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    Project Rockstar 2017 Journals

    The 10th anniversary of Project Rockstar is here!

    This year's Project Rockstar program marks a very notable evolution of the curriculum. The focus is still entirely on becoming the most well-rounded, naturally attractive man possible. But this summer we'll be bringing on a couple new world class specialists to tackle everything from rebooting deep-seated internal belief systems, to exploring spirituality and deeper self-actualization. All while receiving the absolute best game training in the world from the best game instructors in the world. From social skills to fitness to lifestyle, nothing is left out as it relates to becoming the best man possible.

    As Project Rockstar has grown in size and scope so has the competitiveness. Currently, the program boasts an acceptance rate lower than an Ivy League school. That said, it opens its doors to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We've had a doctors, astronauts, and even college students. The collection of individuals brought together celebrates the human drive for wanting to get better and to achieve great things.

    I'm proud to open up the PR2017 journals. Follow along as the rockstars embark on this incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation. Congratulations again to the Project Rockstar 2017 class on this very special 10th anniversary of Project Rockstar.

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    PR Intro Week

    Sometimes while sitting in seminar, I look around and have to take a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor. Here I am on a Wednesday, sitting being instructed by what may be the very best team of mentors on the topics of masculinity and communication. How the fuck did I get here?

    My name is Andrzej, I grew up in Orange County before moving to Los Angeles for school, ultimately staying there to pursue a career in financial planning for the past 3 years. This whole journey to where I am today started with a relationship in high school. My first girlfriend and I was a typical teenage romance, I lost my virginity to her and felt incredibly attached. I thought I had found the one and we talked about marriage despite living a combined less than 30 years on Earth. Our subsequent break up was the most devastating thing I had experienced in my life. I spent nights crying in my bed asking myself why I felt absolutely alone. I reasoned if I could get her back then I could make this feeling go away and get back to the exuberance I had felt before. Like any millennial, I turned to Google for answers. I read every blog I could find, any website that said they could help get my girlfriend back, until one day I stumbled on LoveSystems, a dating science website that said it could help me get over my girlfriend. What I read blew me away. Instead of focusing on getting this one girl back in my life, I needed to improve my skills with girls. Only then, if I wanted to reconnect with this girl, would I make the choice of pursuing her again. My head exploded. My whole life I had liked girls, but the girls that I liked didnít like me back, so the girls I had dated were girls that liked me before I liked them. When it came to my dating life it felt like I was an actor on stage being told what to do rather than a director who made his own decisions. With my newfound resources, I resolved that I would find a way to change this. I read and listened to every piece of material from the company I could get my hands on and by the time I got to college I was having more success. And yet, there was something missing. I still didnít feel like I was in control.

    For me joining a fraternity was the gateway into the life that I wanted. The frats partied, got fucked up, and hung out with all the hottest chicksÖ what more could I want? When I got rejected from the fraternity that I wanted, I didnít know what to do with myself. I resolved to get in the next semester, but in the mean time I fell into old bad habits. In high school, I had played a lot of video games, around 4-5 hours a day. I had kicked the habit when I came to college because I wanted to make friends but after my rejection, I regressed back into the habit and started smoking pot. And that is where the downward spiral began. I stopped going out, hanging out with friends; my entire social life was based on the online world of a game I played. I didnít realize that I was full on addicted until after I had spent $4,000 in 4 months on this online game. I was disgusted with myself. I kicked the habit, but the damage was done. Now, every time I went out I was filled with social anxiety and to cope I just drank myself to oblivion and hoped I would find a girl. Occasionally that happened but most of the time I just woke up in bed alone with a pounding headache. No girls liked me, and the ones that would run for the hills because I was so needy. It was at that point, that I started to question if my only two options were accepting being alone or being gay. I knew some guys that were interested in me so I reasoned if I were gay at least Iíd have love from somebody. I took this whole thing very seriously, but when I really thought about it I just couldnít get past the idea of giving another guy a blowjob. I decided I wasnít gay, so the only option I had left was to confront that anxiety and push through. It felt like wading through molasses, as at first it was awkward but eventually I got back to a place where I felt semi comfortable in social situations. Lovesystems offered a 3 day bootcamp to teach in person all of the information that I had been reading, so with my college graduation money I spent the weekend redirecting the course of the rest of my life. That experience led me to where I am today, sitting on the floor of the Cosmopolitan on a Wednesday at 2pm writing about my experiences.

    Where do I even begin? First thing you learn real quick, if youíre not approaching girls, youíre A: not going to be able to talk to them, and B: not going to get better at talking to them. So the first night thatís all I did. And it was pretty amazing to see that yes, beautiful girls will in fact talk with you and not just turn around right away. It wasnít til the second day that my mind was really blown.

    How do you talk with people? This is a question that we set out to answer on day 1. Of course, we are focusing on how it relates to women you are attracted to and want a relationship with but it also applies to every relationship you have. Takeaway from the night: people will listen to you when you talk about stuff youíre interested in. My whole life when I would talk with people, I would try to figure out what to talk about based on what they wanted to talk about. So Iíd ask them questions and put the conversational burden on them. We smashed this down real quick. For the whole night, the goal was just to have normal conversation with the girls we talked to. Holy damn. It was so much easier when all I had to do was lead the conversation around things that I wanted to talk about. It seems like such a simple thing but it changes everything about interacting with people.

    My success from the night of normal conversations evaporated as I was trying to focus on other things besides normal conversation. I put lot of pressure on myself to move the interaction forward and reverted back to relying on the girls I was talking to to drive the conversation forward instead of being a man and doing it myself. As soon as I got in my head, even girls that were interested in me would eventually get bored as they were forced to lead the conversation. That night was rough, but I realized the expectations that by putting so much pressure on myself based on results like, getting girls to like me or bringing a girl home was not helping me grow and was ultimately not what I wanted anyways. At the end of the day, I need to measure my success by the things I control and not the things out of my control, like how many times I was able to engage that girl in normal conversations, or throw in a funny line of banter within the conversation.

    I believe in this process and I believe that if I follow the instructions of these incredible mentors that have been refining this process for 7 years, I will get better with girls. And ultimately that will lead me toward becoming the man that I want to be. As one of the instructors said, ďThe man you want to be is waiting for you on the other side of this program, are you going to do what it takes to bring him out?Ē That is why every fucking day I want to smash the boundaries of what I feel is possible, because that is how we learn. Iím going to cut it here for now but I hope that you continue to read these because I have just embarked on what maybe one of if not the most powerful journey that I can embark on, the journey to becoming a man.

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    Welcome to my blog series. Let me introduce myself. I'm a 38 year old guy based in Australia. I've worked all my life in the IT industry and regard myself as reasonably successful in my work life. I'm not financially rich by any means but I do have enough money to live a comfortable life. As I write this journal, I'm homeless and jobless Ė neither is a significant problem. In my entire life, I've never actually been unemployed, and prior to this program I would never imagine being unemployed could be a good experience. For a lot of my life, I based my happiness around the job satisfaction I got from being a talented IT engineer and having a good job.

    Reflecting now, I can see I was focusing my mind on areas of my life that are good and neglecting areas that I don't have sorted. I've had a few failed relationships including a failed marriage. Instead of juggling all the balls at once, its easy to drop a ball and concentrate on others. One of the promises of PR is to help you work on all parts of your life, although much of the hype is around the social skills and how to interact with girls. Reading the previous years journals I read a few posts commenting that the social / girl side of things actually becomes a less important part of the program.

    I believed this but to be truthful I couldn't comprehend how going out every night for 3 months solid and improving your ďgameĒ to amazing levels, could end being not that important. I wait with anticipation to see how this plays out over the course of the program. I mention ďgameĒ as many readers will instantly understand what I mean. I donít really like the term ďgameĒ or ďpickupĒ. Game kinda implies itís a game where you might have a winner and a loser. In some senses people may think the girl is being tricked or taken advantage of, neither of these are cool in my mind. Of course the proper way is ďwin / winĒ where both parties benefit from the interaction. Maybe a better term is simply ďsocial skillsĒ, as many of the skills that apply to interacting with the opposite sex, also apply to many other types of social interactions.

