Dave Vox London Bootcamp March 2017

Just recently completed a bootcamp with Dave Vox in London. We did the normal bootcamp and then I we did a day game bootcamp on Monday.

I was a little nervous going into not knowing what to expect. I am working in Africa and flew to London just for the bootcamp. The first day was getting down to the basics. I'm not new to game, but I felt I hit a plateau so I decided to take a bootcamp. I learned a few stuff that I didnt know about. Dave doesn't really teach routines but more inner game and the system itself. It was a great going out the first night with like-minded people. There was an instructor-in-training names Ben Goodman who was amazing. You want this guy at your bootcamp. He constantly pushed me throughout the night. I ended up giving him $100 and told him for every girl I approach i get $20 back. I was able to approach 5 girls within 30 minutes because of that. I ended up making out with one girl. Overall I approached more women than I would normally approach and was able to have decent conversations.

The second day seminar got more deeper into comfort and conversations. Once again, it tackled core beliefs. The infield was at a higher end club that had an open garden. It was cold so this place would have been much better during the summer. I warmed up with these 2 girls from Bulgaria outside the club. I ended up chatting with them for an hour. Once Dave and Ben got there, they pushed me into sets constantly. Once again, Ben is the guy you want. He told me to physically touch more in the beginning. I tried this on a Czech girl and she instantly responded positively. It was a huge eye opener for me. My eye contact and body language was rock solid by the end of the night.

We out in downtown London stopping women in the streets, sitting down, and in the grocery store. I was able to have some long out conversations with several women. Once again, Dave pushed me into sets I normally wouldn't have done. Even though I was leaving the same day, I still went for the phone numbers to get some practice. I ended up with a few.

The biggest thing I got from the weekend was getting over a rejection personally. I was blown out several times but I didnt seem to care. It didn't affect my inner game, which in effect made my inner game stronger. I also pushed my boundaries that I normally wouldn't have pushed.

As long as you come in with the right attitude, you will have a great time. You will not be instantly good at game after this bootcamp, this is just a roadmap. Overall, I had a great time and have signed up for the Superconference.