DAMAGE CONTROL for telling her I like her.

To make a long story short...

I have an ex I never actually fucked after 3 months. It was a great relationship and we loved each other but things just weren't right. We broke up months back and she recently lost her "prudeness." Honestly, I still love her, but know she's poison so I'm probably just gonna cut her out of my life... I just want to fuck her before doing so.

The problem is, the other day I was drinking and in a bad state so I told her I really like her and want to eventually get back together. Before this, we had hooked up a couple of times, but never had sex. There were some logistical mistakes here that fucked me, but are now fixed. I know I can fuck her if I do it right, I just need DAMAGE CONTROL.

How can I come back after telling her how much I like her? She doesn't even want to kiss me anymore cause she's afraid she is going to hurt me. I know cause she told me. If I just back off on the touching and keep distance when I'm with her (cause honestly, usually I'm a bit too on her), do you think that'll start a clean state? I know female brains are stupid sometimes and easy to hack which is why I'm asking lol