The Forgery: FR 8 - I #CLOSED THE 9.5!!

Tonight was pretty empty. Mar Vista restaurant. Not too many interactions or sets to work with. Worked out this morning getting ready for my acting gig next week. Traps feeling sore. Also shaved cuz Im starting to take more effort into how I appear.

Set 1: HB9.5 - Out the gate, I got out of my Uber, and she got out of her car at the same time. We greeted each other and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. After some slight talk, we walked in together and separated. After some time (and getting kicked outta my seat lol) i ended up next to her again. I took this time to try deep diving her. She was engrossed in her Mermaid Tarot book. Found out that she is an photographer on top of other self employed occupations. E showed up and we had a good conversation going on. I told her that we need to link up sometime - and boi, did that open the floodgates.

She started talking about working out and breaking down all the science (i got a degree in fitness & sports management, so ive heard everything before) and I was just sitting there acting all surprised. She was definitely passionate about it though. Talked about weed, yoga, weed yoga, etc. Turns out shes from Atlanta, and Im a Falcons fan! Definitely vibed a bit. She gave me this really great quote though: "if you expect something, you'll end up with disappointment. Ill get back to this in a second. When I went in for the kill, she thought i already had her number in my phone. I played it off like "if i was in YOUR phone, you'd probably see "Big Black Guy"" then she took MY number down and sent me a text. Ill probably send her one in the next day or so.

Asked E's BF about her availability. He answered honestly: she's seeing someone, but he doesnt know how serious, but its someone that our group knows. He thanked me for asking though, cuz people normally wouldnt ask. He did say that since I got her number, I should def be in contact with her. So now, Ive gotta learn text game lol.

I was hoping that HB8 from last week would make an appearance. I was expecting her to show up, so I was looking kinda antsy in retrospect. After some Modelo's, I definitely calmed a bit. So that's where that quote comes in. After I got rid of that expectation, the disappointment I mightve felt disappeared.

Gonna have to control myself around HB9.5 as we start hanging out more. But thats why I also gave up masturbation. Itll make it easier for me to not get sucked into her beautiful body.