    Project Rockstar officially kicked off on thursday and we all assemble at a bar in the Cosmo in Vegas. I am quietly nervous, anxious to see what I can learn from this program and how much of an impact it will have on my life. Within the first 5 mins of day 1 seminar, any doubts about the value or merit of this program were erased. As its a substantial time and money commitment for me - I had done my research, especially previous years journals.

    The key takeaways I had from my RS research is Ė let go of your control Ė give the instructors the remote control. Trust the system and process. Donít focus on results, focus on the process.

    Much of the "pick up/ game" stuff you see elsewhere is based on "smoke and mirrors" so its refreshing to see a program that lives up to its reputation.

    One of the first excercises was a bonding excerise. This was extremely powerful and the team bonds formed very quickly. The group of people was very diverse, and I soon discovered that we all shared common themes in our life. We all were ready for change and attending RS17 was clear evidence of that desire, and secondly we all encountered some kind of painful challenge in life.

    Night 1.
    4:30am Friday night / Saturday morning and the first night is complete, it was great to see everyone having a great time kicking off PR2017.
    The only direction from the instructors on the first night, was go out and have a good time with no pressure to do anything specific. I had my own goal - I wanted to kick the night off by grabbing a bunch of girls and taking them back to the table.

    This was to be my icebreaker. I had seen instructors click their fingers and easily pull girls to the table during superconference and after a couple days previous training I had learnt this social skill.

    I approached a set of 4 attractive girls, and they opened up friendly. I quickly invited them to the table and they were fine to come to the table. Infact not only did they have 4 girls, they also had 3 more friends. I'm like - ok great - 7 attractive girls at the table. We arrive at the table and in an instant the instructors look unhappy and I get confused. They tell me the girls have to leave the table - right now. I'm confused. I thought it would be great to have the table that is largely full of males to suddenly be full of attractive young girls.

    A very quick conversation, I'm told its because tonights aim isn't to bring large groups of girls back to the table - especially since it was literally 3 mins after we walked in the club. I didn't have any value, the table had the value. It was also an instructorís birthday so in hindsight that it would be wise to keep the table less cluttered with large groups of random girls that might be bottle rats.

    It was kinda funny how I told the girls hey you need to turn around, this table is no longer available. They were like "waitÖwhat.. why ?". I didn't explain much and they disappeared.

    I approached probably 15 groups of girls. I had some fear before approaching the girls and it feel uncomfortable and super rusty. I haven't approached in a long time. My headspace was a little bruised by the confusing table mix up. I soldiered on. The main thing I noticed was how boring and low energy my conversation was at times. Many conversations just fizzled out.

    At one stage of the night I grabbed a girl from another guys table below us, pulled her up to our podium and danced a bit. I just tapped her on the shoulder and put my hand out. She grabbed it and I pulled her up to my level. Not that long ago I didnít think this would be possible for someone like me Ė a 38 year old guy in a vegas mega club. Pushing these boundaries and limiting beliefs is a big part of this program.

    Later in the night I introduced myself to one group of girls that another student was already talking to. I focused my attention on one girl. She was here with her sister and friends. After getting to know her more I moved her away from the group, walked around the club, grabbing water from the table etc.

    After moving around we would move back to the table. I tried kissing her and soon found out she had a boyfriend. She wanted to kiss me but part of her was saying she shouldn't. Its interesting how girls that are attracted to you often donít mention the boyfriend early on. Perhaps this is me not communicating my sexual intent early enough, or the girl doesnít want you to leave straight away.

    One thing I noticed was I was approaching groups of just girls, no groups that had guys in it. This felt easier. Looking forward to seeing progress on this aspect of my social skills toolkit.

    Got a few numbers from girls throughout the night. One replied to a mansion invite and said they would get back to me. Iím thinking Ė yeah yeah, of course you wonít. Surprisingly they actually got back to me 2 hours later and said they were going for breakfast and then sleep and couldnít make it.

    I think they are going home monday but to be honest I forget which group I got which number from. And even what the girls looked like. A few people commented I was chatting with a hot blonde, but I hardly remember. I think I need to make notes during the night - especially when I grab the girls numbers. Names and description as a minimum as my memory is often poor. Vegas has so many girls and potential for such an abundance of social interactions its difficult to remember them all. Great problem to have !!

    Saturday night
    On Saturday night we focussed on having normal conversations with girls at the mega club XS. I talked about topics I am passionate about and interested in. I didnít prejudge if the girl would be interested in it. I found this night went well, many conversations lasted 20mins and could go longer. The aim wasnít to try to get anything from the girl, just share some normal conversation. One of the key learnings was that I didnít have to avoid boring topics like what I do for a living. Often if a girl asked what I did for a living I would simply answer ďcomputers / ITĒ and they would say ďoh thatís niceĒ and then the conversation would stall for a bit. If I talked about why I enjoy my job and why Iím passionate Ė itís a totally different conversation and suddenly interesting and often she will add her own experiences.
    Sunday night
    Sunday night was a completely different challenge. We worked on fun banter and pushing boundaries with flirting conversations. Getting ďblown outĒ by girls was ok Ė as the aim was to test boundaries. The night started awesome. A group of us rock stars approached a group of hot Asian girls. I focussed on one girl initially one on one, but included her friends in some of the conversation just so they could see their friend wasnít talking to some creepy dude. Soon I took the girl to the bar to grab a water. I worked on bantering, and mixed it with flirting hard. I didnít get blown out, but the night was early so I grabbed her number and thought I would catch her later. Later in the night I totally forgot what she looked like and didnít get a text reply.

    After a while I was pushing the interactions and getting blowouts per the objective. After a run of blowouts my mood changed. I was pretty low for a bunch of the night. Eventually I had a couple good interactions and then my mood dramatically improved. Its amazing to notice the effect your mood and vibe has on the interactions.

    Monday Night
    Monday night we head back to Marquee and we have the bungalow for the night. The bungalow is a 3 story townhouse directly backing on to the night club. It is the ultimate party place in vegas. We hit a little roadblock when the nightclub outdoor pool area is closed and access to the bungalow is restricted. I chat to the bouncers and find there is still access via the pool shortcut but they need to see your hotel key before you can get out the back.

    So I make a few approaches I find a couple attractive girls and soon they are keen for bungalow party. I send out a group text for a key. Unfortunately logistics gets in the way, there is a delay in getting a key, no one is familiar with the shortcut so we need to go the long way via the casino. Once we get outside the girls give me their number and then say they are going to their room and then coming straight to the bungalow. Of course we donít see them again. I think a combination of my neediness and the drama of my logistical challenge drops the mood.

    The learning experience is the next time I have similar issues I improve dealing with the logistic obstacles and we get more girls to the bungalow. It was a great party vibe for a while but after a while the girls disappear. Canít wait till next time we get the bungalow and the club is open outside.

    So much learning after just a few days. Can't wait to see my transformation over the next few weeks.


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    Hello, I am Christopher P - 48 years old from Denver, CO. I am extremely grateful and proud to be a part of this wonderful program - Project Rockstar 2017. A couple years ago I became obsessed with this notion: “What does the very best version of me look like?” I decided to take a year off from my business to explore some possibilities. After a few months of travel in South America, I returned to the United States to do some work on myself. I found myself in the 10 Day Bootcamp in Las Vegas in July 2016. It was here that I discovered just how big the gap was between the man I wanted to be, and the man that I deep-down knew that I could be. It was a very emotionally painful experience, for I knew I had a tough road ahead of me. I felt the pain of all the years of fulfillment I missed out on, because of certain skills I lacked, and had no idea how to acquire.

    I immediately signed up for Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within (November 2016 San Jose California) and Date With Destiny (December 2016 Boca Raton FL) I also signed up for an intense program called “Asia Immersion.” This was a month-long program in Taipei City, Taiwan. It was a complete paradigm shift for me. It was during this program that I began to think about how radically different my life could be. I could feasibly design my dream life from the ground up - making my own rules for myself, instead of following somebody else’s plans for me. Two and a half months ago, I made the decision to sell my house, my business and nearly all my possessions and say goodbye to the old me and my old life. Here I am in Las Vegas, homeless and jobless, and open to the wealth of opportunities that lie before me.

    I got here to Vegas a couple days early to hang out with some of my fellow Rockstars that had done the same. This was very relaxing, as the months, weeks and days leading up to now have been quite stressful. That relaxing feeling didn’t last for very long. I dropped my bags off at the mansion Thursday and headed for the seminar. Later, it was back to the mansion for our first house meeting. We went over a couple of rules and had a safety meeting for our group activity the next day - Going to the desert to shoot guns.

