Venture and Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2017

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    Venture and Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2017

    We had a great time running the special Project Rockstar 10th anniversary 10-day Bootcamp! Here are the reflections/reviews from the guys for that very special week.

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    10 Day Review

    The 10 day program was incredible. I expected to spend the first few days learning ‘mechanics’, which we did, but the way it was done was completely different to my expectation. The whole program is predicated on coming from that strong, caring, authentic masculine place, without any tricks or weird tactics. It’s just being the best version of myself. We started with discussing masculinity, and becoming a better man. We weren’t told any lines, we didn’t practice any routines. The program aims to make better human beings, and therefore as a small subset we get better with women. You can only connect the dots in reverse, but looking back from where I’m at now, it seems so simple; create solid people to the core, mend their relationships with themselves and watch their relationships with their family, friends, people around them and women improve dramatically.

    I had done a 3 day bootcamp before, which was fantastic, but there’s only so much you can learn on two nights out and three days with an instructor. What the 10 day brings is many more nights out, multiple instructors, and an insanely good environment for growth. The 10 days provides all the tools and sufficient experience and mentoring to then go and integrate the learnings into life; simply because there’s more time to teach the inner foundations (which aren’t so easily washed away), and more time to burn those in. The 10 day is tough; and it is certainly confronting. It’s not for the faint of heart; facing inner demons and fears, while being vulnerable and authentic in front of instructors, fellow students, and people in night clubs. It requires that you take an honest look in the mirror, and decide to change.

    The structure was something like:

    Day 1 – Introductions, masculinity, authenticity, normal conversation, approaching
    - Night out
    Day 2 – Debriefs, authenticity, conversations in relationships, body language, banter & fun
    - Night out
    Day 3 – Debriefs, banter & fun, sexualisation & verbalising
    - Night out
    Day 4 – Debriefs, warmth: depth, authenticity, masculinity
    Day 5 – Debriefs, texting, SNLs, handling logistics
    - Night out
    Day 6 – Debriefs, inner game part 1
    Day 7 – Debriefs, inner game part 2
    - Night out
    Day 8 – Debriefs, winging, inner game part 3
    - Night out
    Day 9 – Debriefs, inner game part 4 including exercises and guest instructor
    - Night out
    Day 10 – Debriefs

    *The alternative relationships and sex seminars were hosted later in the Rockstar program and sent out to students, because there was just so much gold to go through in the inner game components.

    The masculinity discussion alone, from Venture and Sterling, was life changing; and this was day 1. Going out the first night and just having normal conversation worked better than I could have ever imagined. The goal was to just be authentically myself, talk about stuff I found interesting and fun, and to my massive surprise women responded extremely well in joining in on conversation, opening up and being themselves. I met a great girl and spent the night laughing and having fun before taking her home – who would have thought, without anything but normal conversation and forcing myself to stand at least a foot away at all times, I’d already done better than I have in the past.

    The program certainly has a steep learning curve; the next night we went into ramping up non verbal communication through touch and body language, with the idea to see how far the boundaries really are; and as we all saw, they’re a lot wider than I thought right off the bat (hand holding right off the saying hi for example). I met one of the hottest most genuine women of my life on the second night, and we are still close today. The remaining nights out just increased with intensity and crazy experiences, while I started changing my inner wiring.

    The second half of the program was all inner game. We essentially worked on changing our inner psychology, starting with the stories we tell ourselves that have defined our lives, and the ‘rackets’ we run on other people (e.g. that guy is ‘XYZ’, passing judgement), to understanding what needs are dictating our lives, whether they be the need for significance or connection, certainty or uncertainty, growth and giving. It finished with an understanding of how important state is in our everyday lives and in our interactions with women, and the key drivers to improve state. The exercises were important to make me to realise how much of an awesome guy I already am, and how much I have to bring to the lives of those around me. The inner game portion, combined with the build up from the masculinity and authenticity seminars, is the meat of the program and what really establishes lasting change.

