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    I met this girl a few weeks back and we hit it off. She's 32 and I'm 40. Everything escalated very quickly, we made out the first time we hung out, sex after the first date, and had really fun times, skiing, having dinner and doing a lot of things together. Last week my old buddies from high school were in town and and I convinced her to come up and meet them. My friends and I had been drinking a fair amount all week. She met us at a restaurant and when she arrived, I tried to give her a quick kiss but she kind of turned away. The night went well overall, but at the end of the night, she said she wasn't into PDA, but we still made out before she left. I told her that was ok with me. The next two days, we kept in contact via text. I asked her to come out on Tuesday, and said she couldn't because she had a quiz on Wednesday, I tried one more time to sort of jokingly convince her, and she said "Ha, Tempting, but its still a no". I just said "Had to try Have a good night.” It's been one full day and I haven't heard anything from her, and haven't tried to text her. Do you think I should apologize for being overly forward in front of my friends? Every other date, we had always kissed at the beginning.

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    You don't need to over-apologize for an innocent assumption and you're probably mis-reading whatever's going on here.

    Sex or no sex, early in a relationship moods can change fast for a lot of reasons.

    If you start to feel like she's losing interest in you, you can either re-game her or straight up ask her if that's happened.

  3. Thanks man, I appreciate the response.. I did hear back from her and it looks like we may go out tomorrow. Early dating is tricky.. sometimes it feels like there could be a land mine in anything you say or do, but I guess that goes for her as well..


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