Mall pick up attempt

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    Mall pick up attempt

    I was at the mall working when i noticed this cute hispanic girl with short red hair and tight blue jeans with a red sweater. The first time I saw her was from a distance; I then got cockblocked by a customer asking me where the bathroom was while i was trying to make my way over to her.

    I thought i was never going to see this girl again, but fortunately i kept my state up talking to people as the day progressed. A couple of hours later around closing time i see her again by the ice cream stand. I moseyed over and moved my body between her and the cashier; (she was on my left and had already ordered)then i pretended i was going to buy something and asked the cashier if they sold any blueberry ice cream at which she said yes to. I pretended to fumble for my wallet then turned over the shoulder and asked her to do me a favor and hold my keys while i "looked" for my wallet.

    She complied, then i said, "Don't steal those. I need those". Then she said Are these the keys to every door in the mall? i'm going to unlock every door in the mall ". That's when i told her she looked like she was trouble because she had greedy eyes. After that i cold read correctly saying she looked like she was studying to be a teacher and she asked how did i know to which i replied my dad taught spanish for 30 years i know the type when i see one . I then used Savoy's technique when you feel like you're going to run out of things to say of "that reminds me of when..." as i segued into a story about my first childhood pet. Her reaction was a positive one , but i wasn't satisfied and ran the "perfect couple" routine to get her a little more attracted. She listened intently and when i was done, i asked her isn't it strange how much in common my friend had with the girl he made hurl beer all over me with. She said something along the lines of in life what comes around goes around then i asked if she believed in karma. I said she's prettybut then asked her what does she have going for her other than her looks besides what she told me about wanting to be a teacher.She says she goes to the gym an i gave her a high five. I was really digging into my mind here as i was trying to strategize seeing her again and giving her a reason to go out with me. So i made up a b.s story on the spot about how every spring there's a carnival and couples always go . Also keep in mind before i delved into the stories i'd always ftc and notice she would want to stay; i also locked myself in at the beginning of the interaction. Things turned for the worse when i asked for her number and she said no; i pressed the issue a little telling her i'd send her a text then if she didn't want to go she could just ignore it. She said no forget it i have to much respect for somebody as she waved me off and walked away.

    So some takeaways:

    I think i should've qualified her a bit more maybe?

    And how exactly do i seed the daate; i don't know how to do it

    What do you guys think? All criticisms are warmly welcomed

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    I don't understand this:

    She said no forget it i have to much respect for somebody
    Overall, sounds like you did a pretty good set, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I love your "greedy eyes" comment.

    Some thoughts:

    - You had some solid rapport with the teacher issue. That's where you build the qualification: "Why do you want to be come a teacher? Oh wow that's noble" etc.

    - If you're feeling good about how things are going you can simply ask "Are you single?" (Say it suspiciously, like "Are you a bank robber?")

    - Once she's said "yes" to being single you can ask for her number any time after that. You don't need a story. Just pull out your phone and say "You seem cool. We should hang out sometime. What's your number?" if she says no at first just open your dialer and say "Nah it's ok [ insert joke here ]"

    if she says no 2x then she's not interested or not available for whatever reason and you probably couldn't do anything about it.

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