Met a 10, got a date, going stale

Sorry for the abrupt message but time is of the essence here.

Long long time successful 'natural' - been banging hot chicks my whole life.

Met, what I would call, an 11/10 skydiving. She clearly was interested in me, all the other guys drooling over her. I get her number, and turns out she had the hots for me for weeks and was waiting for the number.

She's quite sensitive and 'doesn't want to get hurt etc'. Arranged a date, she's coming to mine, then out for dinner and drinks and staying at my place ('no funny business'). Going really well, texting steadily for 2 weeks, her saying how into me she is.

Then suddenly goes quiet. Getting replies, but taking ages, not as interested. I call her out on it and she says she has demons, and she's scared of getting hurt and guys just putting in effort 'to get what they want'. I save the day with an epic text and her reply is 'you're so cute, of course I'm coming to see you for a date'. This was yesterday. So she's coming today but is continuing to be a little distant and cold.

She has spoke about how guys are into her and she's so nice that they always get the wrong impression. I've clarified that this isn't the case here but there's something not right.

How do I play this? Anyone got any idea what's going on? I she just a mental? IS the ex back on the scene? Have my occaissional innuendos made her think I'm just trying to get in her knickers?

Any replies muchly appreciated guys. Loving the forum and expect I will be a regular from now on!