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  1. 10 Day Bootcamp Review - Vegas 2016

    As a result of completing the 10 Day Bootcamp, my life has taken a new trajectory. I am growing and evolving in ways that I could not have predicted just a few weeks ago.

    First, I will share a bit about myself. I am 47 years old and have been sober for a number years. When I was younger (and under the influence) it seemed like it was a lot easier to get laid. In retrospect, however, I realize that alcohol was just a crutch I used in order to lower my standards. (i.e. sleep with women that I wouldnít sleep with now) I also used alcohol to numb the pain of rejection I often felt during my interactions with women. I am pretty much a newcomer to all of this. (This being whatever you want to call it: Game, Pick Up, etc. )

    In other words, I never really did any work on this area of my life until very recently. As a result of this neglect, I have never been very good with women. My social life has suffered greatly. I had all but stopped going out socially. With next to no skills when it came to picking up women, there was not much fun associated for me when it came to going out. There was only the pain of seeing a bunch of beautiful women that I knew I could not have.

    I figured that I would come away from this bootcamp with a pretty good set of tools I could use to pick up women, and I have. What I could not have anticipated were some of the things that I learned about myself. Things that could only be recognized and pointed out to me by the highly skilled instructors involved in this special program.

    Because of the significant monetary investment of the 10 Day, I had high expectations of this Vegas Bootcamp 2016. To say that I got more than I bargained for would be an understatement.

    Some of these things were of a simple nature, and relatively easy to fix. ( Like certain fashion doís and doníts) Other things were not so simple. ( Like how certain behavior comes across as needy to women. Or even worse- how certain behavior creeps women out.)

    Over the course of the 10 Day, some painful truths were revealed to me in a caring, supportive way. I am learning how these things used to hold me back; not just in my love life, but in my whole life. This was a big step out of my comfort zone, but I am really glad that I took it.

    I cannot speak highly enough of all the instructors involved. Right from the start of day 1, I got a sense of who I would be working with, why they were qualified to be there and how they would help me. Sterling and Venture are the creators of Simplified Natural and also the people behind Project Rockstar. These two have an approach that relies on the abilities that we all have within us. The other instructors are all graduates of Project Rockstar.

    The days were packed full of valuable instruction. I took copious notes, as I didnít want to miss a thing they were teaching. The nights were amazing! We had VIP bottle service at the best clubs in Vegas- night after night after night. The instructors really know how to do Vegas. It felt like we owned every club we went to. Our table was always the most coveted spot in the entire place.

    Each night, we were given specific things to work on. These included sharing things about ourselves with the women we interacted with. These also included specific ways and places to touch a woman in the course of a normal, fun and sexual conversation.

    It was a big relief to me that I was not instructed to recite memorized lines, or do routines. With this more natural approach, women are not calling me out for running game on them- because itís not rehearsed or canned. Itís essentially how to be the most relaxed & confident me in every interaction.

    The instructors were watching and listening up-close and personal to most every interaction. They gave me real-time instruction on things to do to push my limits on what I previously thought possible or impossible. (often with surprising results) They also helped me correct certain mistakes that I was making. Itís quite amazing how they are able to do all of this without any of the women noticing. The following day, there were personalized de-briefs. We shared what went well & what we could improve upon for the next outing.

    At the beginning of day 1, all the students in the room introduce themselves including personal information such as age, previous experience with women, previous experience with Game (Love Systems products purchased or other bootcamps attended), what you hope to get out of the program, etc. The instructors introduce themselves. In the room were the lead instructors Sterling & Venture. The support instructors included: Sam B, Vici, Jasper, Alswede and Mav.

    Included in the instructors introductions was information such as what their experience was like before they found Love Systems, what programs they have taken (3 Day Bootcamps, 10 Day Bootcamps, Individual Instruction, and Project Rockstar) and how Love Systems has transformed their lives.

    To hear what these people were like just a few years ago was mind-blowing. Iím in awe of these guys because of how they have transformed themselves and their lives. Some of them are unrecognizable based on what they said they were like before. This gave me a sense early-on of how powerful this type of training really is. Not just for picking up women, but for total life transformation. It was encouraging to me to know that these instructors were not born with this natural ability of seducing women. They were once sitting in my same chair- frustrated, hurting and struggling with the same problems as I was.

    Day 1 instruction focused mostly on how to have a good & normal conversation with a woman without running out of things to say. The instructors touched on what are good topics for you to talk about. Also what are bad topics for you to talk about. Approaching was also covered.

    On night 1, we were given a specific things to focus on for that night. The assignment was to 1. Approach as many girls as possible 2. Come in Bold & Strong 3. You canít do anything but have normal conversation until she either walks away, or 20 minutes has gone by. We were not allowed to use any routines or escalate the conversation (verbally) to a sexual nature. We were also not allowed to hide or to congregate around the instructors. It was at times surprisingly difficult to just stand there in front of her talking for what seemed like an eternity. I often times wanted to ďejectĒ, but we were not allowed to until 20 minutes had elapsed. It was a challenging, interesting and fun night. Lotís of barely clothed & intoxicated women frolicking in pools and hot-tubs.