    Day 1: Friday-Desert-Guns

    We fired an AR 15 Semi-automatic rifle, a Glock 9 mm handgun and a 12 guage pump-action shotgun. It was super-fucking cool! I had fired weapons before, but many of the guys had not. It was interesting to watch them transform as they moved past their initial fear, and began to embrace the feeling of holding the power of death and destruction in their hands. Grabbed a quick nap and then went for a 20 minute jog.

    NIght Out 1 - Friday Marquis:

    The night felt good from the start. It was a very relaxed night with no instruction, and I was really looking forward to seeing some of the friends I have made in the last year. My social skills with women were quite rusty. I had not been going out much in the last few months, due in part to Rockstar Prep. I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself to have fantastic interactions with women, rather to be in acceptance of where I was starting. After all, this is a sprint, not a marathon. My main focus was to just have fun and enjoy the evening. I enjoyed being in a fantastic club, in a fantastic place with fantastic people.

    Night 2 Encore Beach Club with table. (Instructor - Justin C. )

    Tonight we were to focus on having “Normal Conversation” with women. I made an early start upon entering the club. I wanted to make sure to quiet the voice in my head that puts up resistance to me making approaches. Early on, I forgot the assignment. I found myself having fun & flirty conversation (instead of just normal conversation) with a very cute girl. I wanted her, and I was ramping things up (or trying to) physically. I was reminded to stick to the plan of just normal conversation, and not introduce physicality. My next couple of interactions were better, but still included much extraneous movement of my arms and hands. I was instructed to just keep more still, with rock-solid body language. I did this for the rest of the night, and my interactions went much better. Just a shift in body language made a big difference.

    Night 3 Encore Beach Club (Night Swim- No Table- Instructor Justin C.)

    Tonight we were to focus on alternating/ oscillating between normal conversation, and fun & flirty conversation. We were to also add in physical touch and “Sub Communications” of body language. Pressure on - Pressure off. I noticed some of the interactions were stalling out on the lower end of the model. But some were also getting blown out through the top side by escalating too quickly. This was the point. To make sure that you were pushing the envelope on the interactions, not just riding them forever. I was talking to a smoking hot girl (very exotic-looking) in the middle of the night. I was doing lots of things right. Eye contact, proximity, touch, pressure on, pressure off, etc. I seem to be getting farther into the model with the interactions.

    My biggest concern right now is that I am sleep deprived. Most guys seem to be able to sleep in until 10 or 11 AM. I go to sleep at 4 AM and wake up at 7:00 AM and can’t go back to sleep. Sometimes I can’t even fall asleep for a nap in the evening before going out. My state last night was affected by my exhaustion. I now feel like I am coming down with a cold. Add in the new time commitment of having to write this stuff every day from here on out, I hope that my body can adjust. I feel like I am stretched way too thin on time. I don’t know when I will be able to fit in any workouts. I hope that I will fall into some type of rhythm with all of this stuff, but right now, I am exhausted, stressed and my immune system is strained. I feel like I am drawing on an “empty tank”. Emotionally flat. I feel like an emotional breakdown is just around the corner. (a good cry would probably help me at some point) I am, however grateful to be here in this house, with this opportunity, with these people. This is a once in a lifetime experience. I summon whatever power is in the universe to give me strength and guide me through this.

    It’s 11:00 AM Tuesday August 2. I woke up at 7:30 this morning after only 3 hours of sleep. I tried to no avail to go back to sleep. Before I went to sleep, I tried some magnesium spray that my roommate offered for me to use. It was supposed to help me sleep more, but so far, no luck.

    On top of feeling utterly exhausted, I now officially have a cold. At least the pressure is off. You know, that sense of dread that goes something like, “I sure hope I don’t get sick during Rockstar”. Now that it has happened, It’s one less thing I have to worry about. I am grateful that we have two of the next 3 nights off from clubbing. I should be feeling much better by Friday. I will just need to power through seminar today, and hopefully I can get caught up on sleep a bit tonight.

    Night 4 Monday Marquis Bungalo (Instructor Justin C. )

    Tonight we were introducing sexual conversation into our interactions. I had a nice interaction with a polish girl. It was the beginning of the night, on the dance floor before things really got going. It wasn’t too crowded or too loud yet. She and her two friends were just standing there, looking a bit bored. I began ramping things up with her a bit verbally and physically. I looked deep into her eyes and told her she was fucking sexy. I asked her if she had banged anybody since she had been here. Her answer was no. I asked her where the strangest place was that she had ever had sex. She told me on her neighbors lawn. She asked me where mine was, I told her in the bleachers of an outdoor Rolling Stones concert. She was quite impressed. We danced a bit. Her friends were mostly just watching us, still quite bored. Several Rockstars came in and winged for a bit here and there, but her friends were not very interesting or attractive, so those interactions didn’t last very long. I think I could have escalated physically more rapidly. I think I played it too safe, because the next thing I knew, she and her friend took off for the bar. Next time, I will push harder and get us both turned on before things have a chance to stall out. Push Harder!

    The club decided not to open up the outside area, and this turned out to be a real bummer. The place got so crowded, there was no place to stand. If you tried to stand still and talk to a girl, the bouncers would tell you to keep walking. They really got on my nerves after a while. Once it got loud and so crowded, I had trouble for the remainder of the night hearing anything anybody was saying for the rest of the night. I will have to rely much more on my physicality in these situations. I did lots of approaches last night, but I could have done more. I didn’t get very many girls to stop and engage. I must get better at being more captivating. It seems like I am just struggling to find things to say. It feels like I am trying to give something away that I don’t have right now. My cup feels empty. It seemed that after about 1 AM, nobody was interested. My state dipped to a point where I could not recover around 2:00 AM.

    I must operate from a place of giving. I want to give this person an amazing experience. Right now, because I am in my head with mechanics and “the model”, and being watched, it feels like I am trying to get something from her, rather than give something to her. I need to get my heart to be overflowing with abundance and generosity, so that I can give this away to the women I am interacting with. I need some help with this. I need to remember how I am when I am at my very best. I need to introduce fun into every interaction, but right now, it feels more like work than fun. I must and will push through this.

    Night in Tuesday Aug 2.

    We worked on a conflict resolution exercise which could prove to be very helpful in the coming weeks.
    Later, we had a cookout and just chilled for awhile. It felt good just to hang out and get to know each other in a very relaxed environment. I am beginning to feel like I am coming out of my shell a bit. Maybe I underestimated how much I have been holding back on showing all of myself to people. I’m not sure why I have been hiding parts of me. Fear that I won’t be accepted or liked if you really get to know me? Interesting thought. I turned in early, just after midnight. As I write this, I am feeling nearly rested for the first time in a few days.

    That's it for now. Much, much more to come.

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    Hey everyone. I’m Andrew. It’s really hard to write this introduction post one week in, given I’m already feeling like as if I’ve grown so much and changed. They have a saying that one day on RS is equivalent to a few weeks or months in the real world, and that is so so true.

    About me. I’m a 26-year-old engineer & MBA candidate. I grew up in a relatively small nice beach town, a lot of swimming and surfing and an active lifestyle all round. I left home at 17 with a scholarship for engineering. With a lot of hard work, I’ve achieved a lot of things in my life up to this point, including 9 years of military service in both engineering and combat based roles, competed at national level swimming, I’m currently mid-way through a top tier MBA, and I own (most of) my apartment in an expensive city. Overall, I’m doing well if we take a lens of what most of society would think is successful for someone my age.

    Despite some success in most areas of my life, I’ve never really been satisfied or happy with any of it. I have an approach that whatever I’ve got, it could be better/isn’t that great. I’m a very driven and motivated person, though each time I reach a goal I get more unsatisfied and am usually lost once I smash a big goal, leading me to a point of feeling like I’m drifting and looking for new direction. I’ve done most things for myself since I left home, and as such haven’t ever really had the peer network or group of great people around me with similar growth mindsets that I can learn from, and I think this is a major part of my life I’ve been missing.

