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    Sex in LTRs

    Hi -

    You meet, you fuck all the time, you get to know each other better, and the more love and intimacy there is, the less sex and passion there is. Not for everyone, but for many. Relationship is otherwise awesome.

    What tips do you have to make sure sex remains something girlfriends want on a daily even after several years of being together.


  2. Don't let yourself go. Keep exercising, grooming, etc.

    Don't let things fall into a boring routine, try to go out and do fun things together.

    Being tired from work, house chores, having no time to do things you like, etc all contributes to a decline in your sex life in a LTR.
    Help your girl get things done, she'll be less tired later at night, she'll have more time for her hobbies, she'll be happier and in a better mood, and she knows that you care for her which will make her more attracted to you. Win-win-win situation.

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    Changing up the routine and being willing to engage in sexual activities (not necc. intercourse or oral) even when you're not in the mood, but it has to work both ways. Also engaging in spontaneous sex almost to the point of getting arrested for public indecency *L* - just make sure there's no kids around.

    LTRs should be experimenting, not settling.

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