    The next day, fun stories were shared from the night before. (There were some good ones including a ďsex partyĒ) Individual debriefs were done in front of everybody. (What went well, what can be improved upon, etc.)

    The Model of Simplified Natural was introduced (a graphical representation of what happens during an interaction with a woman from start to finish.) Included within the model are different types of verbal conversation from Normal & Deep to Flirty & Sexual. Also included was body language which was very in depth. It included Passive Sub-communications, as well as Active Sub-communications. How to speak from the diaphragm

    The next night, we were to employ the active sub-coms during while having fun & flirty conversations with as many women as possible. We were supposed to get blown out 50% of the time tonight. (or we werenít trying hard enough. I have to say that my ďStateĒ was very low and flat on night 2. I shared this with a couple of the instructors very early and they helped me work through it. They had me do simple things like breathing exercises and some visual imagery to help me. They told me, ďAll it takes is one good conversation to turn the entire night around.Ē They were right. I was able to turn the night around, whereas before, I might have been tempted to just pack it in and go home feeling defeated.

    The next day, fun stories shared from the night before. (This is always a great highlight reel) We were instructed to get rid of the ď0-10 scaleĒ for rating women. I found this helpful. Itís much simpler (and healthier) to just think in terms of ďis she a yes or a noĒ. This way, really hot girls are just another yes instead of a 9 or 10. It gets rid of pressure.
    Sexual intent was discussed today. This was sub-coms in two parts: 1. Communicate your views on sex as normal & natural. 2. Turn her on!
    Various types of sexual conversation were discussed like,Fun & Flirtatious, Framing ( setting the tone that sex is very normal.) An in-depth seminar on Logistics was given by Jasper. I thought it was great and also quite entertaining.

    Night 3 was a night off for the instructors. Most of us students went out for a nice dinner together. Several of the guys went out later. I used the night to catch up on a bit of needed rest in order to be fresh for Fridayís seminar and night out.

    On day four, depth was the first topic discussed. Being able to show her the real you- not just some fun club guy. Sharing personal things about yourself. Very specific techniques were taught of how to talk about yourself in a relatable & interesting way.
    The Date Seminar was great. The purpose of the date: To Bang. Simple. All things were covered to insure success in a short time frame.

    Next was Text Game. This was fantastic. I had many misconceptions as did most of the other students. Proper texting is fun, rapid fire & spontaneous. It is way easier to do this now than I thought it would be. I just needed permission to do what I used to think were bad ideas.

    On the next night out, we were instructed to push our boundaries even further. Biting women on the neck during conversations, pulling their hair, biting her wrist, etc. Essentially going beyond what I thought was possible so early in interactions. Physical escalation is one area where I have struggled in the past, so this was very important for me.

    The next day was the Same Night Lay seminar. Hearing some success stories from some of the instructors was mind-blowing. My beliefs about what is possible have changed drastically. It is possible & common to have sex with a woman much earlier in the interaction than I previously thought. It turns out, that you donít necessarily even need to leave the club in some cases. More people are having sex in bathrooms than I would have guessed. Women will have sex with you if they think that the sex will be good, and that they will not be judged. Essentially, if you have good game and good logistics, you can be successful at SNLís. The next night out was at a great club, and we had a great table in a cabana area. Continued to push boundaries with physical escalation.

    The following day included an in-depth seminar on relationships which was very interesting and informative. It included things like how to be dominant but caring, understanding women, how to separate yourself from other guys in her mind. Itís the little things that make a big difference in a womanís mind. How to keep multiple relationships going without hurting anybody.

    The Sex Seminar given by Sterling was fantastic! It was broken down into 4 quadrants:
    Personal Conditioning, Fundamentals, Kink & Party Tricks
    This seminar teaches that itís not all that difficult to fuck really well. Itís just that most guys donít give it that much attention, and donít care enough to put forth the effort to do it well. Itís possible to get very good, very fast. You can be in the top 5% of all guys. You can consistently be in a womanís all-time top 3 or 2, or even her #1 best of all time with the proper training.

    Next was the Inner Game Seminar given by Vici. I found this particularly helpful, as this is the area where I need the most improvement. Inner game is essentially a wholeness which impacts every area of your life. It is a lifelong journey. Game isnít so much about what you say, itís how you feel. This seminar covered things like basic boundaries, confidence, state, etc. The notion of abundance was covered. With an abundance of attractive women in your life, then not that much emphasis is placed on just one. This eliminates the fear of losing one girl. The notion of eliminating resistance in all areas of life was also covered. Sam B gave a great presentation on Emotional State. How do we control it ? What we Focus on, Our Physiology and the Meaning we assign to things. How we can change our state whenever we choose.

    Our next night out was at a very loud, very crowded club. It forced us to take our focus off of what we said verbally, to what we said with our bodies through body language and touch (sub-coms) It was said that the outside areas of clubs were like training wheels ( nice and quiet, with lotís of room to move around) Well, the training wheels came off tonight.