    All in all, the 10 day program was incredible. The key to its power is the fact that the program isn’t really about picking up women; it’s about forging guys into great men, that come from a place of authenticity and masculinity in all areas of their lives; that’s why there’s so much on inner game. It’s about giving people the tools they need to develop into good attractive men with lives women want to be a part of. The 10 day bootcamp will change your life, if you let it.

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    Project Rockstar 2017 - 10 day review

    Wow, these 10 days seem such a distant past, and yet it is almost as if I barely arrived at the mansion yesterday. This has been such a wild ride that it is next to impossible to keep track of things...

    The 10-day officially started by a lecture on masculinity. It has been an overarching theme of the curriculum thus far. Overall, the program is a lot different from what I imagined it to be in that the focus is so much more on broader concepts like masculinity and self-love rather than technicalities and mechanics. And that same theme has kept throughout the nights Ė where I envisioned myself getting detailed feedback after every single interaction, I see myself getting a very broad instruction ďbe more bold tonight and lead harderĒ, and oftentimes thatís basically it. If you ask for support, you often get it (especially in opening interactions), but other than that, you are basically left to your own experiences and discoveries Ė which is a way of learning that is new to me.

    Possibly the biggest takeaway of the first days of classes what the definition of a true man as being someone who someone who feels his fear, does not really know what to do, but does shit anyway. As obvious as that sounds, it had never really hit home before quite in the same way as it did that very first day of the bootcamp. The other big takeaway Ė that has been reiterated and reinforced even more during the following 10 days of inner game Ė is that the mind is a muscle. Approaching is a muscle that needs to be trained, as is leading, being bold / flirty / deep / sexual. That muscle needs to be warmed up every night, so the smartest thing to do is to plunge right into the action at the very start of the night without any other intention than to get your conversational muscle firing and your state up. Easy said, but often hard to do. But it works.

    The following days were dedicated to various aspects of conversation Ė trips & tricks for being flirtatious and bantering, how to bring conversations to a deeper, more connecting level, good and bad ways of sexualizing and using touch and body language, what level of boldness is acceptable and what mindset it should come fromÖ so each of the first few nights out was dedicated to practicing one and only one of those specific mechanics Ė make a bold move and pick a girl up or lead her out of the club way before you feel comfortable or ďallowedĒ to do that, engage in a deep and long conversation about your passions and your motivation, use touch, eye contact and sexual innuendo to create and hold tensionÖ and then learn to oscillate between those actions to become more of a challenge and become oversteering in any directions. Itís interesting to see how much easier things become of you really focus on the process instead of this outcome Ė itís so much easier to be bold when your intention is ďwell, letís see what I have to do to make her get angry at me and blow me outĒ instead of ďwow, sheís hot, I want to kiss herĒ. Only by truly trying to push your own boundaries and trying to explore hers, you learn to get a feel for where boundaries are in interactions. And more often than not, they are way beyond were you thought they would be. And experiencing this first-hand creates the reference experiences that than cause the necessary shifts in your mindset that make you expand your world view and become more comfortable in sexual interactions.

    What is really hard is to keep up the level of challenges. Through all the experiences that we are making our comfort zones expand so fast that it takes a really steadfast determination to keep operating at the edges of our comfort zones and keep pushing them. Itís just so easy to lose yourself in the positive feeling of great interactions with attractive girls if thatís what you have been craving for so long instead of truly trying to go all-in and get the full prize or be blown out. Thatís why the instructors keep hammering into our head that we need to fail harder because the only rock-solid place in yourself that you can always rely on comes from the experiences you made by taking action and the doubts only exist because you never really experienced things yourself.

