time and time again during the inner game days. There is more detail here to be discussed but that would greatly undermine the experience and the effort put forth by all the instructors.

    After the inner game days were completed, we surfaced to expand more on the concepts of masculinity and sexual conversations. All of this is taught with the underlying foundation of trusting and learning to let go. After the inner game portion, these seemed more trivial to me. The last two nights were spent once again going out and exposing ourselves to the "real" world after the dive that we took. What I found was a lot of the challenges that I faced originally were still there, but I had a different relationship with them. Instead of using them to create stories based on the need for control and false assumptions, I accepted them and the responsibility I took in creating them. My interactions with women the last two nights were more enjoyable and noticeably lighter. There was less pressure, and I was using the outer game skills we had been taught, which served to create a better environment for the women as well.

    The last day was spent reviewing everything. The instructors reviewed the major concepts that we had discussed and painted a picture for us going forward. We received tips on how to better our lives and health which were very useful. The last day was difficult for me because I had found the environment I was in so spiritually helpful. I was amongst a group of guys that were putting in time to better themselves and everyone was supportive. It is a testament to the instructors process for choosing high quality individuals. If you are reading this and deciding on whether to take part, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Most of the excuses you create for yourself are not enough to justify missing out on this incredible experience. To my instructors, a very big thank you.

  6. 2018 NYC 10 Day Review

    The 10 Day in New York City was a life CHANGING experience. If you are a single man or even in a relationship that you want to build on and/or improve and you want to get more overall fulfillment out of life, this program will give you a wake-up call to life.
    The instructors have dedicated their life to helping men get more out of life overall and to improve their life with women. The instructors all really care about each student and are committed to helping each student get the most out of the program.

    I showed up the first day of the 10 Day Bootcamp expecting to be focusing entirely on improving my life with women. I soon found out, this bootcamp was about way more than just the women. It is about getting more fulfillment out of all of life.
    Most men would think this review would talk a lot about what I learned in regards what to say and do while interacting with women. For me this was more of an emotional or spiritual awakening for how to take more control of my WHOLE life.
    The following are huge things that I am taking away from this program:

    I want to get to a place where I care WAY LESS about the outcome of pretty much everything in life, but especially the women aspect.

    Over the course of my life, I have told myself particular stories of why I have not had the dating life that I have desired. I have also created negative stories regarding important people in my life. A particular portion of these stories I have told myself is making a generalization about how people act and then pushing that onto them. When I look deeper into this, I am faced with just the humanity of every person and that everybody is innocent. I am responsible for letting go of all these negative stories that I have told myself.

    There is lots of information out there that says in order to have a different life, you have to be a completely different person. I was relieved when we were told that we do not necessarily need to change who we are at our core. We just need to unlock who we really are at our core. When I heard this, I was like “Fuck Ya.” I do believe there is greatness in me (in all of us). I have just allowed that greatness to be covered up by a bunch of shit. This program helped me shovel away a lot of the shit.

    When Andrew told us within the first hour that his mission was to help people heal, I knew I was in the right place. I actually started to tear up at that.

    There is a core principle that everything that I do in life is because I choose to do it.

    TRUST: The only way that I would get the most benefit out of this program was to totally let go and trust the instructors.
    In order to get to the place the instructors were trying to take me, I needed to: be able to break free and stop caring so damn much; feel alive and not look at this as a “job” or something I have to go out and conquer; break free from the system.

    Trust and survival: Everything in life comes down to this. Our environment causes us to be and act a certain way. By continuing to stay in the same environment, connections are made in our brain that cause us to continue to BE and act a certain way.
    Safety and Significance: The mind tries to do both keep us safe and it strives for significance. Most of my life is driven by significance and trying to be successful. Our minds are hard wired to keep us safe. While my mind may be trying to keep me safe, it is actually keeping me from being free.

    The two energies of Conquest and Surrender. During the bootcamp, I realized just how far into conquest I have fallen. I came to realize how much this attitude is hurting me in all of life. If I would surrender, I could be relaxed, limitless, free, non-judgemental. That would be amazing.

    The concept of just BEING and not trying to accomplish anything. If I would allow myself to just “BE”, I would get everything that I am looking for. This definitely applies to my WHOLE life. There is no right and wrong. There is only awareness.
    All of these things that we all face (trust, safety, significance, conquest, surrender) have been hard wired into us humans for millions of years. So, no wonder it is challenging to overcome the hurdles.