    The next day included a great fashion seminar given by Alswede. Americans, as it turns out, dress like shit. We were given everything in this seminar to stand out from those around you. Following the instructions given here essentially buys you time with a woman, because she will assume good things about you. She will assume you are successful & possibly wealthy. Style is a skill-set that you can master quite quickly. You can get laid based just on how you dress. Nights 8 and 9 were great for using our new skills in fun and interesting ways. Also great for continuing to push our boundaries even farther.

    In Summary:

    If you want to completely transform your love-life, and ultimately become the very best version of yourself in all areas, take this bootcamp. It is money well spent.

    Thank You Instructors for all of your help and compassion. I am now on a path to making very difficult and important changes in my life!

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    This program far exceeded my expectations... 10 out of 10 ... would fuck again. I’ve been following Love Systems for several years and I was just looking to get a solid bit of practice in to reboot my skills and honestly, I wasn’t interested in hearing any new theory at all. I'd heard plenty, I got it and I just wanted a solid technical foundation of doing, not more blah blah blah. I really just planned on letting seminar wash over me like an old familiar song. "I Fink You Freaky" perhaps.

    That perspective shattered almost immediately on day one. The superiority of this approach to game is manifest just from the most fundamental foundations of Simplified Natural. It's a simpler and a much healthier way of thinking about things.

    That said, this program is exceptionally challenging. The instructors told us the first day that many of us were probably going to question if this is really for us and we might want to quit. I didn't believe that was going to be me at all, but it hit me hard on the second day and it was work from then on. That was me, and I don't see that being that same for everyone, but much of it is painful. I have nothing but praise for this program, but it was grueling. I can't imagine not having to face some inner demons in some way.

    Now on the other side of that pain, I found a wealth of answers to all of the questions that I brought as well as more quality questions that I should have been asking. I would recommend that anyone taking this program do the same thing: Bring your questions even if you think you know the answers and get ready to write. I found that mine were answered in multiple ways by several people and in depth; not just in a transfer of information but through experience. They have created an amazing environment for testing and experiencing your answers as soon as they are answered.

    I can not speak to the quality of the instructors enough. Just all of them. They just put their soul into this. They shared things they weren't proud of, even some of their current struggles, just as easily as they were to share their amazing and sometimes hilarious successes.

    Infeild feedback was spot on too. In general, they were very calibrated to knowing what I needed, whether it was to break something down or to say, you already know what to do, go hit it harder. It never came from a place of coddling or force, and I have to think that they consciously created an atmosphere of treating everyone like men instead of weak or incapable. For me, there was a really good balance between giving me responsibility for my own work (exploring and asking for specific feedback) and when I needed to push things a little more, they gave me that too. And several times, I had instructors winging with me and that was as fun as it was interesting. You'll see them get blown out but you'll also see them wreck shit.

    The instruction in seminar was awesome too. The Inner Game of Tennis talks about coaches that over teach in a way that becomes destructive. These seminars were thorough without getting to that point of the coach just really getting off on hearing himself talk. To me, that is messy. I've had coaches for dance, improv, etc and they almost always dip into this territory at some point, but the 10 Day Seminars requires no tissues.

    And for plugging this into real life... I'm posting more than a week after my program (I kept a journal along with notes) and the content of simplified natural is easy to understand and remember and immediately usable. My personal outward success in Vegas wasn't necessarily flashy in terms of lays, but I came back with a ton of great stories. Then plugging this into my home town, I've had an absolute explosion of progress. A little bit of this for me was luck, and a little bit was setting myself up well and a good fraction was the bootcamp. the ratios were maybe 3/5/8. Fibonacci.

    In additon, I wing with some guys that follow a few different companies and it is very compatible with alternative styles, everything from breaking down interactions in a concise way to actually gaming along side your wings. I've noticed that since it's a natural system, it's easy to talk to non pickup guys just as easily. A lot of the arguments in Simplified Natural really just cut to the chase.

    For all that, I don't see how you can be around such quality, such genuine, such passionate people and not return immediately positively affected. It's almost worth the price tag to hang out with them and soak up their beliefs and let their influence go deep inside you. I had some outright inner toxicity when I left for Vegas that I didn't even know about, I just knew that something was very off and it was getting progressively worse and that I needed to fix it. When I came back it wasn't all gone by any stretch but I knew what some of it was and I knew how I was going to crush it. I could feel real positive change had already happened and I'm pumped to keep up those gains.

    I only have really small things that would improve the program for me: No talking about game in field. I was an offender here and it's really tough because it's what you're thinking about most of the day, but it doesn't help in your interactions and it's certainly not what I talk about with my friends at home. Just don't do it if you can help it.

