Daygaming in Manhattan, consistently

Hey Gents, Iím an experienced Daygamer looking for consistent, experienced Daygame wingmen to hit up the streets and parks of Manhattan this Fall. Iíve taken bootcamps (including a 1-on-1 Daygame bootcamp with Jeremy Soul) so I know what to do, itís just a matter of getting out there regularly and doing it! Iím an older guy whoís been doing this for years, but inconsistently, which is my problem, so with the good weather upon us am looking to start a new Daygaming season with a motivated wingman or two who are serious about this and can commit to 2-4 afternoons in Manhattan, every week. (Yeah, Iím asking for a commitment already, lol!) Iíve gamed alone but having a buddy makes it fun, keeps us in social/talking mode and helps motivation.

If interested, send me a private message here.