    I have always based my self-worth on my success in life, including success with women. This causes me to “want something from the women that I interact with”. If I would just approach it as I am just going to go say “hello” to this girl and see what happens, I would not take the rejection so personally.

    This journey is a place that is very attainable. The journey will get me to a place where: I am more fulfilled; I can separate from my mind; I can develop a stronger relationship with my mind; I am just being.

    Masculinity – Ok to show emotions. Be confident in who I am. Being in the moment and present and just letting things BE is very masculine. Masculinity is already in me. When I demonstrate my masculinity and a woman expresses her femininity, sparks will fly.

    The instructors introduced us to a very intense breathing exercise designed to help get us out of our head and more into our body. Around the second or third day of doing these breathing exercises, I had a very intense emotional experience and just broke down in tears. During the breathing exercise, I came to realize just how much of a blessing life is. When I was 18 months old, I had a severe head injury. In all reality, I am very blessed to be alive. I have no memory of the what went on during the time of injury. Laying there on that mat doing the breathing exercise, I experienced feelings of what it meant to fight for life itself and just how truly blessed I am.

    I have lived most of my life in self-pity. The breathing exercises helped me realize just how much opportunity there is out in the world and how much I have to be grateful for.

    I had a very rough second night out. I wound up just breaking down in the club. The instructors showed tremendous caring and support. A couple of the instructors accompanied me outside and helped me regain my composure by talking through how I had set such unrealistic expectations of myself and there was NO way in hell that I was going to reach my expectations. They helped me realize the reality of the situation, which was: we were in the meat packing district at 12:30 am and all the girls (and guys) were drunk. So, I should not take the rejections so damn personal.

    After another recap the next day, I realized how much I am fucking myself in all of life. I have set my expectations in all of life so fucking high that they are unrealistic. By doing this I get to fail all the time. I realized how much significance I find from doing this. I need to let go and just BE. There is no good or bad, there just IS.

    One of the evenings during the middle of the program, we did an exercise that had us face our ability to let go. The goal was to get out of our head, let go of conquest and just surrender into our body. This was particularly challenging for me. I was full of conquest. Finally, after several tries and with the instructors caring and guidance, I was able to surrender for a few seconds. It felt great to actually experience the surrender, even if for a second or two.

    We did another mental/physical/emotional exercises during another night in the middle of the program. It was a form of meditation. During this exercise. I was able to just release and let go and surrender to my body. I was shocked at the fact that even though my mind was saying “I am tired.”, my body just kept going.

    I came to realize that everybody in this world has emotional baggage that is holding us back. My relationship with my father
    has been stressed for a LONG time. I have held a lot against him over the course of my life. During the bootcamp I was guided through an exercise that allowed me to vocally express all my anger and rage towards my dad. As I came to realize, on the other side of the anger, there is love. This exercise also guided me through the thoughts and emotions of vocally expressing the love and asking for forgiveness and saying “Thank you”.

    During this whole exercise, I became aware of how much my anger and rage was just hurting my relationship with my father, as much as all the stuff that he has put me through emotionally (I realize now, I have just told myself this story of how much of an a-hole my dad is. In reality, he is really not as bad as I have made him out to be.).

    When I started the bootcamp, I never would have thought that during the last few days I would be calling my father and having one of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had with him as a man. I called him in tears letting him know how much I cherished our relationship and how sorry I was for the hurt I had caused him by holding all this anger towards him. It was a beginning to a new relationship with him, which I am very grateful for.
    This review would not be complete if I did not mention what I did learn in terms of outer game. I could write quite a bit of stuff about what I learned in terms of what to say to women. The following were my main takeaways for outer game stuff:

    Different types of conversations: Normal, Fun, Sexual, Deep. I must open up all the different types of conversations and push the limits on these conversations.

    All the different types of sub-communications. How the words that we use actually really do not matter. It is more about our sub-communications and being masculine and bold.

    In conclusion, this was a life changing experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am extremely grateful to all the instructors and also to the other students.