    Pure collaborative theoretical offering: I think they've absolutely nailed down the getting laid side of this quite efficiently. I'm not saying that it's even possible to do in 10 days, but logically, the next step would be to cut down the learning curve on inner game. Simplified Natural works on a foundation of basic Social Skills, Clean Inner Game, and Simplified Natural sits at the top of that. Since not everyone coming into the program has clean inner game, to me, that's logically the next place to start knocking down the learning curve as the program develops. They teach a very comprehensive inner game seminar that I absolutely love and have found very useful. It's a game changer for me, so I'm not knockin that at all, I'm just saying that maybe the 10 Day Bootcamp in 2027 will have that solved as we drive in flying cars near gigantic metal bugs.

    Bottom line though, if you've read the program and curious enough to read the reviews, you should sign up. It's just that simple.

  3. Many of the reviews have covered the details of the program better than I can, so my review will be a little about myself, why I decided to participate, and what I took away from it. Hopefully there will be some aspects of my story that you can relate with to help you make a decision one way or another on participating. It is not a decision I took lightly, and I read every review I could find before I committed.

    Whew what an epic 10 days! Although exhausted, I was sad to see it come to an end. I had more incredible stories from those ten days than from the previous ten years of my life. My comfort zone was shattered, some of my previous limiting beliefs were proven to be false, and I felt more confident about meeting women than I ever had before. I now have close friends from around the world. This may be the thing I cherish above all other incredibly awesome things that happened over the ten days.

    I’m a 42 year old man from a small town in the bible belt of the mid-South U.S. I have taken an LS bootcamp before in 2015 in Miami, and I attended SuperConference the same year. Both were good experiences for me. They also helped me get a feel for the way this company does business and treats its customers prior to spending the hefty sum that the ten day costs.

    I have always been quite shy around people, and especially attractive women. My past encounters with women would be described as they sort of just fell in my lap. These would usually turn into relationships of some sort, even when these women were not the right ones for me. I felt like I was just settling for what I could get, not going after what I wanted.

    One of these relationships became a marriage of 13 years. When that failed, I was single again with the added internal belief that I was too old now for attractive women. On the positive side, keeping things interesting with someone for that long had made me experienced in exploring new things and confident in the bedroom. I felt my weakness was in the meeting and attracting women.

    The Miami bootcamp was good because for the first time, I was pushed to talk to many attractive women each night, and during the day. At first it was scary as hell, but over time, my anxiety evaporated. I was given a few lines or routines to say. I used these as a crutch, but it was kind of weird and felt robotic. The best interaction of the whole bootcamp was with a beautiful Columbian girl that would tell me I was acting weird when I was trying to use that stuff, but would warm up to me when I was just being myself.

    Fast forward to the Ten Day Simplified Natural program. During SuperConference 2015, I was able to watch the main instructors perform a presentation of the SN program including the model, and also a presentation on Project Rockstar. The model was unlike anything I had seen or heard of before. It did away with all routines and lines and just introduced what a conversation should look like that is stimulating to women. I was very interested. The Project Rockstar presentation sealed my decision to apply for that program, even though I would be burning the boats to my previous life. During the interview process for Rockstar, I decided to pull the trigger on the Ten Day in case I didn’t get in. I am so glad I did because I didn’t make it into Rockstar.

    We arrived at the suite where the seminar portion was held. It was fairly crowded, but we made do. There is always some discomfort for me in these situations. I felt a little self-conscious with the fact that I was here trying to get better with women. Everyone else is there for the same reason though, no matter how polished they seemed, or whatever my initial perception of them was. I’m sure we were all going through similar emotions, and just doing the best we could to be comfortable.

    The content of the seminar portion is solid gold. No BS, nothing weird, it makes perfect sense and the instructors understand it at an extremely deep level. The model, while so simple, encompasses everything they teach so fully it is a bit of a marvel. Their communication skills are so solid. Questions are completely answered, and they make sure they address your point and you are satisfied before they move on. The caring and commitment to you getting the information is without reproach.

    The nights out are insane. We would leave the seminar with the logistics for the evening, go back to the hotel for a couple hours, and meet at the club. The energy, when we would start gathering near the club entrance, was always gaining momentum. A couple of the participants were able to vent some of that off by approaching girls outside the club. Some of the rest of us would chat with each other, helping to pump each other up. Going through something like this together built comradery very quickly.

    Each night had a different theme, or specific goal in relation to the model. Each night built off the day’s seminar. At first I didn’t see the pattern, but after it was over I could clearly see that the instructors had been through this many times, and had honed the program to be most effective. I was amazed at how the instructors, after just a few minutes of watching you in an interaction, could tell you exactly what you were doing, the root cause, and give you advice on how to fix it. As with anything worthwhile, there is work to be done on your part. Seek out an instructor if you are having trouble, but don’t cling to their shirt tail all night either. There is much to be gained from just doing the hard yards. The Miami bootcamp had prepared me for that.

    I had some difficulty in completing the goal for the day, while not letting it become a mission. The overarching goal is to have fun. That alone is what attracts women to your group. If you are out prowling like a shark, that can be creepy. Having fun with the boys should be the main goal, and drawing girls into that becomes fairly easy.

