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    Project Rockstar 2016 Journals

    Summer is here and it's that time again. Project Rockstar is hands down the most transformative thing an individual can go through. Getting selected is like winning the self-development lottery. From social skills to fitness to lifestyle, nothing is left out.

    As Project Rockstar has grown in size and scope so has the competitiveness. Currently, the program boasts an acceptance rate lower than an Ivy League school. That said, it opens its doors to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We've had a doctors, astronauts, and even college students. The collection of individuals brought together celebrates the human drive for wanting to get better and to achieve great things.

    I'm proud to open up the PR2016 journals, within which you will be able to follow along for each of the rockstars and their incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation.

    There really is nothing quite like it.

    Congratulations again to the Project Rockstar 2016 class for the journey they are about to embark on.

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    In one week I’ll be boarding a plane to join what I expect to be the most epic, life changing undertaking I have been a part of. Many different emotions and thoughts are running through my mind. What will I expect? How will this change me? What will my life look like after this? These questions will slowly be answered over the course of the next couple months.

    About me: I’m a 29 year old health care professional and own a private healthcare practice. I grew up in a small rural farming community where lifestyle there defines country redneck. Once I left school I knew I was never coming back to the country except to visit family and hunt. Coming from that small rural community I’ve had to shatter so many limiting beliefs and I still have so many more to shatter. I will say I’m thankful for having that background though. I have had so many awesome experiences growing up on a farm and in the country that I realize few people have.

    After I graduated chiropractic college I built my practice and business from the ground up immediately after getting my degree at the age of 25. I currently work 26 hours a week and that provides me with a healthy income and a lot of free time. I love being in practice and certainly could be content maxing out my practice in the next couple years and working 25 hours per week for the rest of my life. But that’s the problem, I know that being ‘content’ is the opposite of success and being ‘content’ limits you in reaching your maximum potential.

    I have definitely endured some pain in my life when it comes to dating. I’m sure most people on this program or reading this have endured massive pain. It’s the type of pain that you will never forget, and the type of pain that will always motivate you to become better. Mine occurred when I was 25 and it propelled me to want to get this area of my life handled.

    I’ve had some learned success with women in the past couple years. I look at this sliver of success as a glimpse of what is possible. Having taken a Love Systems bootcamp I saw what is possible l and have been working on my social skill over the past 4 years when it comes to dating and relationships.

    I consider myself a person who everybody knows but few are close to. I’d say my social circle is lacking in friends that I can relate to and vice versa. I know a lot of people and contacts but I’m never the person people call to say “Hey come on over for a bbq or come on over we are going out on the boat”. To a certain extent I feel unless I’m the one making plans or its plans with a girl I’m dating I don’t get asked to do much. This is a major thing I want to fix and correct on project rockstar. I want to learn to make better social connections with people, not only females but also males equally importantly. I want to learn how to develop a strong social circle.

    I was introduced to project rockstar a couple years ago and immediately thought to myself this is something I have to do. At the time I found out about it, I wasn’t at the position in my life to be able to take time away from my business to go. I was only a couple years into my business and things were still fresh. I wrote down my goal of going multiple different times on my goal card I carry with me and a couple years later - here I am, part of the 2016 class and one week away from the kick off.

    I felt that when I applied to rockstar I was at a crossroads. I saw the fork in the road. One route was to continue my current life and be content: continue my business, find a wife, get married, have kids, take 2-3 vacations a year, buy a house, etc. The other road was to go on project rockstar and really tap into my true potential and redefine myself.

    I’ve never been that person to settle for being content. Just before writing this post I watched a youtube video and Tai Lopez came up as an advertisement before the video played. I thought to myself I wonder how much he earns as his video takes you around his Beverly hills mansion. Google reported back 2-3 million annually. I thought to myself, “What can I do to earn 3 million annually.”

    I feel that I’m operating my life right now at about 70%. And that’s in all areas, business, relationships, women and lifestyle. I feel that what I’m doing is awesome but I feel I could be doing so much better. I know I have the potential and skills inside me to be great but I have to learn how to tap the resources and utilize my true potential. That is what rockstar is about for me - becoming the best possible person I can be in all areas of life.

    I’m really looking forward to this program. I’ve already seen how much potential is there for growth in doing the fitness program. I can only imagine what is possible after this program. To say that this is a commitment is an understatement. On top of that I am taking 2 months off of work. I am lucky that I am able to have a replacement doc come in and see my patients while I’m away but my business will certainly drop, hopefully only a little, while I’m away. But if there is one thing that I’ve learned is that the best investment you can make is by investing back into yourself and this is that ultimate investment.