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    It's been almost two weeks since the end of our 10 Day with Andrew (Sterling), Alex, Tanner, Blake, and Sasha and I am ecstatic. For background and context, I read "The Game" in college 13 years ago. From there I poured over material and took a 1-on-1 with a Mystery Method Instructor that gave me a short boost but had no real lasting impact. Out of frustration, I signed up for yet another 1-on-1 (3 days) for a more "premier" instructor. In the short term following that I had some success, but it was again routines based and had no lasting impact. Finally, I took a 12 month long course that included two 3-day bootcamps and phone calls, and again had a little success but no permanent impact. Fast forward a 4-year relationship and then 3 years spent overseas and I found myself extremely frustrated almost thinking that success in this part of my life was just never going to happen. I had some cash saved up determined to make a stronger effort and did my research.

    For the price tag of this course, you can take 4 bootcamps from RSD and get no where near the value. 2 weeks later I am just as confident in my direction and relieved of the stress, worry, and fear that I was never going to get this area of my life handled. Andrew and Alex's approach to this program is a leap forward from what anyone is doing. Not only do they supply you with EVERYTHING you need in terms of tactics and "outer game", but, more importantly, they attack and improve every other aspect of your life and inner beliefs that ultimately manifests into more effortless social skills.

    Starting off on day 1, the instructors and other students all introduced themselves. Having a group to bond with and grow with is a massive advantage that you can't get during multiple, short, 3-day bootcamps. These guys over the course of the next 10 days would help me grow in ways I couldn't fathom as well as be a group of friends that I'm closer with in many ways than some of my best lifelong friends. From there, Andrew, Alex, Blake, and Tanner led us through some simple, easy, and effective exercises with only enough lecture on "outer game" to make us dangerous. One of the core backbones of the Simplified Natural (or Game 3.0) is the idea that no amount of memorizing lines will ever be effective. Even guys that use "routines" are really only good once they've gone out so much that their brain adapts and learns to be spontaneous in addition to the routines. The Simplified Natural curriculum cuts down this learning curve dramatically. Rather than learning routines, you learn ways to train my brain to be spontaneous. It's more congruent, it's WAY more fun, and you will never have to worry about running out of things to say.

    My personal demon coming into this program was that I could never overcome my approach anxiety without alcohol. This was crippling because not only was getting drunk expensive, but it made me sloppy, and the next day I could rarely remember anything I've learned. During this program, I not only learned that alcohol isn't required, I've learned that its MORE FUN once I could get over AA without it....and Andrew and Alex helped me do just that. When I signed up for the program, my only REAL goal was to be able to overcome AA without alcohol. I knew that if I could do that and have fun going out, that I would just continue to go out, and that if I continued to go out a approach, my other sticking points would eventually fix themselves. Friday night at the club resulted in some of the better approaches I've had, ESPECIALLY since they were all sober. Even ended up meeting up with a girl the next morning for breakfast before Day 2's seminar.

    Day 2 flushed out more of the Simplified Natural outer game concepts to build upon the previous day. The way the instructors have structure the program is brilliant because they intentionally hold back concepts initially to force you to work on the basics first and not get overloaded with information. Going out Saturday night was even more fun, albeit I struggled in set at first, I ended up having a good connection and makeout with a really attractive girl (she left to go do cocaine and I wasn't keen on following).

    Day 3 we really started to dive in inner game a bit much, and this was fleshed out deeper and deeper throughout days 4-8. During the bulk of the week we really focused on breaking social conditional, understanding evolutionary conditioning, and all of the core concepts of Simplified Natural. Andrew and Alex attack these deeply rooted beliefs in numerous ways ranging from intense breathing exercises, various meditations (not your standard mediations-that would be too easy), and extreme exercises that really require an exercise in realizing where your mind is at, how to work WITH it (not against it). Admittedly I was a bit skeptical at first, but by midweek I was beginning to see how everything translated to the outside world and the results just one weekend later were eye-opening.