    Another thing to watch out for is becoming outcome oriented. One of the nights out, it seemed like everyone was having good success. I saw the table full of girls and everyone having a good time. It seemed like I couldn’t even find anyone in the club to wing with or talk to because they were partying at the table. I started getting hung up on the thought that I wanted to be having that success as well, and focused on that thought while opening girls. After several blowouts I realized what was happening. I found one of the instructors to approach a pair of girls with me, only this time I just focused on the process and my victory was meeting the goal for that day. It was probably my best interaction of the night.

    The range of emotions felt during this Ten Day bootcamp was off the charts. From the apprehension of meeting everyone initially, to the sadness of telling them all goodbye at the end. The fear of putting yourself out there at first when we started approaching women, to the excitement of it all clicking and walking out of the club with one (or two for one of the participants) on your arm. The frustration of hitting a sticking point, to the elation when you figure out how to crash through it. The exhaustion of too little sleep, to the energy heading into the club. I feel like I have been through the fire with my fellow participants. I expect to stay in touch with these guys for a long time, and hopefully we can even get together in person again at some point.

    One thing I would like to mention. When I decided to participate in this program, my questions were less about how to get good with women, and more about self-improvement and leadership. There are portions of the seminar that give you tools to help take a look at yourself at a fundamental level. Ask yourself why some things in your life are the way they are. Rewrite how you view certain things so they can empower you rather than steal your power away. How to elevate your mood and energy level. There was so much content in this program. The firehose analogy is very appropriate.

    So was it worth the cost? I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel like I got every penny out of the content and experience. I was relieved that I wasn’t learning the same old routines and lines that are all over the internet now, and make you into a robotic weirdo that trades short term gain for long term pain. The straightforward feedback from the instructors is also welcome. Where in your life can you find someone that can so accurately assess you, and pull no punches in telling you how others perceive that? Yet that is the information that is so valuable in order to make lasting changes.

    Overall it was an incredible experience. I think anyone that isn’t happy with how they are doing with women should seriously consider this program. I thought of every excuse in the world not to take this Ten Day bootcamp, but now my only regret is not doing it earlier in my life. But then I wouldn’t have met these awesome people that went through this experience with me, so it is all good.

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    I have written a fuller review below into the core components of the program and what I think someone considering this program would want to know before going into it. But the conclusion is really clear for me --- definitely do this, it is a really big step to getting on your path to fixing this area of your life, and there are so many ancillary benefits to your self-development as a man. The course is expensive but you get unique knowledge, delivered by instructors that incredibly genuine in their desire to improve you, and who exhibit the characteristics that you are wishing to create for yourself. The instructors are really cool guys, and you see them on nights out meeting and banging hot chicks. Nothing is fix all, but my view is that that acquiring the knowledge and putting into practice over 9 nights is the a big step, the most difficult step and allows you to go home and implement over months in order to master this area.

    Simplified Natural Curriculum
    From the outset, it is very clear: this is primarily a communications course. It is not weird. It is not gimmicky. No magic tricks or weird clothes required. This is about how you communicate verbally and non-verbally with women. And then it takes it even further Ė no routines, no fixed structure to an interaction. Every interaction is different, every woman is different, the same woman on different days is different. So you no longer have to get frustrated by using a linear conversational model (as per Magic Bullets and other Love systems methods) and even after implementing the triad model perfectly Ė wondering why it didnít work. There is a big reality check right here at that moment. And I think this is much more reflective of reality --- a simple linear model of A to B to C to D is not going to work in the real world, there is no cookie cutter. Instead the model focuses on the fluidity, and the ebb and flow of an interaction, and what creates chemistry with a woman that you have never met before. That chemistry can be created in 5 minutes, 5 hours, or long distance over months. And much like an expert skier who knows when to zig and when to zag, the curriculum gives the principles of how to navigate an interaction. And as your skillset gets better so do you get better at what to communicate when. You basically 10 days and nights on crafting this skill --- and there is a lot of knowledge and complexity to it

    For 10 days, there is a seminar each day lasting 5-6 hours, and then a night out lasting 3-5 hours. Not every night is an instructor night (i.e. they take off 5 nights but they are active in watching you, analyzing you, and helping you for the other 5 nights). In reality, you end up going out 9 nights even if just with your bootcamp buddies.

    In terms of the seminars, the basic idea is that conversations fluctuate between normal, fun, sexual and deep types of conversation. You spend a day on each component of these Ė verbal and non-verbal. Really worth stressing the non-verbal component, as that is where most of the communication done, and that is the biggest source of difference between guys that get laid and guys that donít. The non-verbal components are really honed in on, and analyzed in clear ways with examples during the teaching days. This stuff is seriously cool, very high-tech, you are not going to find this knowledge anywhere else. And likewise on the verbal piece --- you are just not going to find this information anywhere else, in terms of the types of conversations, how to oscillate, when to oscillate, how to interact verbal with non-verbal, and what to be talking about. In that sense, you are receiving really top tier knowledge, and you can feel it this as it is being delivered to you.

