A social gathering with "strangers"

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  1. A social gathering with "strangers"

    Hi, I wanted to get your thoughts on this situation;
    Me and a friend are going to meet a couple foreign girls (he is a friend of one, I don't know any of them), and we will spend like a day on the beach and go somewhere out in the evening, so I wanted to get some general advice on how to go for a one night stand there. I'm not an experienced gamer yet by the way.

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    Welcome to the forum

    There is not really anything inherently unique about the situation you describe, the question asked is extremely broad and the skill we're talking about is pretty complex. It's a bit like saying "I'm going to Spain tomorrow, any advice on how to speak Spanish?"

    For general advice there are tons of articles and other resources readily available, with the flagship beginner product being the paid ebook Magic Bullets. As a bare minimum, check out The Love Systems Triad Model. Don't try to do too many things at once, just pick a thing or two that you don't usually do and try to implement that.

    A quick tip for now is to go out and have fun as you normally would. The water is right there, it's very easy to escalate very quickly when you all go for a swim. Splash her with water and the playfight is on.

    Pick one girl to focus on and see if you can get some chances to talk to her alone where you have a more normal conversation and get to know each other, even if it's for just a few minutes here and there. If you suddenly find yourself talking alone for a longer time, the girl seems fine with it, and your friend is doing the same with "his" girl and doing well, don't worry about "getting back to the others". You're all in exactly the situation you want to be in.

    If the beach starts feeling boring or cold, make the "date" more dynamic by moving to some venue close to the beach maybe to get dinner. Then later move to a bar closer to your place and finish at your place. If it's really on, simply go to your place to shower and then have something to eat. If you don't know how to move from one activity to the other, you can try "what are you doing later? - let's go do X"

    If at some point the situation makes you feel like you want to kiss the girl, go for it. Don't lunge, do it nice and slow. Even if she's not ready yet and turns her head, she will appreciate that you had the balls to try. Then try again later.

    Let us know how it went.

  3. Thank you Tank, definitely great advice, my thoughts about it went to similar directions, will read the material you gave me when I catch a bit of time and hopefully there'll be something to write about later.

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    Parties are supposed to be fun, not scary—but trying to start a conversation in a room full of total strangers can be harrowing.It might not even be a party. It could be a workshop, a networking event, or any other situation in which everyone seems to know someone but you.

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