    I’ve never been particularly bad with women but whether it was being relatively good looking or due to achievements & reputation, most of my relationships had come from luck or social circle. When I think about my past relationships I feel guilty that I wasn’t able to bring the full genuine me to enhance the life of the women around me, but rather, I’d get to a point and put up walls, and I wouldn’t treat them as the beautiful feminine beings they were. I made some bad decisions, put bad emotions and negative energy into these relationships, and just overall wasn’t always a positive influence in their lives. Likewise, I didn’t value my own needs or ambitions while in these relationships, and we both suffered.

    When I think about the relationships in my life before RS, I see that I’m the kind of guy that everyone knows, few are close to, with nearly none that would be there when I really needed it. I look around at the coaches here, and the incredible bonds they have with each other, it’s just something else that is so hard to find anywhere else in society. I’ve seen similar bonds in certain teams within the military, but this is different again. There’s no ego, and they’re all just here trying to help each other and the people around them in the best, most genuine way possible. That’s something I really want to develop during this program.

    I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan last year, and had a long-term relationship with a truly beautiful woman, inside and out. It’s a long story, but cutting to the chase I wasn’t the man I need to be in order to provide the right masculine energy for any woman, let alone a great woman like that. She ended up going radio silence, cutting me out of her life and moving on, and left me in limbo until I got home 1-2 months later. Whether it was good on her part or not is irrelevant; at the time this was one of the hardest things emotionally I’ve ever faced, but it was a huge catalyst for change and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.. I’m thankful it happened the way it did, as it attached so much pain and has driven so much change and action.

    Coming into the program, I have been extremely focussed on business and entrepreneurship, and have always held a mindset of ‘if you’re not growing you’re dying’. I have been getting ready to quit my job, and jump off the cliff into working on myself and marching to the beat of my own drum, but I am keeping completely open to how my thoughts and life will change during this program.

    This is my story, but as I learned this week, that’s all it is, a story, and the stories we tell ourselves define our lives (so I’ll be careful to watch my thoughts).

    I saw RS as an intense period for me to develop into the best version of me there is, do it with some amazing people, and learn a shitload about lifestyle along the way. I’m on RS to ultimately become the awesome masculine guy I know I have inside me, as quickly as possible. Before the program, I didn’t really get what masculinity meant, as it feels like a concept our society undervalues and misconstrues into some negative aggressive crap. But that’s not it at all. As the weeks go on, I’m sure we’ll all discuss it in our blogs. My envisioned outcome for RS at this point is to finish with the program with a completely new inner dialogue, to be a person who expresses himself at a deep genuine level with my friends, strangers, family, anyone, and having built a strong brotherhood with the people around me that are all on the same path. I’ll springboard off into continuing growth in all areas of my life, including entrepreneurship.

    Days 1 – introductions

    We met a few guys throughout the day (we had a group dinner the night before with most people to break the ice) before heading to the hotel to meet everyone and the instructors. The first day was basically an intro to the basic structure of the program, and introductions. We aren’t talking bullshit 30s introductions we give everywhere in our lives. The alumni went first, and gave real, vulnerable, stories of where they were at and how far they’ve come. We then went around and did the rockstars and mentors. It was incredible to see so many people sharing deep, no filter insights about their struggles in life, their issues and their hopes. The thing I noticed was that in every single person story, I could see part of me. It’s crazy how similar we all are, yet are from a really diverse backgrounds. Everyone here has done some awesome shit in their lives, but have large pain to go with it. This place is such an open growth environment, where there is no judgement sharing anything, we’re all just here trying to help each other however we can to be the best people we can be. And that’s what this whole program was always about, becoming good people.

    Day 2 – team building / shooting & first night out

    We went out into the desert and shot some guns. This was a cool opportunity for me to teach the boys some of my craft, along with one of the instructors. It was a fun bonding experience showing the guys how to handle assault weapons, and I got a moment to do a bit of a live moving demo.

    This night was the first night out, and happened to be Sterling’s birthday too. Tonight we basically all just went nuts, did our thing, and let the instructors observe. I was out there, guns blazing, being the shit talking banterous funny guy, and I had a lot of fun.

    Day 3 – 10day day 1, and XS

    The 10 day bootcamp started today and we had a long discussion on people & their ‘projection’ (or mask), masculinity, as well as normal conversation. It’s unfortunate that for so much of our lives people live as projections of what they think other people will like, or talk and act in ways which are to please other people, rather than be their real genuine self. The easiest thing for a person to change is the projection, but the hardest thing to do is change is the person inside; and that’s exactly what RS aims to do. Most stuff in the ‘game’ community is around changing the projection, which results in people acting in inauthentic ways which eventually lead to feeling worse about themselves, where as changing the actual person in a way that brings the projection and person into sync is so much bigger and more powerful than learning a few lines and techniques.

    Masculinity is incredible. It’s authenticity, it’s purpose, it’s having fear and doing shit anyway. It’s taking control of your life, despite things falling apart. It’s being able to do the things that matter when you really need to, but don’t want to. It’s taking responsibility, taking action. It’s seeing the role of a man in life. People have this view of masculinity as being aggressive, directive, commanding etc, but none of those traits matter if you cant tell someone you love them, say you fucked up, be authentic, be soft when needed, be an inspiration, be vulnerable, be caring, be a rock for people. It’s realising the difference between masculinity and femininity, and then being the masculine energy so that women can be feminine and don’t need to protect themselves by acting in traditionally masculine ways. The biggest threat to a woman in life is men; so as soon as you can offer physical and emotional safety in a genuine way, women are free to be their natural beautiful selves. The instructors here are incredible; they’re some of the most solid, amazing people I’ve ever seen. Watching them interacting with their girlfriends is incredible, they’re tender, warm, caring, strong, decisive, charming, gentlemen. And in return, their girlfriends are entirely feminine. But they’re all dealing with their own shit too, and this is what it is; its getting kicked in the face over and over again and still getting up, being that great person.

    Tonight’s task was to go out and talk to people with nothing but normal conversation, to see how long and how intresting and how much fun we could actually have with just talking about normal things that interest us. That was the key; to go and talk to people with no outcome dependence and simply just talk about things that I’m interested in. I was expecting to be bored all night, and my mind was blown. I had a lot of interactions where I just talked about random stuff I like out of the blue, stuff like my favourite colour, surfing, swimming, etc, and it was great to see how much people genuinely engage in conversation when I’m there without any bullshit. All good vibes, good emotions.

    I met a gorgeous girl with her friends all in their bikinis (the club we were at has a massive outside pool, the clubs here in Vegas blow my mind continually), and just started talking about normal things. I was surprised how long I had the attention of the cute girl, and we ended up talking and hanging out a lot that night. We had a great genuine connection and spent the night together before she had to leave the next day. It was so cool to look around and see all of the boys just talking to women and being good genuine people, and I had so much gratitude for the position I was in.

    Day 4 – 10 day day 2 & XS night Swim

    Today we talked about the different conversations in relationships, body language, and banter/fun. The task tonight was to start implementing some masculine body language into conversations, and introduce some banter.

    I probably talked to around 30 or 35 groups of women tonight, and was working on quickly getting comfortable touching people and them being comfortable with it. Somewhat of a bad habit I’ve got is being too high energy, too much banter, moving around too much, and trying to get people to like me too much, rather than just being solid calm and masculine. I had a lot of interactions tonight where I just let that go and I started to see the issue. At one point, it all came together perfectly, where I was walking past a private table of intimidatingly good looking people. Lots of guys, a few hot girls, but one insanely gorgeous woman. Potentially one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, period. This group was littered with excuses not to talk to her; they're at a table, there's heaps of cooler guys there, shes defs got a bf, she wont like me as a random just walking past, they're about to take a group photo etc. I saw her, took a step past and thought fuck no do this now. Went up and waved her over out of the table, and immediately hit it off. She had great chat, insanely great personality, and really blew my mind at how much I liked the person underneath. Later on, we got deep and I saw some of the most beautiful feminine qualities I’ve ever seen. We headed back to the mansion and had a great night.

    Day 5 – 10 day day 3 & Marquee

    At this club theres a massive outdoor pool area that’s got apartments from the hotel connecting out to the club, and on Mondays we get one of them instead of a table. It’s so cool, having a 3 story bungalow in the middle of a club.. however, when we arrived at the club we realised the back doors were shut and the outside part closed – no access to the bungalow. Tonight we worked on leading conversation and running with setting the standard for what’s normal and acceptable. This was the first night I noticed a bunch of weird guys out, because we were all so packed into a small-ish club. I watched a line of 10 guys walk past the same girl and every 2nd guy said the exact same line. Just 5 days in, the contrast between what we’re doing; becoming better human beings, and what these other dudes are doing is already stark.

