Atlan - Last male

I am the antithesis of the traditional alpha male. I am the last male.

You learn in books that women want today what they wanted in prehistoric age: a leader that can use violence to master the environment. Today, several pickup artists think that you need to demonstrate that with big muscles you can dominate other males.

I respond there was not just a sort of environment at that time. I think instead women are attracted to a male that is the best adapted to the sort of environment they live. What is the environment of a bar, club or in our society at all? The answer is: advertisement (pleasure). The environment is full of resources. We live in society today to have fun. The reason is that in this sort of environment, the most important thing is fertility. We have so much resources that we have to spend to grow population.

The alpha male presented in Occident is confident, is a warrior, is a fighter. I am a last male because I am peaceful. I have the influence to bring peace between people. It is in that sort of context that fertility can occur in a environment full of resources.

Then, it is important to show fertility in his behaviors. One trigger is energy. You need to be dynamic in your approach. To do so, you need to show that you control nobody. In fact, you need to show that other have nothing to fear from you and they can control you. However, because you are dynamic, you can evade what other tell you by a creative way. People all around me tell me what to do, but I say something funny things and then I can just not do what they ask.

Another trigger is funny. It shows fertility because you can create joke with nothing. I will not go further because I want to conclude.

I am a last male because women think they have the power of violence over me. It is a fantasy who is underestimate. Think about this. For perhaps the first time in her life, your target will trust you because you are peaceful.