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  1. It's a tough situation

    So, this girl and I have been speaking and flirting for months , at first it was really good, we both liked each other. This girl does have anxiety and depression... and a few months down the line we obviously started meeting , if was great! Flirty, we kissed, hugged etc. But recently I found out she had a history of mean boyfriends and I'm as kind as I can be. She then said that she doesn't think she deserves me and that she doesn't know what she wants but she still wants to be close friends... I really love this girl and promised I'd be by her side forever no matter what. I feel like this could be her mental issues intertwined with college decisions and exams , Christmas etc... but I'm not sure what to do and some directions would be much appreciated!!

  2. *allert, noob incoming, but usually any advice is better than no advice*
    Now, in my opinion you can play this in 2 ways:

    Next time she brings the discourse that "she may not deserve you" answer that you agree. Tell her that you have been thinking and you did understood that you had caused more trouble than anything else. You offered her a shoulder where to cry and didn't let her the time to think about what append. So, in your opinion the best think is don't see each other until she makes her mind. In this time it MAY append that she sees you with an other girl. If she tries to come closer to you again then start again, hopefully she won't bring in that speech again.

    GL & HF,
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