    I had a bunch of great interactions tonight and met a gorgeous Indian girl. Thinking about her background where sex and sexuality is even more taboo than most, I was amazed at the power of setting the strong expectation for what’s normal. By being ok with my sexuality and the fact that women like sex too, it allowed her to open up and be free. We hung out in the bungalow and had an incredible time, I felt blessed to share in her experiencing her sexuality in such a beautiful moment.

    Day 6 – 10 day day 4 & night off

    Today we talked about deep conversation and warmth. It’s incredible, it relates to the masculinity discussion so much, and it’s essentially the guy I want to be.

    Tonight we had an extra conflict resolution seminar and then a BBQ for one of the guys birthday’s. It was cool to just hang out with the lad for the night. I’m already feeling such a strong bond and connection with these awesome people.

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    Rockstar has officially kicked off. I feel a broad range of emotions. I am super excited and nervous as well. Will I fit in, do I really belong here, and will I really change like the other rockstars before me? These are all the questions I have going through my head.
    I come from a small town in North Carolina where most people know me. I was raised on a farm so did not develop really good social skills like many living in more urban areas. I have two older sisters that picked on me a lot. My mom and dad have been together and married for over 40 years which is almost unheard of in this society. I had some older male cousins but they were quite a bit older than I was so I did not really have any male role models to teach me about women. My dad and uncles were my role models and they were rugged tough men. My dad was a Vietnam veteran who had many confirmed kills in battle and was hard as they come. Between this and being raised on a farm I was taught a man doesnít show emotion, works his ass off for what he has and needs to be tough. I am thankful for the way I was brought up, I can change a tire, kill and skin an animal, grown my own food, ride a horse and do a lot of things the average man canít or has never. Those are all great things but there was something lacking, social skills. Sure I could talk to anyone and make small talk, I was not a total introvert. I did have a lot of friends and was popular in school. I had a couple of girlfriends in school and in college but it wasnít consistent like what I observed from some guys. It was not the quality of girls that I wanted either. When I did have a quality girlfriend I would allow her to run all over me a lot of times. I went to college thinking I would meet my wife and everything would work out. This did not happen. I was pretty wild and fell into the party scene, graduated college, moved back to my hometown and kept partying. I dated and hooked up with several girls and viewed women in a relatively negative light. I met a girl through a mutual friend and started dating her. We were together a while, the new wore off and the relationship became stale. She cheated on me and told me and I broke up with her and planned on just moving on. I started missing her and thought at the time I would never get another girl as pretty and as cool as her. We ended up getting back together and I bought her an engagement ring. I bought the ring not with the intention of getting married, but I figured with a ring on her finger she would be mine and not cheat on me again. She didnít cheat on me again but the relationship became stale and I started wanting more in my life and other women. We split up and again I started missing her but wanted to move on. I was in a bad state and quickly realized I could not just rebound and get a quality girlfriend as easy as I could in my twenties, I was mid-thirties at the time. I researched on the internet how to get girls, ordered and read some books and then discovered a company that offered live training. I thought this is something I need and want to do. I attended the Super Conference and learned a lot and started having some success. While at the conference I learned about Project Rockstar but thought it was only for the super wealthy which I am far from. I thought I would never spend that kind of money, I didnít have it in the first place to spend. After I experienced some success from applying what I had learned from the Super Conference I was convinced Project Rockstar was worth the money. Now here I am.
    Night one: Most of us met Wednesday night and went out to dinner to get acquainted. Thursday arrived everyone got settled into the house. Our first night out was without instruction. It was Andrewís birthday and everyone just went out to have a good time. We went to XS. It reminded me of the Super Conference. I knew what to do and went right to work. Approach after approach after approach. I got several phone numbers which isnít really a milestone but it was a victory because I had several interactions. We even got to drink some for the celebration. I only had two drinks because that is not why Iím here. I ended up dancing with a couple girls and met a cool girl from Israel. We danced a lot and kissed but she had a friend she would not leave, even though she said she was going to. I had a great time, a couple of the guys ended up bringing some girls back to the mansion which is great for the first night out. This was a chance to have fun, meet all the guys and get into the mindset of going out every night.
    The next night we had instruction to get into normal conversation and hold it until the girl left. I was surprised how many girls stayed even though the conversation got boring as can be at times. We were supposed to hold a conversation for twenty minutes or until the girl left. I was so relieved when some of the girls finally left. The assignment was to approach girls, beautiful girls and not so beautiful ones. The more beautiful ones to no surprise left much quicker. I was surprised how you can just come up with so much random things to talk about.
    Night three, and the second night with instruction. The instruction was to sexualize conversation and touch. This was actually a little more difficult than I thought. I was a little rusty and had a bad habit of playing it safe and only touching the girlsí backs. This was pointed out to me so I kept aware of it and tried to correct the bad habit. I still find myself doing it from time to time. Again, I got several phone numbers and kissed a few girls but no solid results. I did approach a lot, in fact by the end of the night it was hard not finding a group of girls I had not approached.
    Night four, chaos. We were supposed to have a bungalow reserved you could access from the club but the entrance from the club to the bungalow was closed. It was so packed and loud in this place. Very hard to approach and talk to a girl. I teamed up with a former rockstar and we made a lot of approaches and had a good time until toward the end of the night. He started drinking and then getting my hand and putting it on girlsí butts and having me touch and push boundaries with some girls I had no desire in at all. He also had me talking to girls with boyfriends and I finally lost him. I told him to do the same and give me examples and he would say this is about me and not him. I think he was purely just getting entertainment from me. I met up with some of the other guys and went to the casino floor to talk to girls in a quieter environment. I met a very beautiful hostess and talked to her a while and got her number. I figured she would say she had a boyfriend or couldnít while at work but she didnít. My approach was solid. She hasnít returned the text I sent her but that is another subject and Iíll make that happen in time. Looking forward to learning some new skills and spending time with all these cool guys which will be friends for life.

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    A little bit about me. I was born and brought up in a south asian country and i was there till i was 20 years old. growing up in a muslim conservative country is tough and to add it up, i was not quite the popular kid, more of an outcast for most of my life. I only had one girl friend who pretty much chose me and she was on of the hottest girls in school. from day 1 i had an image in me that i’ll get married to her and live happily ever after. unfortunately due to my negativity, and over possessiveness i lost her. she broke up with me. that really destroyed me. i was in a very bad depressed state for about 6 years till the time i found my way to the 10 day bootcamp. i suspect towards the end of our relationship she probably cheated on me but till today i don’t have it in me to find out. the salt on my wound was when she started hooking up with a guy who i considered my best friend and soon after they started dating. it just shattered me and i took this bad feeling with me when i moved to north America.
    it was not easy for me there as well. i only got to kiss a girl once for the first four years there. i just was giving up on myself and my life and the thought of taking my life was a common occurrence for me at the point of life. this curriculum has already changed my life in many ways. it was only fair on me to continue on this journey and see where it leads me at the end of the joiner.

    DAY 1

    Finally after over a years preparation i find myself in the cosmo’s 39th floor, sitting in front of the core instructor group, sharing my story and why i am here. we were there 3 hours extra, listening to everyone. from the participants, the alumni and the instructors. and i must say its more than i had imagined and i’m so glad i am here. the next 9 weeks will churn me into the man that i’ve always just visioned to be in my mind.

    everyone has a had problems and dark pasts and it was touching to hear out everyone and learn from them. The instructors have a vast amour of knowledge and just then sharing their stories and what they went through to put together this program is just far beyond what I have thought. I have a lot of respect for them and I feel fortunate to be part of Project Rockstar.

    Day 2

    I’m just amazed at my own abilities. i think its time i need to stop doubting myself so much and go along with the flow of how i feel. Venture’s passion during the seminars really pumped me up. Just the levels of energy around me was enough to be out of my head and just live and have fun.
    There was a point in the night when I somehow just gave up. mentally and my body too. i was so down and just took me a while to just breath, relax, and after something magical just happened. It felt like i found my dream girl in that black dress walking by me. The huge couch at our table was a big obstacle and i just jumped over it. something like a hero in the Bollywood movies and i just ran for it. that was the moment when i felt the rush, the hight, that just left me leap out of my body in some way and my head and just be who i want to be. it was smooth sailing after. i was so relaxed, and i was able to just go through the nights exercise with such ease. i haven’t talked to and met so many women in one night like this in years. one of the alum’s told me i need to not be so hard on myself and from time to time give myself credit for the small steps of progress i am making .