    An astonishing amount of time is also dedicated to the girlsí perspectives. What their needs are, why they react the way they do, the difference between what they say and what they mean, how to meet their needs, how to truly love the feminine, how to truly give and make any interactions with them special and one to rememberÖ what truly sets this program apart is that it is very little about mechanics and nothing at all about how to sweet-talk girls into bed almost against their own free will, but all about how to turn yourself into a happy, healthy, confident and abundant male human being that natural feels and is attractive, and about how to provide a woman with enough masculinity, comfort and security so she can open up and experience her true femininity. We started off by a few days of conversation mechanics without learning a single canned line, and from there on it was basically all inner game in the much broader context of becoming a more aware and better version of the men we already were. Loving it.

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    Review of the 10 Day with Venture and Sterling

    My journey started 3 years ago when I took a 3 day bootcamp with Gil Rio and Darwin in Los Angeles. How things have changed. How I have changed.

    I think the best way to review the 10 Day Program is to first share what the 3 day did for me compared to what has happened over the last 3 days.

    When I took my 3 day boot camp, I had no confidence. It took everything I had just to walk up and approach girls. Once I had mounted the courage to walk up I would be stuck trying to figure out what to talk about and would get blown out after 2 minutes. I put so much pressure on myself to do it right, that it would mess up my ability to actually listen and communicate, and then Iíd beat myself up and it would get even worse. My 3 day bootcamp first and foremost pushed me to actually go and approach girls. That alone is literally invaluable. As the weekend progressed, I saw improvement from my confidence once I surrendered to the instructors. When I think back, it basically told me that I needed to have natural game, but was lacking in actually giving me practical ways to implement and improve other than be myself. Yes there were ways to banter and other stuff, but I felt like I was more shooting from the hip. 3 days was not enough time to actually go through everything that I needed. It did however spark in me that drive and desire to continue to work on this and grow, which that alone was invaluable given the limited cost of the program. Letís be real, 3 grand to change your life in a weekend is a small price to pay.

    At worst the 10 day was a comprehensive plan on how to improve the social, relationship, and self talk aspects of my life. At best, it gives the tools to rewrite the way that you can handle yourself in relationships both romantic and otherwise, while also giving you a glimpse of what the path looks like farther down the road.

    Before we dived into anything regarding communication or body language, we first had a conversation on the basis for who we are, or masculinity.

    Since I was a kid, it has been expressed to me that I needed to be a man, someone that has honesty and integrity as he moves through the world. Most of what I viewed a man as comes from my (step) dad and my grandpa. There really wasnít much open discussion of feelings from the father figures in my life. When I thought of a man, I thought honesty, integrity, getting shit done, but there was also a wall between him and the world, I was unreactive to the world and was unaffected by it, or at least I didnít show it. So what is masculinity? Itís the basis for how we, as men, move about the world. It means having honesty and integrity, being able to be vulnerable and sharing ones struggles with the world, and always pushing forward through the challenges no matter what happens. He strives through the world with boldness and is a compliment to the feminine side of women, which he allows her to show through the strength and protection he offers her. That is the basis for how we move about the world. Itís not about being this rough tough guy that relies solely on himself. Itís about going after his goals, and bringing every person around him up at the same time.

    With that in mind, we moved on to the basics of conversation. For years I had been taught that we needed to be able to build attraction and then qualify, then build comfort, and then we would be able to Open Sesame and have sex with a girl. Or more globally, be able to successfully interact with the people around us. I found it confusing, and I didnít want to have to be constantly building routines.

    The model we were taught maintains that no, you donít need to preplan your conversations with people ahead of time. There is a better way. How about you just talk about what youíre naturally interested in and then layer funny, deep, or sexy things throughout the conversation. But that wonít work right? Women donít like me for who I am. I need to change who I am and figure out what they like to talk about so they will stay right? No. No one wants someone to try to cater to them. If I talk about what I like I can get passionate about it and pass along those emotions to the person Iím with. In the past, Iíd ask a million and one questions on the other person, and force them to drive the conversation. Sure, Iíd try to relate while the other person finished answering the question, but I couldnít drive the conversation because I wouldnít be interested and would be bored which would telegraph and then neither of us really want to talk to each other. With this in mind, the goal of having conversation is to talk about what youíre interested in and make it interesting. Then you layer on top everything else. Mind blowing.

