Should I game her or not?

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  1. Should I game her or not?

    I recently returned to my home country for 3 weeks vacation where I met through my social circle a very nice girl I really like; she is pretty, bubbly, spontaneous and sociable. However, she is the only regural female member of my group of nerdy and socially awkward guy friends who often give her various treats, eg. fix her computer, lifts with their car etc., obviously under the impression that they may bang her someday. I also have to mention here that although she has many female friends, she has introduced only an ugly and a shy/awkward one of them to my buddies which makes me scratch my head. So, do you believe that I should proceed with this lady, and if so how? Suggestions?

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    Well be that guy who doesnt give her that stuff. Give her that sense of adventure or whatever lol

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