The Forgery: FR 5 "The Quickie"

Doing FR are fun lol. Hopefully i dont fall asleep like i did last week!

Backstory: Working at 5:30 am tomorrow, 11:58 pm as im writing this, but I wanted to go out. Went back to the usual spot. Was only there for an hour and a half.

Talked to E. E is the girl that set this whole thing off for me. But i was tired of calling her HB because I dont game her. So Im calling her E from now on! We had some acting things going on earlier, so she updated me on that.

2 set: HB6&6 These girls were aight. I was eating fries and we started a convo over this since the fries are BOMB at this place. Didnt really go anywhere and was preoccupied with my time limit (and E.)

3rd set: HB8.5 Weedwoman from several weeks back made an appearance tonight. As we chatted about the different types of weed and her backstory (been growing her whole life lol), i remarked that I needed a plug. She was like "I'll give you some product on the house from here on out." FREE FUCKING WEED BRO. HOLY JESUS CHRIST ON INDEPENDENCE DAY!! I freaked out in my head, but damn shes looking out for me. Got dem connects and you can bet I'll be hitting her up.

I FUCKED UP: HB9-9.5 from last week was there tonight.I was kinda drunk last week, so I had a feeling i remembered her, but i didnt wanna take the chance of embarrassing myself. So I didnt say anything. But our texts fizzled out a couple days after i got her number, so i wasnt sure if i was supposed to approach her or not. She ended up leaving, quickly cuz she was with a friend. Can I get some feedback on this??

All in all, a successful night in my opinion. I didnt have a lot of time, but at least i got a "quickie" PU session in :P