Day Game/Night Game NYC Wingman Group - Will add the group on Whatsapp/ect

Hey what's up everyone! I hope many people from NYC/Hoboken area will hit up this chat/discussion and post your numbers/DM me on here! This Group Chat Specifically from NYC area, and feel free to add anyone else to it! Add if you know another group chat let us know! It would be great if we create a big one so that we can answer questions as quickly as possible for our situations!

Now I'm trying to get us together to go out, and have a whatsapp group chat.
I'm just back from the Marines on a long ass Deployment officially! I took the Day Game Course like 1 1/2 - 2 years ago.
Now I'd like to start Day Gaming again which it went well before but the whole military thing put my social life on hold, and I'd like to learn proper Night Game / Text Game Cause I lack on it! Bad

So let's go out as groups of Wingmen & start hitting on gorgeous women! Who's down just post your number and I'll make a group chat!
My number is 973-518-0912 /Anthony