Sneak Peek Into Developing Social Circle Mastery


'Social Circle Mastery' is the foundation of “next generation” pick up and dating techniques. It takes us beyond relying only on “cold approach” to meet women and enhance your social life. (Cold approach is meeting someone you don’t know and don’t really have any connection to.) It has several purposes – to make it easier to meet and seduce “10s” (shorthand for top models, beautiful actresses, Playmates, and other women who are the elite of the elite, at least in terms of looks) – and also to better manage your social life in general and to understand the social dynamics that affect any group situation, such as school or work.

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In Part 1 of ‘Revealing the Social Matrix’ – The Structure of Your Social Life, we covered some of the basics of Social Circle Mastery. I would strongly recommend that you read that article first for a solid foundation of Social Circle theory before we move into the more complex topics below.

First up – how do you pick up in social circles? Answer – use the same skills from Magic Bullets or a bootcamp, but apply them in a new way – the Mr. M and Braddock (MRB) 5 Elongated Seduction model (otherwise known as the Elongated Seduction Model). This model is designed to help you hook up with women you meet through any social circle event, such as dinner parties, work events, or even random introductions. As you can tell from the name, it’s not designed to be a lightning-fast method. Sometimes it does work quickly, but it’s a method designed for effectiveness over speed, so it may work the same night, or it might take weeks if not a couple of months. The time flexibility actually works to your advantage – you won’t fall into the trap of killing your value within a social circle by escalating when it’s not appropriate or the moment isn’t ripe; instead, you are likely to end up with multiple friends with benefits.

For example, I used the Elongated Seduction Model to recently close a top model who happens to be the poster girl for one of the hottest and more prestigious clubs in London. This is me we’re talking about here – I’m about 5’3 and of Asian descent, I’m no body builder or male model. (You can read more about my journey and biography in the special report, The Man Behind Mr. M.) The close happened a few months after I met her through a friend. When I first met her, the time wasn’t ripe, so I worked the model and waited until the right moment to strike. I’ll explain how this works below.

Before I do that, a word of warning. Before getting into Social Circle mastery, it is crucial that you have a very strong abundance mentality. This is why Braddock and I insist that you understand dating science fundamentals before you take the Social Circle Mastery seminar. You need to know – not pretend – that you are attractive to beautiful women and that you have succeeded with beautiful women and can easily have more. You’ll get this from a bootcamp (and automatically qualify if you passed the end-of-bootcamp evaluation) and we occasionally take strong self-study students (usually who have thoroughly studied Magic Bullets and The Routines Manual). If you don’t have an abundance mentality, having friendly 9s and 10s on “slow burn” will drive you crazy and you may not be able to help developing needy, attention-seeking behaviors commonly associated with “oneitis” (the unhealthy fixation on a specific woman who is not as attracted to you as you are to her).

So, without further ado, the structure for the Elongated Seduction Model is as follows:

  • Neutral Rapport
  • Build Value
  • Social Circle Attraction
  • Sexualization
  • Closing

What follows is merely a summary of each phase. It would take me too long to outline each phase in the level of depth we go into (and customize and personalize) in the Love Systems Social Circle Mastery seminars, but I won’t let that stop me from giving you enough that you can use if you’re not going to be able to attend one of our amazing events.

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