    Day 3

    So far the toughest night so far. Mission of the night was get get blow out and get used to touching women. its normal as long as we can find the right thresholds. that’s exactly what i did. some worked, others did not. mostly towards the end we all had the same expression of frustration. on the flip side, masrshmello was playing and that was fun. i love his music so that was helpful to for me to be in a good mood. early in the night i had set a goal to talk to the hottest girl i can find and rapidly escalate with her which, sounds simple now, was quite a feat to achieve. take away for me at the end of the day was to be more comfortable in the environment and not care about what people think about me or what i am doing. i feel like i did better than the previous day. i will keep focusing on the basics and push my boundaries and plow through this.

    Day 4

    Much better of a night, not because it was the first “bungalow” night. we were having logistical issues from the start. the outside pool area was closed so going in and out of the bungalow was a challenge. so i just focused on having a good time in the clubs and i personally love clubbing. it took me some time to get into a good mood, something that i want to work on, because as the night goes on and more the girls are hit on my other what i call normal guys, their resistance rises. i finally felt things were coming back to me compared to the previous days. the previous 2 days were a rollercoaster for me where pushing the conversation forward was a big challenge. i just felt like in my head i’m hitting a wall and all the good conversational strands of conversation were not coming in. Later when i was thinking about my interactions i realized so many missed opportunities. some logistical issues were there too where on 2 occasions girls were pulled away by their friends even after me trying to keep them entertained and part of the conversation. i’m happy overall with my last nights progress. i finally see the wall breaking away and i’m getting more in tuned with myself.

    Day 5

    Encore beach club. this was the day i figured out what my inner masculinity looks like. finally i was able to stop girls in their track to talk to them. my approaches have been so week up until then. just don’t lean in. let them come to you to hear you. you are the man and she’s lucky that you are giving her the opportunity to get to know you. after all we are spending so much time figuring ourselves out and social calibration, how people interact, understanding women, their needs, how to care for them and how to make them feel comfortable and safe around us to they can embrace and be free with their inner little girl. they are the most kind, compassionate and warm being who complete us in ways we don’t ever notice and mostly it goes unappreciated.

    Day 6

    Inner game part 1. that’s the seminar for today. very insightful and a very emotional journey this was today. a bit more and i’m sure all of us gown men would have had a lot of waterworks. it was good to hear out others and their stories and how we can embrace our pasts and move on the a better future without the baggage that is holding us back to becoming the masculine men. this program, contrary to popular belief is not about picking up girls of just have lots of sex with women. yes this is a bi product of it when we come out of if on the other side. this is because of the massive changes we will be making and bettering ourselves in unimaginable ways. its only been a week since the program started but it feels like i’ve been in this program for a month now. i can’t wait to see my new truer self in 8 weeks from now.

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    Blog Post 1

    Start of week 2. If you told me 3 months ago that I would be used to sleeping at 6am and waking up at 12pm I would have laughed at you, but here we are. I like to think I have the fundamentals down, but my seventh night out really showed me just how important it is to remember the basics of communicating. Case and point: how are you supposed to open a girl? My standard way is to find an attractive girl, and tell her exactly that: ďHey, youíre attractive. My name is Andrzej...Ē Last night I felt myself going through the motions, and although yes the girls were attractive, I didnít necessarily mean it when I said it. Result: girls stopped opening. What a novel idea, if I donít put energy into being authentic with the people I meet they wonít want to talk to me. I have been practicing talking to girls for three years and still I sometimes forget that this isnít a game, but a living interaction with another human. If Iím not present, I canít expect them to be.

    As a part of this program I spent three months building myself a body through blood, sweat, tears, and 4,500 calories a day. One of the things I learned is that there is a difference between going and lifting the weight and putting real effort into contracting the muscle. Now I realize how important this lesson was as it comes full circle on this program. For 5 hours almost every night Iíve been here I have approached girls constantly, working my ability to connect with them. But there is a difference between just going up to girls, introducing yourself, then talking with them and truly engaging them in a meaningful conversation that leaves you both in a better place. Because thatís the goal right? My goal with this program is not to just learn some magic lines or routines to help me sleep with more girls. I actually want to have meaningful connections with the people around me and leave them in a better place than when I found them.

    It sometimes feels like I shouldnít be here, like Iím living in a dream that I may wake up from at any moment. When I take a moment to stop and process where I am, what Iím doing, and who I am with, it all feels surreal. 12 months ago I had no idea how I was going to make this program happen. Everything had to fall into place in my life for this opportunity to materialize. In the last week I have met the most amazing brothers, been instructed by some of the most genuine and accomplished mentors out there, and have had(sober) some of the most fun Iíve ever had. Iím afraid that one day Iím going to wake up and the best experience of my life will be over. So much of my life I have spent looking back at the past or looking forward to the future, focused on everything but the present moment. I donít want to do that anymore. Even now Iím doing it! What a racket. So I am going to start my morning by practicing gratitude. I want to learn to be satisfied with where I am right now, not because I no longer want to achieve anything, on the contrary I canít imagine going back to what I used to consider ďnormalĒ life. Tony Robbins says there are two key ingredients to a successful life: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. That art of fulfillment will be a key for me to live and be happy even when I am not at the end of 12 months or more of hard work.

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    I always temper my expectations. I have always been taught that expecting mind blwoing results from anything or anyone is a recipe for disappointment. Having higher expectations for myself was the norm, but skepticism was still part of a healthy mind set.

    I usually followed these rules, but my expectations for PR were an exception. Going into PR, I expected powerful impetus to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. A life where I can get anything I want and push the limits of what I want.

    This is a change that I really need. I am 39. I had just broken up with an amazing girl because I felt that I have not been with enough women to settle down with one. I had just bought an apartment in NYC,which is something that always wanted. But I did not make me happy. I took six weeks off work which is something that I do often with no serious financial reservations. Having this flexibility is something that I always wanted. But it did not make me happy. I had an MD and an Ivy league MBA. People are impressed, but I did not think it was such a big deal. I was a founder of a $300M biotech company, but all I could think about was about that I had the smallest share. I had a variety of sexual experiences on regular basis, but I always thought that the women should be more attractive and experiences need to be more plentiful. I was working on my pilots license, which something that I always wanted, but that only brought marginal enjoyment. I was not unhappy. I had no right to be unhappy, based on all these things. I may have been content. I was definitely unfulfilled.

    Everyone can trace their problems to some origin and I had my standard “blame set”. Coming to the US at a pivotal stage for sexual development and being placed in an all boys religious school was certainly a strong contributor. Getting thrown into a 4000 kids high school brooding with Brooklyn kids sexual energy (everyone taller, bigger and more sexually mature than me) an me, while not speaking any English made it even harder to develop a male-female gender roles which further solidify at that age. Ending up in a tiny conservative liberal arts college gave me a very late start on finally becoming comfortable with women. I lost my virginity 2 days before my 22nd birthday.... after becoming convinced that it wouldn't ever happen. Ever since then,I felt that I had a chip on my shoulder. I had to make up. I am a man after all and I need to be with women. Coming from a extraordinary family with solid values I felt an implied pressure to get married and stay with a single woman forever. But the thought of this always made me cringe. It should be be natural. I should want this. But how can I be with a single woman for the rest of my life!? I'm so far behind... I haven't had enough. I will get bored with her, get a divorce etc...

    While other aspects of my life were progressing,women continued to be a struggle. Sure I met plenty and I was with them, but the process was so labored and unnatural. I knew I was doing something wrong, until I picked up “The Game”. The book completely altered my perspective on the man-woman relationship and led me to learn more. As I took bootcamps, and pushed my comfort zone, I felt more confidence and that feeling permeated into other aspects of my life. I failed to sustain the effort however and soon reverted back to my frustrated self.

    It is difficult to describe all the other baggage that I'm bringing to PR. Everyone is. Everyone has baggage as it is a part of the human experience. Few people however have the capacity to recognize their baggage, face the need to shed it and take the massive action needed. This is especially true as we age.