    So the meat of the seminars involves going into unbelievable detail of the communication types with women: normal, fun, sexual and depth --- both verbal and non-verbal. This is a TON of information going through this. And I mean real detail. To take an example Ė fun verbal communication: different ways to bring a fun vibe in the first 5 minutes, broken out into 7 main conversation frames. You get taught the substance of each. How to build pressure, how to release it. How to make it ebb and flow. How much is too much, how much is not enough. And so on. And that is sort of one eighth of the basic model.
    But then there are some really cool add-ons to the meat and bones of the simplified natural method, each with its own carved out time to analyze in depth: text game (with crazy crazy ridiculous examples shown up on the screen of text interactions between instructors and super hot girls), a really awesome fashion seminar (no matter how fashionable you think you are, this will take you to another level), inner game seminar (probably my favorite day of the whole thing as it is applicable to everything in life --- and is on how to be a proper man --- how to deal with fear, pain, failure, how to improve, how to become who you want to be), same night lays, logistics, how to be your best self once in a relationship (also a really really top seminar, zones into the different phases of a relationship), physical sex seminar (how to fuck)

    A mind blowing amount of material and examples. I ended the 10 day with over 70 pages of typed notes, and over 18,000 words written (and I kept things very much in note form)

    The instructors are the real deal. You realize within 5 minutes. They are cool. They look good Ė they are in shape, have great fashion. They are super funny. But what struck me the most was that they actually cared. It would have been easy for them to be arrogant or rude. Not the case at all, they speak a lot to their own failings and what brought them to where they are now; they talk to how hard they found the transformational process to be themselves; they give you a lift when you need it; they also arenít afraid to give you the direct feedback that is very sharp but which no-one else in your life is giving you. Valuable stuff that. You donít get it anywhere else.
    They teach because they find teaching rewarding. Really obvious that this isnít about the money for them, they all have their own companies or real jobs they are working on outside of this sphere. They do this because they want to give back, help other guys, and also because I think they enjoy meeting like-minded people and that only helps their friendships & network
    Each day after a night out, they go around the students, and for 2 hours they speak to each person (in front of the group) as to what that student did well and didnít do well the night before. The feedback is really helpful, they identify your core issues on Night 1. And then you have time to improve on it in front of them, and see if the progress is visible. And on the designated nights out, they push you out of your comfort zones and you end up doing things that are amazing, which you have never done before. Guys on the bootcamp banged a bunch of chicks. All same night lays. Same really crazy stuff happened fast.
    All of the instructors were really great with us: Venture, Sterling, Sam B, Vici, Jasper and Mav --- I spent time with all of them on nights out, and they all helped out happily

    Nights Out
    The nights out are really great. Everyone is nervous but that soon change to having fun. Some students have more success than others. There is variability in peopleís experience depending on how quickly you can pick up the information and your past life experience. Regardless of all that --- the instructors make sure that everyone is pushing themselves into a new place. I found it very straight forward --- whenever I was nervous or in a rut, I asked one of them for help, and they helped.
    For Vegas, the instructors set up and organize the nights out, you roll in on tables at the top clubs filled with hot chicks. No issues in terms of logistics or venues, everything planned with ease.

    Is it worth it
    It is a lot of money. Make sure you can afford it before doing it. But I view the knowledge, experience and time with the mentors as a unique experience. It canít be found elsewhere. The knowledge alone is all you need for years. It is definitely worth it in my opinion. I had taken a 3 day a few years ago, and I thought the 10 days is wayyy better value for money, as you get real depth of the material. But to each his own.

    Very impactful. Not just in this arena of life, but also in terms of kickstarting that desire for self-development. You are surrounded by people that feed of it. It makes you hungry to improve. It makes you want to be a better man, for you to achieve what you are capable of. It was sad for it to end, but I left with the feeling that this is just the start, and now I am kicking it all off in my home city to begin a whole new chapter of my life. Beyond excited for that

  5. Summary - One simple way to sum it up is that I not the same person I was when I started this program.
    I have spent most of my life using my professional pursuits as an excuse to avoid the dating scene which I now realise was just an excuse which made enough sense at the time to keep me in my comfort zone/coffin.
    I realised that approaching and meeting women was just one of those situations that made me very nervous and uncomfortable and it was easier just to avoid it if it became to challenging.
    This program helped me challenge allot of my personal limiting beliefs I had about myself, women, etc. Thereís so much I could write about the benefits of this program but I have picked just a few which really stood out for me.

    My Commitment with the Instructor Ė On the first night I decided to go to the instructor and look him the eye and make the promise and commitment that I would approach any one he pointed out.
    Approaching during the first days was extremely challenging, and interestingly I found that by making this commitment, it shifted some of that attention from the approach and diverted it to being a man of my word. Surprisingly this helped. I kept my word throughout the Bootcamp and achieved better results than I could have imagined.