    For all of the energy that we put into the verbal conversation, that part only accounts for 7% of the communication between people. The other 93% is non verbal. Enter subcomms. Itís something that most people donít think of but itís also the most important thing to get down. How do you tell if someone is lying? Is it the words? If I say I didnít eat the last oreo, how can you tell if I am lying or not? Through tone of voice, and your body language. How do you stand up, does your voice waver, do you speak softer? The way we speak and the way we carry our body is more important than the words that we use.

    This is the ďouter gameĒ or the actual communication techniques that people use to express themselves. As much power as these techniques have, they are effectively useless in the long run without ďinner gameĒ which refers to the mindsets and thoughts that you carry with yourself on a day to day, moment by moment basis. Now there is another week of inner game that I will reflect on later but this was a good start for our devices here.

    Basically what we learned is that we all have pre programmed filters through which we see the world through that can either help or hurt us. In addition, all the time we are constantly analyzing every situation to see if it benefits or hurts us.

    In the past year I have spent most of my focus on the communication portion and very little on my overall mindset when Iíd be going out. I always look at it like a computer. Your ability to banter, hold a conversation, and push the boundaries sexually are like the programs that you use. Your mindsets, thoughts, and feelings are your operating system. It doesnít matter if you have access to Adobe Photoshop 2025, if youíre running Windows 98 as your operating system it isnít going to do shit for you. Clearing out those mindsets was the icing on the cake. The first couple days I was having success but would be in my head and struggled. After we started clearing out those old mindsets, it helped me not only when I would be out, but I also felt better about myself.

    The 10 day was the best program that money could buy for 10 days worth of game instruction. Not only are you paired with the best instructors in the business but you also get them after they have been working on this program for 10 years. That means that all of the students before you have laid the groundwork for what you learn. You are getting the best of the best from the best of the best distilled into 10 days of grueling instruction and infield work. This is not a program for the faint of heart. You will be tested mentally and emotionally to push past your own barriers and achieve what you want. If you go into this and turn over the steering wheel to the instructors, what would take years on your own will be developed in a little more than a week. The 10 day alone gave me more than my now 8 years working to get better with women. That includes all the reading, magic bullets, the lounge, all the audio books. Blew it out of the water. If you have the opportunity to take part in this, do it. If you want to get better with girls, do it. If you want a taste of absolute mastery with your romantic life, do it. And remember, this is just the beginning. Because once you take this, you have the tools to continue progressing and learning on your own. And thatís the really fun part. Cause itís not about having a weekend where you get to experience fulfilling social interactions. Itís about living a life where you have the friends and women you want surrounding you. You are the one that does the choosing. Youíre the one with the control.

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    10 Day Reflection

    Essentially, the first ten days of seminar is all about the “mechanics” of interacting with women. Learning how to do what normally just comes naturally for humans. For some reason, be it our upbringing, society or culture, we have forgotten how to have this conversation with women. This “Dance” with women.

    Through the course of 10 days we have covered the following topics: The different parts of communication including: Verbal, Non-Verbal - body language, sub-communications, physical touch, eye-contact, proximity. to have normal conversation with women, How to have fun and flirty conversation with women. How to have sexual conversation with women, How to oscillate between normal conversation, and fun & flirty conversation, How to spike sexual tension with sexual conversation. The concept of pressure on / pressure off.

    All of these things are the tools we use to have a conversation. Using these tools is a skill that can be learned. The nights out have been about practicing these skills, much like shooting free-throws and practicing dribbling. The idea is to get so smooth with these skills that it becomes something that you no longer have to think about. It just becomes instinctual and natural.

    Much like learning how to drive for the very first time in a car with a stick-shift. You learn the very basics: This is the accelerator. This is the break. This is the steering wheel. This is the clutch. This is the stick-shift. This is how you shift between gears while controlling the speed and direction of the vehicle, to get you both where you want to go.

