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    I notice a lot of my coworkers that are successful with women are very fun to talk to even when they're not trying to pick up women. For example they frequently joke around and have witty comments and comebacks with the girls at work even if they're not trying to do anything with them. How do you develop this? I can make guys laugh with a blunt crude sense of humor but this doesn't seem to work on girls as much. Should I just talk to people as much as I can until I get it? Should I steal the jokes from one conversation and use them with someone else? I'm just sick of sounding serious all the time.

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    There are many ways of to become charismatic and hence attractive. One of them is to be funny but it is not the only one. Formal guys can also be attractive for example or free spirited or tough.
    find out which one suits you the most and embrass it

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