    Redefined Masculinity Ė Masculinity and being a man seems to have different meaning for me after this Bootcamp. For example, I use to avoid being too nice to certain people like women or family as I either felt Iím being too needy or they are taking advantage of me.
    Learning to be Masculine meant that I started to realise what it means to be a man. This really evolved throughout the 10-day program and I continue to work on this area and see it benefits, now that Iím back in my normal day to day life. I find that Iím now doing allot more for the people I care about, but Iím doing it from a different place (mentality) and I can almost feel the different attitude Iím receiving in return. People donít look at me as needy or try take advantage but rather see me as a respectful man caring for and protecting the people I care about. I have also found that these benefits have made their way into my professional life. I find myself being a better leader, making the people around me feel like they are in good hands and feeling more comfortable to focus on other things. These benefits personally and professionally are priceless in my opinion.

    Feels Natural - This is a major highlight of this program. The instructors have designed the instruction and the mechanical side of the education and taught it in a way that allows you to take it and apply it naturally and develop your own style. This in itself was amazing and in my opinion made it easier and more enjoyable to learn. Had we been tough strict mechanical systems and lines, etc., I donít feel I would have achieved close to the results I achieved during the program. It was interesting to see how all the other students developed their own natural style while we all learnt the same information. Teaching us to be more natural allowed me to get out of my head quicker than I thought, and allowed me to start enjoying the moment allot more.

    Explosive Energy - The Energy was amazing. The combination of the 10 dayers, the instructors and to top it off being surrounded by the Rockstars took the whole experience to another level. Being surrounded by all these guys with such positive energy made it easier to get your state up and keep it up when you needed to.

    Proving it to Myself Ė The one thing I did several times during this program was cross and crack through manty comfort zones. So many times I felt like I just wanted to run back to the hotel and hide but instead pushed through and each time came out the other end feeling what almost felt like a natural high. Knowing that I had proven to myself (which I later found out was the most important way of allowing me to progress) gave me a great sense of accomplishment, and I fed off that to continue my progress. Although as amazing as this was, I did experience what you could call an emotional roller coaster throughout the program but I found that with the support of the very professional and amazing instructors I kept on going no matter what to keep pushing the envelope and cracking through my own personal thresholds.

    Instructors (The Experts) Ė Iíve read somewhere that it takes ten years of doing something to be considered an Ďexpertí. The combination of all the ĎExpertsí in this program is the reason why I and all the other students achieved the success and life changing benefits we did. Each and every instructor has a strength in a particular area that they would focus on, and listening to them teach I felt like my brain was a sponge wanting to absorb every valuable bit of information that they spoke.

    Inner Game Ė 80% inner game, 20% mechanics. So very true and at this Bootcamp they delved deep into many of the issues plaguing our subconscious which has led us to this position. This portion of the Bootcamp had a significant impact on myself and all the students, and open our minds to a different way of perceiving reality.

    Other Benefits Ė I cannot deny the fact that this has taken me to a whole new level when it comes to meeting and being with women. However, the same can be said for the benefits this has had in other areas of my life which I discussed in this post, professionally, relationships with friends and family, etc. Im a much better decision maker thatís for sure, im respectfully leading the people around me and am seeing a much better flow in my life.

    Conclusion - I started the first day dreading the idea of approaching a woman in a club (without a few drinks first). The idea of touching a woman and holding her hand while talking felt so foreign to me and so, so challenging to do. By the end of the program i had had achieved more success than in the last decade. This program has in many ways changed the trajectory of my life and open my eyes to what is possible. I always wanted this in my life, and this Bootcamp has allowed me to accelerate my way into the results and success I, at one point, felt was just not possible for me. Everyone is different and gas a different set of circumstances, I found this program to be designed to really help people from many different angles and you will often see other students and yourself being wowed by the information learned and by the results achieved.

  6. #16

    The 10 day bootcamp was a phenomenal experience and easily ranks as one of the best investments I have made in my life. It has been more than 2 weeks since the program ended and I feel like I am now on a different trajectory in my life.

    I came to the program to primarily learn the tools to unlocking the most masculine and attractive version of myself, and I believe that I have returned home with the foundation for doing just that. It definitely wonít happen overnight and neither will it be an easy journey, but I have taken a huge step forward in that direction. Also, seeing the kind of inspiring people that the previous rockstars and instructors have transformed themselves into by applying these same foundational concepts and tools and in a relatively short time, I am stoked about the possibilities that lie ahead for my own personal growth.

    The program is essentially a communication course about how to verbally and non-verbally express ourselves effectively to women and how to do that from a place of strength. This is stuff that I wish I had learned in high school or university or at some point in my 20s. I donít know how much longer Venture, Sterling and the other instructors will continue to teach this program but I feel fortunate to have been able to learn this material so that I can apply it to my own life and relationship and also teach it to my son when he grows up.

    This is also the exact same material that the rockstars go though as well. We were all in the same room together learning and it definitely added to the experience to hear their questions being answered, and also to hear them share their stories from the previous night during the morning recaps.

    There is an incredible amount of detail covered in the program and it is delivered in such a simple, logical and articulate manner, that it is easy to just sit back and listen. A lot of the golden nuggets come from the stories the instructors share. One of my biggest learning moments came from an hour long story that Sterling shared during the relationship seminar about how he treated the girl that he took back home with him the previous night and how itís very similar to how he treats his girlfriends in general.