    If you think about driving in these terms, it is an incredible amount of information to process. Driving a car is a highly complex process. It is very jerky and clunky in the beginning. Once you learn it however, it just happens naturally. You don’t even really think about it. It seems as natural as breathing. You can do other tasks like talking, eating, reading and writing simultaneously while driving.

    Another metaphor is learning how to snow ski. It is a highly technical process with lots of moving parts. The terrain is never the same. You can’t predict what obstacles will come up, be it rocks, trees or other skiers. However, once you become proficient enough, you gain the confidence of knowing that you can successfully make it to the bottom of the hill every time.

    The first 10 days of Rockstar has been described as “Drinking through a firehose”. There is just SO MUCH information in such a short period of time. It is very difficult to keep up. Sometimes, it feels like none of this stuff is sticking. One night, you feel like you have it down a little. The next night, everything seems foreign. I have to remind myself sometimes that this program is a marathon, not a sprint.

    The “Model” was revealed to us. The concept is that there is an upper threshold (Sexual) and a lower threshold (Depth/warmth) that open up over time. (or close out over time.)

    The idea is that the various forms of communication are used to open up the thresholds wide enough for a long enough period of time for sex to occur.

    To oversimplify, verbal conversation is used to demonstrate to her that the sex will be good and she will not be judged. Non-verbal communication is used simultaneously to turn her on. Once she is in a judgement-free zone and super turned on, all you need is a place where sex can reasonably occur and it’s game-on.

    That’s where logistics comes in. Simply put, logistics is just removing all the obstacles between the two of you engaging is sex. These obstacles can be the people she came to the club with, getting her out of the club and into a taxi, finding a place where the two of you can be alone together, getting her alone in a bedroom (or closet)

    We learned that sex can happen much quicker than we ever thought possible before. Not only the same night you meet a woman, but even within 10 minutes is possible. When a judgement free zone has been created, you’ve gotten her turned on and you bring her into your “bubble”, sex can happen immediately.

    The 10 day period is a time of shattering preconceived notions of how women view sex. The truth is that women want and enjoy sex just as much if not more than men. It sucks that we live in a culture where women are much more likely to be judged for it.

    I still feel very much like I am in the “clunky, jerky” phase of learning the mechanics. I know all the moves and how to use them. Now, I think it’s just a matter of getting in enough “reps” to get smooth with all this stuff.

    My goal is to relax and enjoy the process, while pushing as hard as I can. My goal going out each night is to have fun, first and foremost. I am focussed on the process, not the results. If I have fun and work the process, the results will take care of themselves.

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    10-day Reflection

    When I first discovered Love Systems around a year ago I figured that I would get the tools that would help me learn how to get girls. Then I would sharpen those tools a little bit and head off into the wild where I would progressively see an increase in the quantity and the quality of the women in my life.

    Thatís not really how it works.

    Over the last year the tools that I had did get better and better. And the results increased. But there was something missing.

    There's no doubting that when we started the 10 day program on Rockstar the tools I had all got upgraded. It was like trading in a hack saw for a chain saw, a screw driver for a drill, a sledge hammer for a jack hammer. But I still didn't feel confident enough using them.

    Iíve sat in on a fair number of boot camps through Love Systems and one thing I realized is that a weekend just isnít enough time to transform into the man you want to become. There is too much material and too much information to give out in such a short period of time. But aside from that the reality of it is, that the type of transformation I was looking for is not possible to achieve in 3 days.

    This is a journey and it takes time. Now Ten Days is a more realistic span of time to go into detail on the content, and to cover the mechanics and logistics of meeting women. But depending on the person it will take a long time after the fact to implement all the knowledge and even longer before you're meeting the women you want to meet. That's just the reality of it.