    Coming into PR, I'm excited about meeting women. But I'm also excited about meeting men. Men who, like me realize that they want more out of life. Men who have excelled in other aspects of their lives so, as to have the resources to make such a substantial commitment of time, money and psychological energy in order to excel.

    I never had too many friends. Not just because I'm introverted and put up a shield. I'm also very bad a at staying in touch with people. In the year leading to PR my relationship with two of my closest friends has undergone a catastrophic shock brought on by an unsuccessful business venture. The amount of money lost was inconsequential, but the relationships are now shattered. I've looked at the situation every way possible, blaming myself, blaming my friends, trying to distribute the blame and responsibility. I tried to forgive and approach and rationalize, but a great chasm remains. I still do not understand how life long friendship can collapse in a course of a couple of months and dollars. However I'm willing to admit that the problem is with me and not with them. I look at PR not just as gateway to new friends, but also as a way to see within myself and repair may relationship with my life long friends.

    My goal was to gain the ability to get anything I want and not want anything that I cant have. As I started doing the exercise program and understanding more of what PR will give me, I realized that my third goal is to appreciate what I have already got.

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    I’m Justis I’m 26 years old, and I’m from Toronto.

    Sometimes I wish I were normal.

    I wish I could be happy waking up, going to some job, going home to watch TV for a couple hours then going to bed. But the truth is I’m not.

    I want more. I constantly want to be doing more and creating a better life for myself and those around me, which is ultimately what led me to Rockstar.

    Whenever I’m about to do something outside of my comfort zone I get really fucking scared. Which is also the point where “I wish I didn’t have to do this” comes in. But from now on I’m going to recognize this feeling as a good sign. It’s a precursor that there’s a lot of growth coming. And that’s how I felt in the days and hours before Rockstar.

    I grew up a pretty normal life, 1 Mom, 1 Dad, 1 younger brother and a white picket fence in the suburbs just outside of Vancouver, Canada.

    Nine months ago I moved to Toronto, previous to that I was living in Calgary where I was fucking miserable.

    In January 2016 I moved to Calgary for a promotion. I didn’t know anyone except the people I worked with (who were mostly hot girls aged 19-24), but I wasn’t “allowed” to hang out with them because I was their boss.

    This messed me up socially. Instead of going out and meeting new people I shut myself in and spent a fucking lot of time reading, writing and going to the gym. But it also fucked me up because I feel like I was suppressing a lot of my masculinity because I felt like I had to pretend I wasn’t attracted to the women I was working with.

    My life changed last spring, when my childhood best friend told me about the love systems super conference.

    I didn’t love the idea of going to a “conference” to learn about meeting women, but aspects of the weekend appealed to me: Getting better with women, meeting growth minded people, learning how to cultivate a better lifestyle, and hearing more about Project Rockstar being the main ones.

    I read the game in 2009 and while it was valuable (it helped me get my first girlfriend, one night stand etc), there were parts that were pretty fucking weird.

    I figured Super Conference would be similar in the sense that students would be fed a bunch of shit that helps you talk to women (tricks, weird outfits like top hats, nail polish ETC ETC), we would then use these tricks at our own discretion out on the strip or at nightclubs, refine them some what and then BOOM . We’d be better at talking to women!

    Again, this wasn’t ideal but I needed to try something my dating life was non existent. So I bought a Silver level ticket, and flew to Vegas for the weekend.

    That weekend changed my life.

    There was no “Game” stuff, instead it was about building strong inner beliefs and not being ashamed of who you are, because success with women would start from there.

    I went home four days later a changed man. And in the following months, my life would transform for the better.

    I quit my shitty job that I hated. Packed up my studio apartment, and moved to Toronto. Among other actions to improve my career and personal life, I reached out to love systems and asked to be an unpaid intern. I started hanging around the office in Toronto, consuming material and learning from instructors.

    Six months later, Derek Cajun suggested I apply to Project Rockstar. It was a Thursday, and the applications were due on Sunday. I spent all weekend writing, rewriting and editing my application and submitted it just before the deadline.

    After four skype interviews I still had no idea if I was accepted or not, they gave up nothing, until they cracked a smile and told me I was in.

    A week later I started the fitness program and from that moment on, my life started transforming in huge ways very quickly.

    Nothing I had ever done physically compared to the intensity of this program. NOTHING. Thanks to 84 straight days in the gym, and a lot of meals of canned tuna/Oats/Avocado and Eggs I got my body from 182 lbs and 16.8% body fat down to 165 lbs and 9 % body fat.

    But more importantly I learned that focus, discipline and hard work will produce amazing life changing results in short periods of time. I learned there’s no short cuts. There’s no magic formula or supplement that will give you the body you want. The only sure fire way, is just hard ass work.

    It was challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally, but it was rewarding as hell and pretty fun in it’s own way.

    Now I want to take that lesson and implement to the other areas of my life and especially on Rockstar.

    Let the roller coaster ride begin! Bring on Rockstar 2017.

    July 28th – Instructor’s Birthday Party at Marquee.

    Holy shit, I don’t know the last time I felt that nervous walking into a night club.

    What did I have to be nervous for.

    This wasn’t a formal night of instruction. We were just here to have fun. But here I was nervous as hell, surrounded by people I barely knew, about to walk into a nightclub.

    We were a couple minutes early getting to the club, so we waited around and talked to each other. I could feel the nervous energy building. And building. And building.

    Finally the instructors, their girlfriends and some Rockstar alumni started showing up. Which made me more nervous.

    We started navigating our way inside. Go wait in this line, show the big guy your ID, then wait in this other line. Wait in this line then get in the elevator.

    Welcome to Vegas.

    On the way to the elevator, I saw a fucking stunning mocha skinned girl with big glasses. I took a step towards her, and realized she was wearing a microphone. She probably worked there, but I kept moving.

    “You must work here, because you are way too hot to be standing alone.”

    She smiled, and we chatted for a minute or two, then I got back in line.


    We all walked to the table, and I stood there for maybe 10 seconds before an instructor said “Don’t stand around here, go do your thing.”

    More relief.

    I felt comfortable now that I was “allowed” to go talk to random strangers in the nightclub versus hanging around at a table with people I barely knew.

    The night was up and down, but more up than down.

    Around 1/1:30 I was standing at the bar outside talking to someone and I saw a stunning dark skinned girl wearing a black dress. So I walked over and talked to her.

    “Hi, you’re pretty hot.” I said. “What’s your name.”

    “Bianca” she said twirling her hair.

    We chatted for a second from there. I left and said I would catch up with her later.

    A little while later, three rockstars and myself were talking, and I noticed her and her friend standing behind us.

    I left the guys and started talking to her again.

    A while later, I said we should get out of here. We did. I brought her back to the mansion and into my bedroom.

    Not a bad first night…

    Journal July 29th

    Day 1 of 10 Day - Normal Conversation

    I felt way more relaxed, tonight because I brought a girl home the night before.

    I felt I was able to take a lot of pressure off myself after having a fun first night.

    Plus I felt pretty confident in my ability to hold a normal conversation—our goal for the night.

    Early in the night I wanted to keep my mood up, so I would talk to the first decent looking girl I saw. Perfectly fine on an average night out, but part of our exercise was that we weren’t allowed to walk away until she did. So the downside of this is that I would be stuck talking to someone who maybe wasn’t the hottest, for a long fucking time.

    After a couple long conversations that I wasn’t really into, I saw a girl in white standing by the smoking area. I walked away from whichever Rockstar or instructor I was talking to and said “HI”.

    We started talking.
    And we talked.

    And we talked.

    And we talked some more.

    We talked about the weather, where she’s from (Ontario), what she watches on Netflix (the Killing, Breaking Bad), What she does for work (Advertising), How long she’s in Vegas (leaving the next day), the fast food restaurants she’s been to (In-N-Out, Shake Shack). And pretty much any other normal thing you could think of.

    Around 2 my instructor said we were free to do what we wanted so I said, “Let’s go back to the mansion.”

    She texted her friends, and told them where we were going.

    We went back to the mansion, and when I opened the gate, the first thing she did was take a snap chat of the mansion. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t snap chat it too..

    We went outside and laid down on the grass and started hooking up.

