Hello I am Jason!

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  1. Hello I am Jason!

    Hello guys (and gals) I am Jason, and I certainly hope I can both contribute to and from your community here.

    For start I am not a complete newbie, nor a master pua by no means. I am more like a regular guy who had his fair succes with women(as well as much of the opposite :P ). A guy who does regularly approach women. But not sure I am going for that whole pua lifestyle. However I believe that many of the pua tricks have a very solid basis and do apply to other situations, as in dating.
    Of course many other techniques of theirs are exclusively for the sole purpose of picking up girls and having fun at "sarging"

    For the time being I would like to get more knowledge on simple dating to completely upgrade my "game" there. But since I do approach women at parties or clubs from time to time, all of pua techniques do interest me. Some just more for the time being.

    Currently I am actually facing a rather peculiar situation and I could use some help. I am going to post it in another thread either way but anyone who is interested to listen and possibly help should know it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome!

  3. Hello and Welcome,
    Even I am new here but I am just looking for relationship advice.
    Glad to be a part of this group!

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