    The fact that we get to stay in this environment and push ourselves will LOCK in that growth over the next ~50 days. Thereís literally zero chance of us regressing into our old habits because we're going out every night with the best group of guys imaginable. This is where the mechanics that we learned in the 10 day will lock in and we will begin to see the growth.

    In just 10 days I feel like Iíve moved forward by pushing myself beyond boundaries and limits that I previously would have set for myself. I've done things that I wouldnít have thought possible if I wasnít on this program. Thatís the beautiful thing about the 10 day program, not only has it brought us all closer and bonded us in ways that have given us stronger connections than I have with some of my oldest friends. The connections we've made aren't the only inspiring thing but seeing the growth of everyone around me is helping me push myself harder, and to try things I wouldnít have attempted in the past.

    On the surface itís been a blast, partying at the sickest clubs in Vegas for 10 days. Iíve seen guys on this program make massive leaps in the first 10 days including myself. Weíve done things I would have never thought possible, and Iíve tightened up aspects of my game that will benefit me long after we've left Vegas and long after Rockstar is over.

    Thatís not to say that itís been easy.

    There were plenty of times when I was uncomfortable, and plenty of times that I was scared shitless. But thinking back to 10 days ago, the way I felt when we were about to walk into Marquee for the instructors birthday on the first night... The difference is laughable, it isnít comparable. Those weíre two different people.

    Itís important to think back and remember this progress that weíve made, because being that weíre all so close to the screen that itís hard to see the big picture.

    When I was 17 or 18 years old, I asked a girl out and got my first humiliating rejection. That drove me to change the exterior of myself because I thought that would be a good way to not get rejected ever again.

    At some point during the 10 day I recognized that I had a pretty big ego around this area of my life.

    After being rejected I started working out, I changed my hairstyle, I upgraded my fashion, and recently I took action towards improving my lifestyle to be more aligned with my hobbies and passions. Because I was determined to prove that I was capable of meeting and dating women.

    So not only on Rockstar but back home in my social circle before I cam here. I felt like I was drawing significance from hooking up with women, and I was pushing myself to do so out of a need for validation and out of a fear of scarcity that was previously in my dating life. Coming on Rockstar has humbled me, and itís also shown me this about myself. Prior to joining the program I knew that scarcity and ego were concepts that are bad and unhealthy, however I was blind to the fact that I was doing it myself. Now itís clear that I was and Iím doing my best to recognize these aspects of my life and to improve them the best that I can so I'm coming from a place of love and giving.

    I didnít really wake up to what was driving me so hard for all these years (FEAR), until we started to touch on Inner Game. I knew coming in that this is an area I needed to grow in, and that it was an area I wanted to grow in and it was a big reason why I wanted to come on this program.

    The way the instructors described outer game is that itís like training for a marathon with an ankle weight on. All the better hairstyles,fashion, improved lifestyles, and fitness habits are types of training, but when itís time to run the marathon taking off the ankle weight is the only way it's going to give you a better marathon time.

    The fact that there are still gaps in my inner game and my inner beliefs and the stories that I tell myself is like running the marathon with an ankle weight on. Itís time to take off the ankle weight and fix the inner beliefs that I have so I can do the best that Iím capable of with all the training and tools that I have at my disposal.

    If youíve been following the blogs of the Rockstars you know that thereís been some crazy stuff going on. Thatís just the appetizer, with all the inner and outer work that weíre doing on ourselves the lid of this thing is going to be blown off. And the rest of the way and weíre going to do some pretty fucking amazing things together.

    I canít wait to look back on October 2 and read this reflection and the previous blog posts while thinking to myself ďThatís Cute.Ē

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    10day reflection

    To reflect and summarise the 10 day program in one word ďwowĒ.

    The program starts off at a fast pace and then only gets more intense as the days go on. The education is cumulative so it is super important not to miss a day.

    The first few days the program concentrates on outer game and is what most guys think they need help with. ďWhat do I say to girls ?Ē ďHow do I interact with them to make them like me ?Ē These are pretty standard questions many of us ask ourselves.

