Perrywhistler's Journal: Seeking the Snatch

I'm Perrywhistler, and this is my journal. I'm in my 40s, so formally getting involved with "PUA" seems pretty sad, especially because I used to have no problem getting pussy. That was a long time ago unfortunately, and I am now single again after being married for 11 years. I'm not in a fraternity anymore where you basically eat pussy for breakfast, and because I have custody of my daughter on weekends, it's hard to go out and meet ladies. Oh yeah, my ex-wife is a fucking cunt.

Today I took a formal stab at day game. My daughter is old enough that I can leave her alone for a few hours (thank God), so I gave her a couple stupid chick flick movies to occupy her, then headed out and walked the 2 miles or so to the mall. Oh and in case you couldn't have guessed, I don't have a car. Funny what a few DUIs can do.

It was pretty busy in the mall, which I didn't expect because it was a beautiful day out. I knew that I needed a plan of action, because the mall is large and I wanted to focus on an area with eligible HBs. I figured that while I figured it out, I might as well game whatever was around me.

Target 1 was an HB5, short blonde in jeans and a casual sport coat. I wanted to try an old technique called "sit and split." Basically, the idea is that you position
yourself directly in eyesight of a woman, and spread your legs wide apart to sort of say "come and get it." We also used to see boners as an asset when using this technique, but I guess nowadays it's rude or whatever. To be honest, this slut-with-no-butt wasn't inspiring any erections. She was older than me it seemed, so whenever I tried to picture her naked I got an image of the "breakfast buffet body:" saggy flapjacks, a sausage clit, and biscuits with dried gravy.

She gave me a glance when I was crouched outside an eyeglass store. I was basically sitting like a catcher setting up for a cut fastball. She was with two other obstacles who looked even older, but I reckoned they had pussies drier than old beef jerky, and wouldn't be eyeing my prize. One of the elder cunts tapped her on the shoulder and they all sort of walked in away. Ignored!

These birdies were slow, so I ran ahead until I was about 40 to 50 feet in front of them and resumed the crouch. This time I definitely got a look or two, but when they casually turned left upon getting to my area, I got verbal. At a fairly loud volume I sarcastically asked, "Lost much?" They kind of looked in my direction but didn't seem to know I was talking to them.

When I was in a fraternity way back when, you were considered a punk if you gave up before at least a K close, so I wasn't about to be ignored by this average HB. I had read about kino escalating, and figured I might as well give it a shot. Getting out of the crouch, I started speed walking until I was right on her heels, then put my hands on her shoulders to get her attention, as if I was going to massage her after a long day.

It didn't work. She whipped around, brushing my hands away, and said "Excuse me?" Her tone was super rude, and her friends were giving me this really confused look. I said, "Touchy touchy!" I thought it was a good neg, but she sighed and just walked away very quickly and unnaturally while whispering to her friends.

Ok so I'm rusty, but I'd give myself a B. I made the effort, I escalated, and who knows? Maybe without the other ladies there, I'd have done better.

I'm going to try and sarge in some small way, every day, until I'm consistently getting poon tang. I will record my experiences here in my journal so I can get feedback and see how far I've come.