How to talk to your friends about developing your game

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  1. How to talk to your friends about developing your game


    i have life-long friends that are really close to me. They are hilarious, but they don't sarge and don't approach women the way that I do.

    I'm currently trying to get much better and so I will occasionally approach unattractive women (as part of building state) and sometimes I do just want a 1:59 dime with a warm hole.

    My friends make fun of me for it and I get labelled as the one that will approach ugly women. Even when I bang cute girls, I'm not getting much credit for it in a group setting. Sometimes it almost feels like they have something against me.

    How should I handle this? How do I get rid of this reputation or let my friends know I'm annoyed by it?

    I've been distancing myself away from them by finding different friends but haven't communicated anything to them yet.

    I don't care what my friends think of me so I'm going to keep sarging/approaching. I sometimes laugh with them about it as their jokes can be funny at face value and it's good to make fun of myself as well, but I think they do it excessively. It's also annoying because they are acting like they invented the game when they really are not even in the game. Some of them are in serious relationships and think that they are the normal ones and I'm the weird one.

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    Everything is subjective.

    To them, you're a weird guy who casts a wide net and will sleep with anyone. Ok. Maybe they see the women you go home with and tell themselves "Gross!" but realistically they know you're getting laid and they're not and it probably bothers them. By painting you as a fool or less than them it makes them feel better. They're insecure.

    But by feeling negative about their judgement that also makes you insecure. So don't. Accept that people will not like you for this the same way people will not like you for being more successful than them at anything.

    Be nice, help them when they ask for it, never rub anything in and be considerate. If they're assholes to you then drop them, only keep people in your life that lift you up not drag you down. Real men accept and are happy for their friends who succeed, even in areas they feel they are more deserved.
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  3. Okay, thanks!

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    Your friends sound like accidental jerks- they probably have the subconscious attitude that unattractive women are somehow lesser creatures.

    The fact that they annoy you is mostly in your head. You don't have to justify what makes you happy (assuming it doesn't hurt others).

    If you can find your zen, simply be proud of your choices and if others are amused by them, everyone's a winner.

    If you can't find your zen, you could perhaps answer their jokes with "guys, it's not cool for you to make fun of my dates to my face. Save it for when i'm not around."

  5. Good question, dude. The best thing is to lead by example. Invite them out, and just start hitting on girls, approaching, pulling, etc.

    When they see you're good, they'll want to naturally follow.

    Of course, some guys are just losers and will never do so. But those guys you want to kick out of your life.

    So, yeah. Lead by example, and typically that will interest people enough, to want to learn from you.

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