Tinder: She Won't be back in town for a week

I was wondering if people have any suggestions on how to best deal with girls on Tinder that aren't currently in same location? 1 week is nothing but on Tinder it's pretty brutal as she's constantly bombarded with new msgs from guys so you have to maintain chat without turning the convo boring. Currently I basically try to keep msgs to a minimum and leave one or two days before replying again.

I don't mind "failing" as Tinder is a big hit or miss but I do feel that I screw up lots of initially good txt convos because of this



Me: Clever answer. In that case you can add 'finding appropriate clothes for elevators' to your return to uni prep list

Her: I'm guessing underwear can stay off the list considering it's going to have to be fast

Me: True, but isn't underwear always optional these days anyway?

Her: Personally I love underwear, I love it when my bra and pants match it's the best feeling also underwear is SO pretty

Me: Whoah <Name>, you are criminal.
Do you realise how much of a tease it is when a girl txts about matching undearwear?

Her: <Evil smiley>
I have to admit I do go without a bra 80% of the time

Me: Yeah me too. I'm in the 80% right now actually
Gotta free the nipple

Her: It's so much comfier

---- Two days later----

Me: First day back at uni and I got stuck inside the library's lift. Annoying or a missed opportunity. Can't decide

Her: if only I was there
Her: 6 days till I come back (Y)


While she seems to be on it, I've noticed on Tinder there are some type of girls:

A) The ones that would never go on a tinder date (unless it was Brad Pitt I guess )
B) The ones that act flirty but are actually relatively shy in RL and thus if you push sexual msgs too much they get a bit put off
C) The ones that want to F.

A) There isn't really much you can do about them.

But B) and C) I always seem to get them the wrong way around. For example, the above convo, she seems quite on it but my gut feeling tells me she is more of type B.

Maybe I'm over reading into this but given how many Tinder matches I feel like I should have had a decent chance with go to nothing, I want to see if anyone's got any advice?