    First official night infield we just have normal conversations with girls. Often girls donít mind having a normal conversation, especially if you donít have an outcome dependence. Often after 20 or 30 mins they start to get bored.

    Next night the challenge is to test boundaries with women, escalate conversations sexually and flirty. Getting blown out by girls is ok, in fact encouraged. If youíre not getting blown out, youíre not pushing hard enough. It is an interesting learning experience because the boundaries are a lot wider than I thought. All of this is great reference experience for future interactions.

    Soon the program shifts into overdrive and the focus turns to becoming a better version of yourself. If you are yourself, then interactions become simple and natural. Often we have suboptimal parts of our lives that are holding us back. The 10 day program lets you work out on a personal level what things are holding you back in life.

    One of the aspects the program focuses on is sub communications and non verbal communication. Eye contact and touch are very powerful. Reflecting now I can now see how poor my sub comms were prior to this program. Often I would avoid eye contact with people both in a social setting and also business setting. No wonder I sometimes have people not trusting my judgement or advice Ė my eye contact or lack there of is communicating that Iím not someone that you can comfortably trust.

    Regarding touch I also learnt a lot, Iím guilty of having my hand rest on the side of a girlís tummy. This isnít a great feeling for the girl and communicates my weakness. The instructors gave tips on how to use superior touch that is much more appropriate for communicating with girls.

    Another thing I learnt during the 10 day is being an authentic version of yourself. No need to be fake Ė girls appreciate dealing with someone that is authentic, even if they have flaws that they own.

    The rest of the 10 day program is largely based on inner game. We dive deep into limiting beliefs that some of us have about ourselves and life in general. Eg girls donít like to have sex as much as guys. Girls arenít attracted to me because of xyz. Iím not enough because I was picked on in school and the kids told me I was worthless.

    It is interesting to see how many of us had very similar stories, and when we boiled it all down, it was just stories. It was purely how we perceived ourselves, not actual reality. Its tough challenging something you have thought of as ďfactĒ for as long as you can remember. One of my stories related to my dad leaving when I was 3 months old and how I blamed myself and never saw myself as ďenoughĒ. I saw myself as a reject. To be honest I thought this program was just going to help me bang hotter chicks, not do deep personal introspection. I soon learn, that if you donít fix yourself and love yourself fully, then no amount of tricks and tactics will be enough in the long run to hold a successful dating life.

    It feels great spending so much time working on myself to become the best version of myself Ė something Iíve never done previously. Girls will naturally be attracted to me, as a person that loves themselves fully.

    The group has really grown strong over the course of the 10 days. We all are in the same boat, facing the same challenges, and all coming through the other end as better people. Iím amazed at how physically different someone looks when they love themselves. Many of the days I couldnít stop smiling when I was looking around the room.

    Do i recommend doing the 10 day ? Absolutely !! Do the full Rockstar experience if you can, if not the next best thing is the 10 day.

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    I've been on Rockstar for 10 days now. I'm extremely confused and frustrated as I'm writing this entry. While I expected this to be hard, I certainly did not expect things to go the way they are. The fact that night #1 was a disaster certainty did not help things. I was a victim of predatory deception resulting in a minor crisis during which the thought of just leaving PR and going home crossed my mind a couple of times.

    Fortunately for me, I was able to overcome that experience and immerse myself into the instruction. I came to PR with the intention of following the process with full faith, regardless of my insight/understanding of the the specifics and I have been doing just that.

    Having gone through 10 days of PR, I feel completely lost and disjointed. Though I have also seen glimpses of what I want and should be doing. The things I'm being taught in seminar make complete sense. The mechanics of language, the content of the conversation and body language make complete sense to me. The need for inner game, sense of self worth and lack of judgment when dealing with the opposite sex are also understandable. Furthermore, we are being taught by exceptionally accomplished guys, who make this stuff look easy. But it is not.

