Help with my friends cousin

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    Help with my friends cousin

    There's an HB9 who moved recently in my town and she's my friend's (we've been friends for more than 12 years) cousin so we started hanging out a few times with my friend always with us unti labout a week ago she started giving me a few IOIs, like "I like your style and your character".. She's wild and crazy as a character, with too much energy and because I'm kinda like that too, she likes it.

    We have good conversations cause she moved into town to study psychology so my thoughts are making her wild and she always high fives me or tells me to keep going, so one time I went there right after work and she grabbed my phone and started taking selfies in different poses, she started talking about love, and that everything around love is based on sex, and that she came into the town for some reason and she's in love. My friend left there and she kept telling me stuff like "I like somebody but I can't let him know due to social pressure" (she clearly talked about me but I held it there until I make sure it's gonna be between us) and when my friend came back she changed the subject. We went out a few days and now I feel like I'm losing it.
    I saw her last night and (for some reason when she first sees me she's making a comment on my appearance) so she's like "You had a nose piercing? Put that back you should be looking good" (she also gives me advices like cut your hair or gain some weight cause I'm skinny) I'm like nah I'm over it and we kept going (I do this to stop any manipulation sign but maybe I'm overdoing it?). She kept telling me some serious personal stuff while my friend wasn't there and she told me to keep it secret from my friend, I like how she trusts me there, and we had a few drinks but nothing else to be said, and usually I feel her more close to me.

    I never showed interest directly except telling her that's she cute but without any effort or sign, like it's true and she already knows it so it's not a big deal. She's the one who tells me how good of a cook she is, or how she likes her house clean and everything.. She asked me about relationships and I told her that I had a relationship who was like hell so I don't want to be in a relationship-jail again (she agreed on that) and I'm a weird chatacter. (one day I was feeling kinda depressed and shes like I can see your eyes, why you suffering? Is it that you are in love? Cause I relate. I said no.." I'm losing my frame with my own dumb stuff but I'm being honest and she knows it. I wouldn't mind to tell her directly if it wasn't my friends cousin. How can I handle it and build attraction and start showing sexual interest indirectly? I'm having kinda depressed frame but she knows im better than most males out there and I have social proof and everything around here so maybe I could play something, like "There's hope I could meet someday a lady who will inspire me to get better" or something like this lol

    I have 2 other FBs (one day she had my phone and was trying to take a selfie with me in the pic but I didn't let her and one of the FBs send a message and she asked if i found a girlfriend, I didn't respond of course and said something funny) I like her looks and character and I'm pretty sure it would be a great lay if you think that we are always getting heavy drunk and high (we dont let her get high though but you imagine that she would be an amazing HSD). We are talking about a player girl who have many guys chasing her (she told me when she broke up with her 2.5 years relation she started calling her ex "my brother" so he doesn't have any hopes hahaha) I don't want to end up being too much hard to get in her eyes, so I need to get it while it's still hot.

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    First, figure out what you want. You sound indifferent. Indifference many times pushes girls away.

    Second, if you're just trying to build tension, there are lots of ways - deep eye contact, touch her (in a way that if a gay dude did it to you, it'd be weird), get in her personal space etc.

    Lastly, if you're concerned with ruining your friendship, talk to your friend. He may be totally cool with it. Then you have nothing to worry about

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    Best friend's cousin is, to my mind, the most amazing girl I've ever this situation but I can't, is there any way you can help me get out of this situation.

  4. The very first decision is you decising what you want. That is the most crucial part.

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