Looking to meet cool people to go out with

Hi all,

Let's start 2017 with some serious resolutions and commitments. Mine 2017 resolution is to get back to the game and go out a few times a week and approach one set everyday whether that's in a bar, starbucks or on the subway, sounds pretty low bar,right? Because I have other things better to do than just spend all the times picking up chicks, i hope you do too.

That said, I am looking for some folks who want to go out and sarge together, primarily in Manhattan. Since I work from 9 -6ish, so I would be interested in hitting the bar scene on weekdays and open to clubbing on weekends. Just bit about myself, i have read the game back in college, and have done a number of approaches and got # and fuck closes in the past. However, I was never really fully committed to this pickup thing as I had other shits going on in my life and I needed to priority those. Now that I can devote more time into this things, so i would love to get better. Anyone who has similar experience or background and is interested hanging out and going out together, PM me.