    I am approaching an average of 30 women every night. I seem to be doing and saying all the things that I'm being taught. However most of the women I approach either jolt out of my way or get dragged away by their friends. I'm able to initiate a few deeper interactions every night and have been able to maintain a regular, somewhat boring conversations without any significant chemistry or connection. While the ability to do that is required, it's hard for me to take things further.

    I've been to nightclubs before and I'm not a big fan. Being an introverted and logical guy, I find unsettling discomfort in an environment where dark setting, loud music, bright lights and converging human traffic columns create a sensation of chaos. I feel like an outsider in this chaos and I really cannot have fun, rather experiencing a sensation of all this stimulation pressuring me deep into my own head. In the past I would use alcohol to dis-inhibit myself and try and mingle, but that is not an option. I'm still struggling with how the heck am I supposed to talk to anyone, when I can barely hear myself think.

    However, I will admit that after 10 days of heavy rotation in this environment, I do feel a bit more comfortable. What is also remarkable is the ease of overcoming approach anxiety. Rejection is becoming a regular and acceptable norm. The more I laugh about it, the easier it is to start talking to the next gorgeous (or at the very least attractive) woman who walks by me.

    I was especially frustrated after night 8 at XS. I felt as if I was given all the tools needed to go out and meet beautiful women. I saw most of my classmates doing exceptionally well and going home with gorgeous women and I felt as if I was bouncing against the wall of rejection and back inside the prison within my head. The thought of giving up an leaving PR would alternate with the thought of trying harder and harder, which is what I have been doing all along. I did not fall asleep until 9am (which is not much later than when we normally go to sleep) despite taking multiple sleep aids. The following morning, with the help from the instructors I realized that I am running my own race and have a completely distinct and heavy set of obstacles to overcome. They are more complex and my progress will be slower.

    I communicated with some of the guys who are doing PR with me before the program started and I got a feel for some extremely accomplished and kind people. My intuition did not disappoint and I am here indeed with a group of unbelievable guys from all over the world. The age range in mind blowing: 21-48. I rarely hang out with anyone more than 6 years out of my age. Guys' level in game is as varied as their age, geography and backgrounds. I feel like I'm somewhere in the lowest 30% game-wise. I've been much better in the past years, but the last 6 months of working nights (with very limited social contact) and other personal problems have had a significant impact on my ability to communicate with people, much less with gorgeous women. I also feel considerable difficulty connecting with the guys in my class as well. That's just my nature; it takes me a very long time to connect with people. Part of the frustration is seeing other people form bonds while I feel lukewarm connections. It is nevertheless cool to live in a luxury version of a frathouse, something I haven't done since college.

    I'm really excited about the depth of the instruction and resources that are being put in. Project leaders are deeply invested into our success and its encouraging. What is also a huge boost is the feedback that I'm getting from the alumni from prior years. This experience was life changing for people who came from some very dark places and not only are they excited about their own transformation gained with PR but they are truly excited about seeing us undergo the same journey and emerge on the other side.

    While I am feeling very frustrated with my progress so far, there is no way to ignore the positives. One huge one is an emerging understanding of the dependence of outer game on inner game. Women are exceptionally perceptive to where a man's approach originates from. Just learning the mechanics may suffice at times, but most women will thin slice your mechanics away and will see lack of confidence masculinity and self worth in a millisecond. I'm not here to learn “the game” I'm here to develop my masculinity, self love and inner worth. Once I have these, the body language, pick up lines and confidence that attract gorgeous women will come naturally. However, these deep inner pillars have malformed and been neglected for many years and they cannot be repaired in 10 days, 2 months or even a year and PR is a start of that process. That being said, I'm definitely catching glimpses of how these precepts must align within me and manifest an attractive man in a chaotic environment of a night club. And when I catch these glimpses, I feel a flame within myself to push hard and nurture these. I really cannot think of a better place and people to do these with than here. I feel excited to keep pushing hard, overcoming one small obstacle at a time and unleashing my masculinity.

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