Day->Night Opener?

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    Day->Night Opener?

    Hey all,

    New to this system and site. Been reading through Magic Bullets and the Routines manuals and have been pushing myself into openers (day game). What I've noticed is, I'm getting a little better at opening, but transition from a soft day-game opener is being problematic.

    Looking back at some interactions I've had, I noticed that, while I couldn't find a great transition, I may have been able to move to a secondary opener (a more night opinion opener) after I had made that initial connection. Soft opener was something about asking for advice on what holiday gift to purchase for a female friend (we were at a store). She seemed receptive enough, but didn't really give me any transition hooks, and I didn't feel like I could just jump to a transition. But, going from that into a more relationship based opinion opener of the friend would have been a reasonable transition in my mind.

    Regardless, I'm planning on trying this out, but I'm wondering if other have tried a day-opener to night opener approach and what their thoughts were on it.

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    I wouldn't waste your time with this stuff. You'll get much more development by taking risks, going direct and being open/honest with your intentions.
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