    Let rockstar begin.

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    We all have profound experiences, events, or people in our lives that create a tipping point in us that allows for growth. Growth is a human need that is necessary for survival. It may redefine who you are as a person, enrich your life, and help you become closer to the person youíve imagined you can be. I believe this journey will be the most epic in my lifetime. I have arduously searched and waited for something like this to happen for me the longest time. In many ways, this journey for me feels like it is a rite of passage. I never had that push, struggle, event, or person in my life to tell me exactly what it is to be a respectable, attractive, man.

    Iím a 32-year-old doctor of pharmacy that currently owns a healthcare business. I was brought up in NJ, and because of this, have definitely developed a tough skin. Coming from a financially unstable household, I decided to focus my life entirely on bringing myself up to a point where finances and money would never become a problem again. Having spent years focusing on this, I realized it was not a solution for what I really wanted at the end of the day.

    Everyone has been through pain and have had struggles in their lives. Personally I have had to deal with a speech impediment, depression, anxiety and obesity among other health issues. The key is I have overcome all these struggles and realize that attaining something you want in your life takes hard work. In this day and age, it is so easy to get stuck in the repetitive routine of work, family, and friends. Before you know it, a decade goes by, and you scratch your head thinking where the hell your time went. I think at one point or another, you really have to sit down with yourself and go over what your needs and wants are.

    My lack of success with women drove me to read The Game, and eventually led me to a Love Systemís Superconference back in 2009. I learned of the Rockstar program that year and absolutely knew that it would be the answer. Immediately after that conference, I knew there was hope and a community of people going through similar issues that I was. I could still remember the feeling of walking out of that conference feeling powerful. Unfortunately, at this time, I still did not have the courage to completely step away from my business or have the time to simultaneously commit to my business and this issue. After 7 years of repeatedly trying different things, reapplying here and there for the program, I am here.

    The decision to join at this point in my life was a tough one. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. I was at a point in my business where I had an opportunity to work with a huge company, which would allow for the financial independence I spent my entire life seeking. The only caveat would be that I would have to cancel Rockstar. Unfortunately, in the past 8 months my business has been struggling and definitely needed the change. I made a decision to continue with Rockstar with the hope that an even greater opportunity will come for me at a later time.

    Although I have no idea what to expect, I would hope that my issues of approaching women and fear to be conquered by the end of this journey. Iíve never had much success and it is a pain and void that I have been carrying with me for way too long. I hope that I can learn what it takes to develop a great social circle of friends. Iíve been so focused on work, and was always too socially inept to get invited to parties, gatherings, and social events. Lastly, I hope that I will learn the key traits and habits to make yourself financially independent while living an amazing lifestyle. I have always felt that I worked way too hard to get what I wanted, was terrible at managing my time, and didnít know how to be a true leader. I feel like I sometimes go through my work and gym routine and feel too exhausted to do anything else. I have the opportunity now to meet some mentors that have had some real success in creating wealth without compromising their lifestyle. In fact, they go on vacations, travel, and get involved in more activities and hobbies than they did before. How was this possible? Is there a way I would be able to do the same thing with my background? What qualities do I need to have? Iím sure all these questions and more will be answered.

    Fear of being something greater than you are is a real thing. Iíve always managed to sabotage myself in some way. Iíve never understood this until now. I am terrified that I have the capacity and the ability to be the epitome of a true Rockstar. Someone that grabs life by the horns, magnetizes people in a room, attracts what and who he wants in life, lives financially independent, and has an amazing lifestyle filled with growth, love, and happiness. Iím at a point where I feel Iím on the verge of getting to whole other level people can only dream about. Iím ready to make a commitment, move forward with my life, become the person Iíve always known I can be. Iím ready to give a commitment and ready to burn my boats. Iím so ready for Rockstar!

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    Hey guys! I am Edward and I am one of the Rockstars for the 2016 class. I am a 33-year-old entrepreneur from a small town in the United States. I have spent most of the last 13 years of my life moving around the country trying to figure out what I want out of life and map out a plan to get it. I have had more than 20 address in 5 different states and have also had more than 20 different jobs. I have basically followed the opportunities that life has presented me with and that has led me here, to a hotel in Las Vegas, getting ready to go on what promises to be the biggest adventure of my entire life.