    That made her relax and I started to finger her.

    I was fingering her for a while, and then she maneuvered herself so that it was impossible to finger her any more and when my hand slipped out she squirted all over me.


    We fucked for a while. And she squirted a bunch of times. It was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it before. We laid on the grass for a while and looked at the sky. This is going to be one hell of a summer.

    “I have to get up early I should call you an Uber.”

    So I got her an Uber back to her Hotel.

    Pretty fun for the official night one.

    Journal July 30th:

    Day two of the 10 day seminar.: XS Marshmello.

    I don’t listen to EDM, but apparently Vegas is the fucking EDM capital of the world. There’s a different DJ every night of the week so it’s basically a concert at the club every night.

    Our goal for the night was to touch and use banter.

    I wasn’t really clear with what I was supposed to be doing. And unlike the night previous where it was very clear “Normal Conversation”, I started to doubt my abilities with the exercise.

    My goals for the night was to approach the first girl I see, so I did.

    Then I talked to the girl after that, and the girl after that and the one after that.

    But I didn’t really get warmed up from that. Then I started to panic a little bit.

    “Fuck I need to be the guy that fucks someone every night.”

    This made me start pressing. I felt like the sex guy, so I had to get laid again.

    I was approaching, but the interactions were shitty, because I felt insincere.

    Not good.

    I spent several hours wandering around talking to people and had a couple GOOD blowouts:

    1. A hot blonde girl with a one piece bikini, walked by me and I stopped her.

    “Hi,” I said “You’re pretty hot. What’s your name?”

    “oh my god, thank you. I’m NAME”

    We talked for a couple minutes about nothing really in particular, and I was consciously trying to touch her and move into her proximity. She didn’t really back away, then she said I have to go to the bathroom.

    “Oh cool, are you going to take a piss or a dump?”

    Her face kind of turned angry, and I started laughing.

    “Um for your information I’m going to take a pee…” she said. “I don’t know why you would ask that?”

    I kind of just shrugged and she walked away. Lol good one.

    2. A stunningly gorgeous blonde girl walks by, she was speed walking but she was so hot I had to talk to her.
    Her head was down, and she didn’t seem to be in a good mood but she was too hot not to approach. So I chased after her and put my arm around her.

    “Hi, I’m Justis…” Before I could ever ask her name she stopped shrugged my arm off of her.

    “Don’t FUCKING touch ME!” she kept walking.

    “Call me?” I yelled as she walked away into the night.

    This was too good not to laugh at.

    My biggest takeways from that night were that:
    1. Me and anyone else on the program aren’t going to get laid every night. (we will however, get laid A LOT.)
    2. If you’re not having fun, shit all is going to happen. The goal is to get laid but going out isn’t all about getting laid and you can’t be dependent on the outcome. Just go and have a good time, bring good emotions and have a blast while working on what you want to work on.
    3. Push yourself. At the end of the night like 3:30, me and two of the other guys were sitting in a cab on one side of XS, and I said we should take an uber instead. That way we’d save money, and get one last walk through on the casino floor to the uber pick up where we’d get a couple more approaches in. So we did. And we got one or two more in and yeah they were shitty approaches but whatever at least we tried.

    Monday July 31- Marque Bungalow night.

    The days are starting to feel long.

    We’ve been together since Thursday, but it feels like months. They say that one day on Rockstar is a week in real life. And holy shit it feels like it.

    One of my friends called me today from my so called “real life” and I can start to feel the disconnect. I don’t know what to think about that. On one hand we’re all exploding with growth and on the other there’s things holding us back.

    It’s a night off tomorrow, so I know we needed to push it as hard as possible tonight.

    Our goal is a lot like the night before, except adding in sexualization. So that was my goal.

    We got to Marquee no problem, but when we walked towards the back of the club to the outside, where we were supposed to have access to our Bungalow we realized the outside was closed…

    That threw a major wrench in our plans, but I knew there was two ways to deal with this, either we could let it ruin our night or we could still have fun and not worry about what could have been.

    I chose option 1.

    I had some decent interactions at the start of the night, but around 2:30 am two British girls walked by an instructor and I. He waved at one of them, and I waved at the other.

    We chatted with them for a while, and then asked them to come back with us to the bungalow.

    We toured around the bungalow which was pretty amazing. An apartment that’s attached to the nightclub... Roof top hot tub, bathroom overlooking Las Vegas BLVD, the whole deal.

    Not hard to imagine how it would be the perfect place to bring girls.

    When we got there, the party was winding down at the bungalow, I brought my girl, Nicole, to check out the hot tub. We sat and talked for a minute soaking in the view of the strip.

    We started making out, and a couple seconds latter we were naked.

    It’s only now that I’m realizing how crazy this is. It’s Monday night, and I just had sex with a girl I met less than an hour before beside a rooftop hot tub in Las Vegas.

    I don’t want this to end.

    Wednesday - August 2 – Surrender

    It really helped having that day off in between. I was feeling rested, before we went out I ran around at the mansion shooting baskets on court at the mansion to burn off some energy.

    By the time we got to the club I was ready to go.

    First bachelor party I see I’m in there. Talking to them, making them laugh and smile. I did this a couple more times, and to see them go from statuesque to huge smile with one sentence was so powerful.

    I ran into a couple alumni and rockstars talking to a group of five or six sorority girls.

    I could tell one of them was GREEN. From the second I introduced myself. Flirtatious banter went back and forth, and she mentioned sports.


    “Let’s go watch ESPN at your hotel.” I said

    I grabbed her by the hand and started walking to the door. She didn’t really say anything until we got to the front door.

    “Wait, I have to find my friends.”

    “OK sure.”

    So we went to find her friends. She talked to her friends and then we left.

    We got in the cab outside the bar, and started driving to the mansion. We got to the mansion, and into the pool. I tried to take her top off, and she didn’t go for it. That’s no problem I’ll try again later.

    “I should check my phone.” She said

    So she gets out of the and checks her phone.

    “I have to go,” she said. “My friends are looking for me.”

    I tried my best to difuse this situation, but after a couple minutes “I have to go. I have to go. I have to go. I have to go.”

    I can’t even get a word in.

    Eventually, I don’t want to hear her say that again. And she leaves.

    I felt like shit. What did I do? How did I fuck this up?

    The only upside was that it wasn’t midnight yet, so I called an uber and went back to the club.

    I felt like crap for like 2.5 minutes, after I walked in but I saw a stunningly attractive blonde, and forgot all about what just happened.

    There were so many women walking around in bikinis at Surrender, it was impossible to be in a bad mood.

    I saw a blonde walk by:

    “Hey you’re pretty hot what’s your name?”


    She in her early twenties, smoking a cigar, and really freaking hot.

    We talked for a couple minutes, she kept really strong eye contact and could keep up with really agrresive sexual conversation.

    But she had the attention span of a gold fish. Another guy walked by, and she gave him an up and down look. And followed after him.

    OK fair enough.

    There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

    Me and another Rockstar were talking by the pool, and I felt someone walk behind me. When there was a pinch on my ass I knew who it was.

    Cigar blonde.

    I followed her and stopped her.

    We talked, and she brought up skinny dipping.

    “We have a pool.”

    “That sounds like fun” she looked at me waiting to invite her over.

    I hesitated, because I just had a girl walk out on me from the pool not even an hour before. SO I bantered with her a little more. And grabbed her by the hand and said let’s go.

    She pulled her hand out of mine, and went to talk to her boss to tell him she was leaving.

    We walked out of the club (I was way better at navigating my way out, because I did it a hour before), hailed a blacked out SUV, haggled the price, and started driving to the mansion.

    The cab ride was where this girl’s crazy side started to show. She talked about how she was going to fuck Justin Beiber (me), she wanted to be Bukkaked, and had gotten hit on by married dudes.

    I kept it inside at the mansion for as long as I could. I pushed her up against the wall,

    “You are so fucking sexy.” And kissed her.

    “I want you to fuck me by the pool.”

    Ok, my fear of having her leave was gone.

    We went outside onto the basketball court. She picked up a ball,

    “If you make this shot I’ll take off my shirt,” I said. “If you miss, you take off yours.”

    “My shirt is attached to my pants though.”

    “Well you’re going to take it off anyway, so might as well now.”

    She missed, but we both got naked.

    Please don’t let this summer ever end.

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