Pattern of losing fwbs

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  1. Pattern of losing fwbs

    I'm in my 40s, former physique model, still have crazy body and do decent on hooking up.

    Problem: maintaining fwb. These latest two happened the same week is nearly a pattern for me

    #1 HB8, maybe 9, close after 3 dates, sex 4 times since. She says she can't orgasm but does with me. High fives me after sex, thanks me and says I have a great d*k,| youre so hot blah, blah

    She said she wanted to see me for sex more often.| She scheduled a f date for weekday. She cancelled, saying next day. Then cancelled that. She said lets do weekend. I said friday. She said saturday. I called her on push pull game.

    She replied that I am the one who plays games, that I push people away and seem aloof (I did tell her I was seeing other people, but this chick is wild and previously said she's cool with fwb only)

    But she cancelled twice and made third meet up a problem.

    Question: is she just playing games and I was right to move on or does it reflect something off with me?

    #2 The same week another hb8 cancelled twice on me after 3 f closes. She asked me to be exclusive after 2nd f but also shows me the door after sex. I said she had fwb pattern not being exclusive. A week later she cancelled a date, rescheduled, then cancelled again. She asked if I was mad and tried to call me. I txt saying if you want to meet up then take me out she replied ha ha. We stopped communication after that.

    I have pattern of losing hot fb after 1-2 months because of this reschdule shuffle that seems like a game to me but I don't know how to deal with multiple cancellations from fwb other than move on.

    Queation: how should I deal with fwb that starts cancelling like the above after 1-2 months?

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    That's generally how fwb are. They will not necessarily stick around, because I find many of them still want an emotional connection. Sometimes they want to be exclusive fwb, or they just want that whole emotional up down that comes with the question of whether its on or off. If you've got options, I say let it just move off and calm down for a while. They try reconnect after a few weeks away.

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