if you have time to game and want a wingman I will come to you.

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  1. if you have time to game and want a wingman I will come to you.

    I'm pretty successful I have my property in UK I rent out n I do online trading, I don't need to be in Wales.
    I'm in Bucharest right now the girls are unbelievable I just need a wingman. I can go literally anywhere really I've just come from Thailand.
    You don't have to be the best player, I can approach. Let's do it.
    Whatsapp +447411408120

  2. Hey bud,
    Aaaah UK girls. Thatís accent is my crack cocaine. Iím 42 business owner so my schedule is quite flex. Just tried adding you on whatsapp but perhaps your number has changed. Iím west coast Canada but toying with a trip to Columbia in Feb maybe March. Interested? I think those Latina girls deserve a couple of great men for a few weeks.
    Whatís app 7789909203

  3. Hey mate what's the code on your WhatsApp mine is 447436012629 now

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