Manhattan - consistent wings, any level

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  1. Manhattan - consistent wings, any level

    And once again, looking for new wings. So long as you can go out 1-2 times a week for a few hours at a time, even in a week when you are depressed or a little overworked, that's all I am asking for. Consistency.

    And team mentality - that's another thing I often miss. The whole point is helping each other, keeping each other in good spirits and on track, because we are all human.

    If you are super-experienced, I'll keep you positive and encourage you to approach, not to mention I have an apartment in midtown. If you are completely new, I'll show you a few things that I know myself. Either way is fine.

    I am a very analytical type myself. I just need someone to tell me to shut up and approach .

    Send me a PM with your number.

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    Dude i think we can help each other out, I need that push. I had a wingman but he gave up, he didn't understand that we needed to consistently get out there. I was making progress but he just gave up it sucks. If only he understood that you need to keep that momentum up, you can't go out like once every few weeks thats like starting from square one every time you go out. Anyways i mostly do daygame.

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    I'm looking for some people or someone to do game with , I have some experience , but prefer just doing natural shit . Here's my phone number .. text me guys ... 7186379018

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    Hey brotha text me 7186379018

  5. Hit me up 3477683722. Trying to go out this weekend and also trying to consistently daygame

  6. Hmu 3477683722

  7. Are you guys planning on going out tonight, 10/21? I just got back from Project Rockstar and I'm looking for consistent wings.

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