    Day 8, we wrapped up the inner game concepts and came full circle to filing in some outer game gaps before going out. Going out Friday has got to be one of the most fun I've ever had yet and it was again SOBER. The first club we went I just started approaching, getting the legs moving and just putting in the time. From an objective standpoint, one could say things weren't going the greatest but A) I was talking to girls without alcohol, and B) I was having a blast doing it. After that we bounced as a group to another club. I met Blake inside and I explicitly remember him encouraging me to just keep going. Outside I saw 2 extremely attractive girls sitting down on the rooftop with one of their legs on a spare chair. I walked over to them, asked them if anyone was using their chair, and when they said "No" I simply sat down with a grin on my face. It was only at that moment that I realized the blonde was a smoke show and totally my type. Instead of getting in my head or needing alcohol to get rid of my filter, I was having so much fun that I was able to carry on a conversation with her. Fast forwarding all the details, I ended up pulling her no more than 30-45 minutes later for pizza and then back to my room. All seemingly effortless, no "last minute resistance", just both of us having an amazing time.

    Saturday and Sunday focused on integrating everything back into our lives when we returned "back to reality". Everything from nutritional, to exercises and a program were covered to insure that we would all continue to grow and have more success. Saturday out as a group was once again epic in details I won't go into at length here. The takeaway for me from this entire experience is that the correct approach to game with the correct underlying principles taught in the SN leave me with no doubts on my way forward.

    10 days spent with the same instructors and friends yields exponential results compared to spreading those same days across 3 to 4 bootcamps. An often overlooked benefit of the price point of this program is that you get other guys that are amazing and extremely committed-more so than you're standard 3-day bootcamp. In taking separate bootcamps, each time the instructors must get a feel for where you're at, and you're only learning the material thats applicable to the "lowest common denominator" since 3 days simply isn't enough time to cover A-Z thoroughly. In taking a program that's 10 straight says with the SAME instructors, they are really able to key in on not only what your sticking points are, but also HOW to fix them based off of the type of student you are. And because it's 10 days, the instructors are really able to small-chunk the material, allowing you to work on it step by step, while still covering everything from A-Z thoroughly. All of this alone makes a 10-day superior to multiple short bootcamps for the same price, BUT when you add in the brilliance of the Simplified Mastery curriculum as well as the premium feedback you receive from elite instructors, it can't be beat.

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    NYC 10 DAY: The one decision I got right

    The decision to go on this 10 day was never going to be an easy one. I knew it would help me as my close friend who had just completed Project Rockstar in the year that had just passed which explained to me changed his life and opened up an entirely different way of thinking to him. I had gotten out of a long relationship and was going out as frequent as I could but my interactions with women were never that positive. I had severe confidence issues and the inner game aspect that Andrew discussed over video chats really was selling me hard. I did not personally want to go to a game concentrated boot camp, the whole idea was strange to me but I had been really interested in personal self-development and this seemed like that right sort of crazy thing I should do at the time.

    This price was a lot of money to me especially since I was right out of college 2 years and wasn’t making a ton of money. It would be a struggle after, and little did I know it would be incredibly worth it. I decided to take the plunge with a mindset that this was something that could really put me on the right path to be fulfilled in my life and have more positive interactions with women. The fact that my older brother would be joining me made this decision even more exciting. Two single brothers in New York City sounds like a good time to most people.

    Landing in New York was a feeling of excitement and nervousness. I was about to push myself on every level and I was paying for it so I needed to play all out. Luckily, it was held at Andrews and Alex’s apartment so it was definitely a more intimate setting. Meeting all the guys for the first time was an interesting experience. It was guys from all over the world coming together for the same purpose, trying to better themselves and hoping that this could be about more than just interactions with women but that being an extreme plus. Andrew introduced the idea of the “container” within the group that basically meant it was a judgement free zone full of support as well as promising one another to be real with each other, and reveal intimate details of our lives that we wouldn’t even tell close friends. The concept seemed crazy to me but at the end of the day I was coming here not looking for the norm.

    The first 3 days focused on outer game. The coaches did an amazing job explaining us different techniques as well as using concepts of safety and significance to demonstrate how the mind can play tricks on you before ever approaching a girl. The first night I was excited to use all these concepts but the issue is that when you are out there, it becomes real and not just some theoretical graph that demonstrates an experience. At times where I was not feeling positive, the coaches would immediately take notice and they would talk to me, and started bringing in these ideas that I could not look at going out the same way as I did back home, which was this big game mentality. I had to come from a place of wanting to have fun for myself and through that fun positive experience would happen with other people because you are no longer looking at them as though you want something. Through this general idea I started to learn that going out should always be fun no matter the outcome. I was also realizing that when you approach women; a lot of your cores beliefs come into question and mine were not strong.

