Greetings, my mission now begins

Good afternoon,

I am happy to have found your forum, I have also registered on another under the same name, but this week I finally hit my breaking point. I was out with friends I haven't seen in years (they were visiting from another country) and I really noticed my social ineptitude around women. I did have a girl reach out to me, and I have had a crush on her on the past, unfortunately with my lack of skills, the conversation has gone stale and I am working on fixing it. Let's see, experience, ha, that nervous laughter should answer that. After being very overweight I knew what it was like to not have anyone physically attracted, and then as I dropped the weight, I did notice being noticed with approval. It's a very odd sensation going from, as a friend put it, "chump" to "hunk". Now only to learn the other important aspects! I know I need help, and that is why I am here.

I have begun reading Neil Strauss' "The Game" and have ordered his other book that is like a manual, just to have something to go on. Really, my goals are to become suave with women, like Mr. Bond (I can at least do well on the fashion though), but first I want to learn how to be a social idiot, and more relevant for my current situation, how to message women. End goal being getting to go back to either her place or mine, and completing the mission.

Think that is what I have for a brief introduction, if you have any questions to ask me, feel free to post them.

007, after many years, is now reporting for duty