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  1. College Orientation | My First Approach(es) Ever

    Literally just got back from my orientation and I'm ecstatic to write this.

    I walked in the first day on 4 hours of sleep, only mildly awake thanks to coffee. Me and my mom, along with all the other students and their parents went into an auditorium for an opening talk, after which, the parents would leave and do their own thing. After the parents left I made it a point to talk up 2 girls behind me and a guy next to me simply to get into a social mood. It was about some bullshit (schedules for the fall) and all the students split up shortly after, so I didn't get the time to get snapchats.

    At this point I was placed into a group of 15 other business majors, where we played the usual ice-breaker bullshit. I was still struggling to stay engaged/awake, but I met one guy who I hit it off with and who I would spend a good part of the orientation with. Got his snapchat.

    After a slew of other talks within our smaller group, in one of which I talked up a girl and got her snap, the whole orientation broke for lunch.

    At this point I had no established friend group, so I basically followed the crowd to the dining hall, but luckily I got into a conversation with three girls on the way. I ended up having lunch with them, but while at first it felt easy to talk to them, slowly I was feeling shut out of the conversation. I wasn't getting much of a response from them towards the end. After lunch the group split up (still got their snaps though, haha.)

    Again without a real friend group, I wandered into the bathroom semi-aimlessly. I found two guys as I was leaving. They seemed cool enough so I asked if I could tag along with them. They said yes and we took a couple tours together around campus as well as a couple lectures (2 more snaps.)

    Going into dinner, I found the guy I hit it off with at the beginning. He invited me to eat with a couple of dudes he met. From this point on, it was basically the four of us the entire time. Don't get me wrong, it was fun hanging with them, and I'm definitely hanging with them in the fall, but after this point I became very dependent on them. Apart from two other guys I talked to in line for dinner, and two other girls I chatted up after dinner on the main quad, I didn't make it a point to talk to anyone else. This really showed on the second day of orientation, where I wasn't in the social mood that I was in the day before. The three girls from lunch were in my last session of day 2, and I struggled to even interact with them.

    For sticking points, I'd make it a point to not be dependent on my friend group. I'm scared that if I do, the college experience will feel like high school with its various cliques. I also need to figure out how I messed up with those three girls at lunch. Maybe it's because they we're already going to lunch together and I kinda forced myself into the group. Could also be that I should've ejected earlier, or at least said to them that I could only stay shortly. Pretty successful orientation though, I got 13 snaps, 6 girls, 7 guys (not saying that contact info is a metric for progress.)

    Any advice for me?

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  6. Good job, man. The biggest thing is NOT to become "that guy." College campuses are more about friend/social circle game rather than cold approach.

    You can cold approach at parties, but during the day it's not recommended. DO NOT be too sexual, that was my mistake.

    Just be friendly, get peoples' contact info, and invite them out to parties. Always have plausible deniability too, with girls.

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    Thank you very much for your support.

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