    Through the seminars as well as in field assistance I felt mine were beginning to develop over the next few days of going out and it was a feeling that I wanted to keep going out there and pushing my social boundaries that I had built so strong from years of misinformation and miscommunication.

    It became extremely apparent over Days 4-8 why exactly I wanted to come on this 10 day in the first place. It was the dive into the inner game and each person has different demons haunting from their past. I had to put my full trust in the instructors and the teaching methods they introduced which was a leap of faith I was completely afraid to do but in reality am so glad that I did. I realized all the anger I had been carrying and how those emotions were creating my own worst nightmare of environments because I was personally not happy on the inside. I had come to get better with girls and was realizing my own relationship with my mother was preventing me from enjoying life, and it was all a story I had made up in my head. It was the type of realization that made this 10 day so special.

    You come for something but find something completely different. It was also these inner game teaching methods that brought the group so much closer. Over the next couple days we would go from being complete strangers to forming this bond where though each person comes from a completely different lifestyle and set of daily struggles, yet we all connect on a personal level of not only struggling with women but struggling to love ourselves for who we are. The coaches demonstrated this concept to trust and to surrender into your body, rather than allowing the mind to take such control over everything I was doing.

    One of my favorite parts about this time in which we were doing different techniques to open ourselves to a place of trust and surrender was that the instructors had tried them first. They come from such a deep background in which they have gone through these struggles themselves and they find ways to relate to you on a personal level and present the information at level where you feel it in your core, instead of the normal surface level teachings I was used to getting from the internet as well as therapists for inner game.

    The final few days were shifted right back to outer game, but at this point it didn’t have the same feel to it that it had in the beginning. It instead took on a whole new form and the concept of masculinity that was presented was a lecture that will forever change my life. It was the first time that I had realized some of my relationships were toxic from the beginning and that I had lost my ability as a man to be able to find that primal feeling of a warrior that is so important to life. The last two nights were completely different for me in terms of my interactions with women.

    The first night I found it increasingly easy to approach girls since I was finally coming from a place of having fun and I could tell immediately that my lightness and authenticity were received a lot better. I was finally enjoying conversations with different women and didn’t feel this overwhelming pressure to perform at a high level which I had felt so many times in the past. The last night was an interesting experience for me. I felt going into it that after all that I had learned and experienced that I was ready to go out and conquer every interaction. Instead I found myself at early points in the night not being in my body, and not allowing myself to have fun.

    Why was I feeling like this? It was this moment when I realized all the inner teachings we had learned were so important because that inner core belief that I was missing which was that I wasn’t good enough was something that wouldn’t go away in a second and that this was a work in progress. I started to have fun again with the group, after all we had been through so much that the support and trust as well as with the coaches was so strong at this point that if you were down someone in the group would pick you up in a second just with a pat on the back or ridiculous dance move to laugh about later. My interactions with women were turning out more positive and I actually was able to experience my first one night stand that night which for me was completely out of my comfort zone since I had been in back to back relationships for that last 5 years so being able to feel those emotions was something I will never forget especially it happening around such a special group of people.

    The final day was an integration period in which we would take 10 days that had completely changed our lives and find a way to put into practice into our daily lifestyles. The coaches were a huge help again offering nutritional advice as well daily routines to follow in order to prevent you from failing back into the negative mindsets that were the reason you had come on the 10 day. Honestly speaking, if you are considering doing this program then you should stop thinking about it and take the plunge.

    Looking back on it, I would have given up so much more in order to gain the things I was able to learn from this boot camp. I promise with a sincere heart that you will never regret doing this, since it is something I would recommend to any man that is looking for self-development and learning how to find a deeper place within our own minds and bodies. It was through this boot camp that I was able to go back home and have the most honest conversation with my mother that I had ever had. That was the kind of impact these coaches could bring into your life. I thank you Andrew, Alex, Blake, and Tanner. You guys made 10 days in New York feel like a lifetime worth of knowledge and experiences that I will never forget.

  9. The 10 day Bootcamp in NYC was absolutely incredible!! Having attended a couple of Superconferences over the years and also having worked with a few instructors I have to admit that this was by far the most impressive and influential.

