Handling Drunk Make-out with Close Friend?

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    Handling Drunk Make-out with Close Friend?

    So I know this one is a little out of left field compared to normal questions here, but wanted to seek out a little advice.

    I was at a staff holiday party the other night, and one of the girls I work with has become one of my closest friends over the years. There was always a little sexual tension but we both avoided it because we were so close as friends.

    So anyways, after the staff party 4 of us head back to her place to keep drinking and are all WASTED. Long story short, she cuddles into me and we start making out. A lot of mutual touching.

    Move to me blacking out for 2 hours, coming to in her bed fully clothed with her beside me. We didn't have sex because she was on her period, but I do remember at one point she got cold feet and said it was a bad idea.

    Now for the weird part:

    I'm not here to ask how I can keep this moving forward. I have no problems getting laid this is a genuinely important friendship to me and I don't want it to be weird. I'm here to ask the best course of action from here as a friend.

    We joked around about it the next morning (she said "He touched my tits last night so we're all close here" to a co-worker before we left her place), but we haven't spoken since.

    I'm just bothered that I blacked out and am not sure what transpired between moving to her room and not taking things any further.

    Is it something I should bring up with her again to clear the air, or better off just letting it pass unspoken unless she brings it up?

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    You guys might have to talk about it to clear the air. At least doing this it seems like your open to talking about it. Who knows? You two might have a good laugh about it.

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