3(?) Years Social Circle Game Summary and Review

Hello hello!

I moved to this small town area in Ontario(close to Toronto city, where I was raised) about 3 years ago. Prior to this town, I was in college, where I learned about Social Circle Mastery and Game. After purchasing Braddock's Social Circle Mastery(SCM) DVD, I ran through the DVD series several 20 times before arriving in this town.

I found a lot of convenient and inconvenient truths instilled in this DVD set. This will be partly a review of the DVD series and partly a nasty review of my 3 years here, which I situationally regret and could have capitalized more on. All in all, it was a good experience.

I've been meaning to write this for awhile. I'm moving out of this small town to an even smaller town soon and I wanted to wrap things up here, internally and with my peers. I don't have specific time frames but I can remember important events that synchronize well with my learning from SCM.

Also I didn't really plan out how to write this best. A lot of what I have to say, as I type it out, I want to connect in a direction to SCM, like a brainstorm. There's a lot of lines in this grid but I'll try my best to keep it accurate.

I'm a city boy at heart, always existing in the bigger city of Toronto On. In my first year of university I wifed up a 3rd year. She was great, but towards the end of our relationship, we were having issues, and I started reading about social circle game. We broke up when I left college. Depressed and demotivated, I moved away from the college, back in with my mom, to a small town. I lost my vehicle in some mishandled payments too. Basically, even though I had solid success at college, I returned to a small town as an rAFC/beta-boy.

The Beginning
After about 4 months of doing-nothing-ism at my mom's place(loafting around, watching TV, etc.) I decided I'd explore the town. It first seemed like everything was supremely far from me. I went to the mall, the only mall in town, and found work relatively quickly. I also met my best buddy quickly too.

Buddy "S"
I met a lot of small town folk while I lived here but "S" was the most memorable. He's 5 years younger than me.He's what SCM would refer to as a value connector. A solid entire value connector. S is always concerned about what he could add to his value - a hustler. Always trying to make money, to get a new car, to start a new business, to basically DHV himself, for himself(I doubt he knows what a DHV is - he's a natural I'm sure).

Hanging around S taught me a lot of bad boy traits and got me into trouble. But he was a value connector. Women appreciated that; a good value connector will get you talked about. Which brings me to important points touched on in SCM:
  1. Boundaries - You need to have good boundaries to get into SCM. You can't just laugh off everything you get shit tested by. I didn't have solid boundaries and ended up falling into some bad habits, like drug use and smoking. It's important to let your boundaries down a little bit when you get to know people more, ex. you can't treat jokes as offensively as if they were from some rando, but you can't let others affect you. Everyone has their own lives and lifestyles.
  2. Energy - Something that wasn't touched on heavily in SCM, which I feel needs to be better stressed, is the energy you have to be social. You have to be at 100% everyday, it seems. SCM was based on college life but for me, I was working full time. Studying, working, this all weighs into your psyche. It's a puzzle that's really hard to work through and solve. What if you're horny but you're hanging with a girl who is entirely just a friend and you don't want to give off sexual vibes? what about if you're not congruent, as many of us are on some days? What is the solution to this? Adderall? It seemed even eating healthy made it hard to keep a good state of mind at times.
  3. Identity - I ran into the issue that, whenever people saw me, they asked about S. He was a stronger connector than I was. Not always, but enough times to the point where it started pissing me off. It's important to be seen doing other things and to do other things for yourself, to build yourself better identities, so that if someone throws you an offhand comment, it comes off as less threatening to you. I didn't have a car so cold approach was out of the question for me(no way I was doing that in a small town). And because I didn't have a car and my identity was built around where I worked and S and other smaller associations, smaller things would bug me.

What was challenging was when S betrayed me. He took our business by himself and stabbed me in the hand with a knife on separate occasions. Not only did this fracture things between us but it made things socially uncertain, which I do not like at all. Fading to black on him was very challenging. So another task I could have committed to was to making more friends.

The Town
The town was filled with slutty underage girls. SCM makes note of this, of there being slutty vs. classy girls, and the best way to get in with slutty girls is to be slutty yourself. Well here I am not interested in having sex with minors. This attitude worked against me and imo lowered my lay count. Regardless, I'd rather not compromise that moral. However, that led to some issues.

Meeting "A"
Most of my time in this town was working. At one point, I held was employed at 3 separate places at the same mall. I wasn't interested in many of the women around because they didn't look good, though we talked. Late into my journey I met "A." A is one of the HB6 16 year old slutty girls from town. I met A and quickly disqualified her as being underage but suggested that if she had some friends I could meet it would be cool. She was trying to hook up with S and was cool with that.

This is where I'm sure I fucked up. Braddock made a clear mention of this too. I was over A's house one day and she was giving me steady IOIs. I could tell she wanted to blow me. I escalated a bit but ended up leaving that night without any sexual presence.

After that, A cockblocked me from her buddies that I was DTF, in spite of us being good friends. Her excuses were just general shit tests - "you're too old" (her friends were closer in my age range), "go pick up girls at the bar instead" (why is some girl trying to tell me where to find women after she told me she'd introduce me to hers?). She just generally shit talked me in the background(which I approached her about at least twice). In SCM, if you make the decision to friendzone a girl, you need to stay with it. Don't build attraction or you'll get jealousy. Suddenly I had A, a girl 10 years younger than me, giving me attitude. No thank you.

I don't know if that's a younger girl thing but that's the next thing from SCM: find people on the same network as you.

Reputation, Trees
All that exists. There will always be people talking about you in a social circle setting. Girls would say stuff to me under their breath at work, girls I've never spoken to before. Wtf? How do you know me? You have to watch your reputation but still be guided by what entertains you. It's a delicate balance that, like I said earlier, sometimes I can't find the energy to maintain.

Smashed a lesbian(?) HB9 who ended up squirting on my couch, got head from a fatty. Not very successful results. Better than nothing.

Put yourself first in this and combine it with what your audience likes to do for fun. I didn't have the opportunity to throw events so I attracted stoners who were looking for a place to sesh. Make sure you cold approach elsewhere and bring separate identities in other places so that your social circle problems won't phase you as much.