Greetings from Argentina

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    Greetings from Argentina

    Hello,another newbie here
    I m Facer,i m 31 years old and still have problems with google translator. Many years ago i had reading and posting in seduction forum from latin america.Also,I bought the book "the game" by neil strauss and and other cheap copies of the "mystery method", Then ,many problems appears so i had to left. And now,many spanish and latinamerican forums are careless,or just vanish.

    Many problems were personal, but great of those problems were because they could not live without the company of some girl, so I decided to fix other things I needed.
    I am currently waiting for the third year of medical school to begin and I realized that I need the skills of attraction to advance in the university groups(80% of students are women,between 19-29 yearls old) ,but that s for another thread.For now hope i can help with something here

    Well,what can i say ? here the girls are like the others: too much whatsapp,like to party,etc.
    well i ll be just reading here other posts.

  2. Hi and welcome! I'm newbie too.

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    Welcome aboard!

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