    This program is quite profound as it really stirs up your core self. This is not to be taken lightly and it will put you on a trajectory of change. If you are drawn to this bootcamp it’s probably because the other stuff you’ve tried hasn’t addressed the real issues that keep you from becoming good with women and identifying what’s holding you back from your best self. You’ll realize rather quickly that getting at your deeper beliefs and behaviors helps you with women in a way you couldn’t have imagined before the program. I think most of us have compartmentalized our issues with women in a way that’s made it seem like everything else in our life is good…except that. And addressing the whole spectrum of your being in this 10 day will directly affect all aspects of your life…especially the ones with women!

    Andrew was amazing at not only putting together an incredible team but also constructed what he deemed a ‘container’ with all the guys who signed up. Creating this space was powerful because it afforded everyone the ability to drop their guard, become vulnerable and share and grow in an authentic way. We all fed off of and learned from one another everyday. It was awesome! Not many men have access, if at all, to something of this magnitude. It’s like a pressure cooker for your soul. And having the luxury of 10 days to continually build upon this is something that a 2-3 day boot camp could never accomplish…even if you took them one after the other.

    Andrew and his team were so dedicated at making sure you really pushed to become the best man you could be. I always felt supported throughout the entire journey. You always had someone in your corner while you were sharpening your game skills at the clubs or while you were deeply involved in Andrew’s array of exercises. There was never a dull moment and everyone was always having fun.

    If you’re thinking about this program you should just do it. Nothing like it really exists anywhere! You’re participating in a program that has been honed for 10 years and the level of instructors is mind blowing. And being amidst them is such a reminder of where you can go and what you can become with some incredible guidance and some good old fashion hard work. And how great is it to bond with like-minded individuals who really want to better themselves with women and also better themselves as men.

    I really did have a completely different idea of what I was going to walk away with once I completed this program. And what I walked away with so much more.

    Thank you Andrew for creating this! And Thanks to the entire team assembled to make this a once in a lifetime experience. I am forever grateful to have been a part of it.

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    2018 NYC 10 Day Review - Andrew (Sterling)


    One of the handful of pivotal events in my life. Hands down.

    Previously, I have attended a bootcamp and another 10-Day, which were both great. But I have been working on my confidence, chronic social anxiety (which I have used alcohol and drugs to cover) and inner game barriers for years with other various personal development tools and teachers to varying degrees of success. It felt like chopping away at a big block, bit by bit.

    What I can say is that the NYC 10-Day is twofold: Andrew is among the very best teachers I have ever worked with, worldwide, across all self-development. And secondly, the NYC 10-day did more to help my social anxiety in 10 days than all of the past 20 years of other modalities did all combined. I am not exaggerating.

    Another thing for context - I am in a relationship. I did this course for social anxiety which bleeds into my relationship, and as a result I lose my masculinity and I build excuses for any social gathering with or without my girlfriend. If we do go out, I'm sweating and panicking all night. This leads to a huge loss of enjoyment in my relationship, and does effect my girlfriend too.


    A lot of the other reviewers have covered the key structure, so I won't go into it blow by blow. The keys things to know are:

    - The instructors (there was Alex, Blake, Tanner, Sasha, Jason, Aleem, And one other Rockstar Alum) were all top notch.

    - I cannot think of another course that will give you what you need for a foundation of game AND life.

    - You need to be prepared to go beyond all your fears both personally and with girls, and in general. You will visit the depths of your being and come out the other side a new person.

    - The tools you will learn will carry with you for a lifetime, with women, business and all relationships.

    - If you follow what is taught in the course, and continue it (very important) you will get to where you want to be with women (whatever that is).

    - It is worth every cent, you will not regret it.


    Results are what matters, right?

    I am a new person - the same person but my social anxiety is down by 50%. That is from a baseline of basically having a panic attack most nights I would go out, and relying on alcohol. I NEVER NOT DRANK SOCIALLY.


    In fact, night two of the 10-day was the most fun I had in my life apart from being on drugs or alcohol. Just let that sink in. For me, money can't buy what I now have. I have freedom.

    My relationship has a new, energy to it due to the changes in me. The sex, connection and fun is at a new level and is only getting better each day.

    I still have much to work on, that is a lifelong commitment - but I am on a new path after the 10-Day.

    Thank you Andrew, Alex and all the incredible instructors. I am forever grateful.


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