    The analogy of drinking from a fire hose is an apt one so be ready to take copious amounts of notes. The instructors kept hammering this point throughout the program. As Sterling mentioned on the first day when he urged the rockstars and everyone else to take more notes, there are three categories of rockstars every year. In the first category are the ones that have a natural affinity to this material and just hit the ground running. The second group are the ones that took extremely good notes and kept referring back to it constantly to improve and then went on to achieve great results. The third category is everyone else.

    As for the curriculum, we were told that the simplified natural (SN) model works best when it is applied on top of decent social skills and clean inner game. And it showed in the varying results that the class experienced, which ranged from good to mind blowing. I think all of my fellow 10 day students who came in with relatively clean inner game got laid multiple times during the program.

    The first four days of the course covered the core curriculum which is the four foundational strands of an unscripted organic conversation that you would have with your girlfriend Ė normal, fun, sexual and depth. The simplified natural (SN) model was then introduced along with how all the pieces fit and flowed together. Each strand has a verbal and non-verbal component to it and each person applies the strands differently and in their own unique way to make it fit best with their personality. The rest of the days were add-ons to this core SN model.

    The day 1 seminar broke down the dynamics of a normal conversation, how to talk about any topic in an inspiring way, being relatable to the other person and talking with emotion. It also addressed in depth the solution for our most common fears during a conversation, which is running out of things to say and being perceived as boring. We were also shown the mechanics of how to approach boldly.

    During our first night out, the instructions were to use only normal conversation for the entire night. The rule was to keep conversing normally using the tools we learnt for at least 20 minutes or until the girl just walked away. Sterling mentioned that if done right, this would feel super awkward but would also be one of the most memorable nights of the program. He was right. For most of the night, it was a struggle breaking out of the shitty old conversational habits and I frequently kept running out of things to say after the first 5 minutes. A lot of time was spent basking in the utter discomfort of trying to revive a dying conversation or standing around in awkward silence with nothing to say. However, it all clicked towards the end and I had the first of many memorable experiences of the program talking to a beautiful French girl and her friends for almost an hour.

    On a side note, I find that I am constantly using the lessons I picked up from this first day in my social and professional life now that Iím back at home. My ability to converse well with anyone and be at ease throughout and also genuinely enjoy the interaction has improved significantly. I have already rekindled several old friendships in my social circle and am enjoying more fun and fulfilling interactions at work.

    Day 2 was spent learning about fun conversation, banter and flirting and the different tools that can be used to take the interaction from normal to fun. Warm passive and active sub-coms were also covered and this was a real eye-opener for me.

    Day 3 was about sexual conversation and sexual sub-coms, as well as a hilarious and practical presentation by Jasper on logistics. Learning about these sub-coms has been extremely beneficial for me, and I've been using it regularly in my own relationship and the results have been amazing. These mechanics really work wonders! The instructors mentioned that 70% of what they do is based on these warm and sexual sub-coms. Special thanks to Mav for constantly demoing and helping us nail this critical piece.

    Day 4 covered depth and authenticity and the various filters we can use to tell any story in a relatable and inspiring way. Very useful skill to master and the demonstrations were great.

    The instructors are just top notch. They are all authentic, caring and accomplished people who have put in the hard work to get to where they are now. They were selfless and devoid of any ego when instructing us in the classroom and infield, and they poured their hearts out into helping us. The lead instructors were Sterling and Venture, and the support instructors were Sam B, Mav, Jasper, Vici and Alswede. I got to work with mostly Sam B, Mav, Sterling and Venture and was struck by how insightful, humble, genuine and giving they were. I have a great deal of respect for them and if they are reading this, just want to say thanks.

    Venture has a great sense of humour and is very down to earth. He also happens to be an introvert and admittedly is not fond of the loud club scene. It was a blast listening to him teach the fun conversation and the texting part of the course. He and Sterling complement each other very well. Sterling is a very caring and sharp guy. He is extremely articulate and has a great knack for seeing right through you very quickly. Sam B and Mav were tremendous and I don't have enough good things to say about them. They worked with us the most during the infield nights. Mav is high energy and has an amazing handle on the sub-coms. I might be the only one who thinks this but he reminds me of Tony Starks in Iron Man. Sam B is a great role model for what a compassionate masculine man is all about.

    If you have signed up for the a 10-day camp, one recommendation to get a lot more out of the experience is to come here with good physical conditioning. Itís very intensive and to really give it your best shot every night, being in shape goes a long way.

    So is this program worth the price of admission? For me, it was a resounding fuck yes! I believe that these are the foundational skills that every man should know about and develop if you want to have consistent success, choice and fulfillment in the area of relationships. You can certainly find parts of the theory being taught in other places too but Iíve never heard about or come across anything like the simplified natural model that is being taught here. If you can afford it and are on the fence, I will say do it. You wonít regret it and your future self will be thanking you many times over for it.

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