The Forger: FR8 - Kiss and Laughs

I can never seem to get this done before passing out lol.

Saw E. when I came up. Really quick interaction. Lots of activity in one bar and this other one i went to.

Set 1: HB9.5 Let's call her N. She was visibly down tonight. I asked her if she was aight, she told me her issue (quite serious). So I told her I can lend an ear if need be, but I won't push the issue. She decided no, and it was probably better that way. She was drinking and smoking her problem away.

Set 2: HB8.5 This is the girl with the bf and kid. Went to her bar a couple doors down, where she was bartending. Met someone else she was talking to. Some dude lol. We made small talk while i was sipping on water. Eventually, i up and left, and literally came HB8.5 gave me a small shot, ruining While she was in the back...

Set 3: HB9 GORGEOUS ASIAN. Like goddamgoddamnn. She tapped ME on the shoulder asking me what we just drank. I told her and we started negging each other back and forth with a BUNCH of Kino. Some AFC sat down next to her and after several moments of silence, introduced himself as her boyfriend. That didnt stop us from flirting tho! He tried several pattern interrupts, but that didn't stop us (and i think she was ignoring him). Eventually, after our conversation with HB8.5 and i, her BF literally turned her around so her back was to me. Honestly, it was funny as hell. Eventually, she turned back to me and wanted a toast because her bf didnt wanna toast her accomplishment. Threw in a bit of mutual negging, and she went to the bathroom.

Back to 8.5: she was bartending and holding conversations. It was pretty cool. We talked about the original cocktail and some stuff for bartending. I think i latched onto that because she was working and its a pretty cool thing. We talked chemistry equations and whatnot. I got free shots and tasted some HOT ASS ALCOHOL. It was pretty good tho lmao. Afterwards, the bar was emptying so I went back to the usual haunt.

There, I interacted with various HBs average 7, E., E's bf (had a really good talk about energies) if im being honest.

8.5 came out after getting done and bought me a beer again. It was some strong shit! D: We talked with an AFC, and she asked if i wanted a ride home. Usually, Id take take the low investment option of Uber but it was time to take the high investment road. Id been working toward it, so why not take it? We drove the AFC to his place and drove to mine. We ended up sitting in the bed of her trunk and just deep dived. Little bit of light kino and some light compliments between her telling me about her bf, who she hates, but he's the father of her child. No sex, etc. She bared alot to me. We talked for about 2 hours. We acknowledged that it was time to end the night, but before that, we hugged. Long. Like an embrace. I told her that I wanted to do something. She went onto her tippy toes and asked me if i wanted to kiss her. I was planning to kiss her on the forehead. But I did go with her suggestion because shit, she asked nam'sayin? I couldve gone down the safe side, but I felt I should take this opportunity. I stammered like an idiot tho and I eventually said "yes." She thought a quick moment and said "okay."

We moved closer and kissed. It was a strange, but time stopping moment. There was something satisfying about laying the ground work and making the move. After that, she thanked me for the kiss (she likes black guys and we ended up kissing two more times in the next 5 minutes. The final time, we started getting into it more, but we had to end it. I couldve invited her inside, but my godmother doesnt allow any women inside her apartment (her rules, but the rents super cheap!) We giggled like high school lovers who've just had their first ever kiss. So, we eventually acknowledged the tension between us but knew that our time that night ran out.

Now, im writing this, on an acting set. Im in it more for the connections and being here in LA, at least where Im at, the high HBs will talk to you if you just talk to them. My day job and some other activities have unknowingly helped my game.