Pick up helped me get married

It's a very long story but let me introduce myself I am Zyenn, for short but was once well known on another forum like this one that is now a digital wing man or whatever it is now but was a long time member of that forum for a very long time since around 2005 or maybe I went by another name that I have since retired Midtownsynn, OK now I am not saying I have all the answers or come to me and I will help you get laid because that's not what I am here for just giving a little intro into what I did and what worked for me and how I handled things in my sort of mid sized town that was made sort of famous by the book and then show Friday night Lights the book was way better than the movie and I was also an extra in the movie would have been hard to make out but getting off subject. I just wanted to say that pick up in general before the dark side of the dating book came out helped both get me the life I have today and also almost helped me also destroy it as well so be careful what you ask for with pick up you just might get it.I know its long but here goes I ate,slept, and field tested everything I could get my hands on before the days of seminars and such and used it to end up married with 2 kids and living a dream life, but then I felt that I got complacent and after a year of being married to the most wonderful woman I could have hooked up with I found myself on the forum around 2005 looking for ways to improve her thinking after her giving 2 kids to me and her switching so effortlessly into the motherhood role while I was still in my lets go out and still party mode I found myself being a very selfish D1CK which got me caught trying to hook up with none other than some of her old friends and even a family member or 2 yes I know very stupid but at the time while separated I didnt care I was once again on the prowl so to say but I also learned the hard way that things dont stay the same and if we do not change with the times we then are left in the dark. Which is what happened to me so I grew up learned some very new set of rules and changed but in this time i realized that I had it all already exactly what I had set out to do have the home with the nice cars, wife and kids and great job which I do and love it, so I started working my way back to getting what I lost and what I did learn on that journey was amazing if you would like to know some of that wisdom I will gladly share in that, ok well my time is short and yes to answer the question I did get my family and life back and its been one hell of a ride. Please take it from a this old bloke the saying about the grass being greener is in fact true, but only because that side of the fence is getting watered more you want yours to turn out the same then throw some water on it old man! Glad to be back on
Take it from one of the few married men on the forum that it does get better and better each day and once you have her as a LTR, or you have put that ring on her finger being a smooth guy with the ladies doesnt stop their t only changes to being a smooth guy with 1 very special lady, trust me this I do know as I am living the dream! See yall on the forums and thanks for taking the time to read my intro.