    As I have slowly but surely put my life together the way I want it there has always been a part that I struggled with, women. I have gone from relationship to relationship but found that none of them were really fulfilling. After ending an 8-month relationship last summer I did some soul searching to figure out what the root cause of this was and came to the conclusion that I was not dating the girls I actually wanted to be dating, I was dating whatever girls would date me. I decided to do something about it, I was going to seek out mentors to help me correct it. After much research I found a group of guys who did just that and I enrolled in a 3-day course with one of them. It was eye opening to say the least but I still had a long way to go. I then enrolled in a week long course that was even more intense. My life was forever changed; I can truly say that I am a different man because of that. While I was at that week long course I learned about a program called Project Rockstar, a 2 month long course that focuses not only on how to interact well with women but on a whole life transformation. I knew immediately that I needed to get into this program.

    Project Rockstar receives thousands of applications from around the world every year and they only accept 5 of them, which gives them an acceptance rate below that of an ivy league college, so I knew it was going to be extremely tough to make the cut, but I was determined. The applications became available online on January 1st and I made sure to download one and get started as soon as they came available. I spent every free minute I had for the next 2 months working on my application. I asked for help from everyone I knew that would be capable of providing me useful feedback for something like this. Finally, the day came that I found out I was accepted to start the interview process, which would consist of 6 interviews with different people from Project Rockstar, I was ecstatic. But, I was incredibly nervous as well because I had no idea what to expect in the interviews. I wrote down every possible question I could think of that they might ask, every topic they might ask me to speak on, and I started preparing. This was to be my process throughout the interviews. Every time I got past one interview and scheduled the next I became more nervous. I wanted this more than I have ever wanted anything in my life and that want just got more intense as the time went on.

    Finally, after 6 interviews, and weeks of being stressed out to the max about it, I found out that I made it. This is when the real work began though. A few days after being accepted I had to start a 12-week diet, exercise, and supplement program that is far beyond anything I have ever done before. I knew this was going to be tough for me because of my poor eating habits, but I had made it into the program and nothing was going to stop me now. After 12 weeks I had gone from 221.4 pounds and 33.0 % body fat to 182.5 pounds and 14.7 % body fat, a loss of 38.9 pounds and 18.3 % body fat. It was incredible!
    During this diet, exercise, and supplement program I decided that I wanted to go into Project Rockstar completely open to whatever opportunities might come up so I moved all of my stuff into storage and left Pittsburgh, where I had been living for the last 2 years. I spent the last month in New York City focusing solely on my fitness and ended up getting to meet 1 of my fellow Rockstars. He is an awesome guy and it made me even more excited about what I was doing. Earlier today in Las Vegas I had the privilege of meeting another and I can tell this is going to be an amazing group of men that I am spending the next few months with.

    The last few months have flown by and now the time is finally here for Project Rockstar to begin in less than 12 hours. I am as prepared as I know how to be for what is ahead of me but I am nervous too because I don’t think there is really a way to fully prepare for this. Part of me is nervous about not having any privacy over the next several months. I have lived alone since I was 17 years old, other than a couple of years living with girlfriends in there, so having a bunch of guys in the house with me will be a new experience. Part of me is also nervous about the dramatic life change in front of me. I am not new to life changes, in fact I have devoted many years to that, but I know now that my life will change more in the next couple of months than it has in the last 13 years. Eric Hoffer said “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Although I am nervous, I am ready to learn and change, and I look forward to seeing what life is like after Project Rockstar.

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    I’m writing this introduction 35000 ft. up in the air, while flying from Europe to Las Vegas on an 11-hour flight. This all still feels surreal. For years I’ve been reading and following the fitness journals, the daily journals, the final recap and now I’m going to be the one participating in this crazy and intensive summer! And to think that I almost couldn’t board the plane, as I couldn’t show them my return ticket from the US as I didn’t have a copy with me. No problems, I called Sterling in the US at midnight there and he immediately emailed it to me, so that I could show it to the boarding attendant and enter the plane. Talk about feeling nervous… Thanks Sterling!

    In the past I’ve had some success with women, but it was nothing consistent or that I had control over. It was “getting lucky”, most of it happened when I was drunk, then somehow I knew how to behave around women, but in the next morning would often regret the choices my drunken self made. I used to be the poster boy for being a “nice guy”. I would do everything to please women, and that didn’t work at all. I’m 27 and haven’t had a girlfriend yet, something that I think is a very important experience to have.

    I and found out about Project Rockstar in 2010, while attending a bootcamp. I feel in love with the term “supernova”. It’s kind of like when everything falls into place and you explode, in a good way. Since then I’ve wanted to apply and attend, but the conditions were never “ideal”, being in university and having exams in June/July. Well, this year was different, as I was working with affiliate marketing out of Thailand and had the freedom of time to apply for the program.

    I took the application process very seriously and made sure to put a lot of effort into it, and that it shows that I have done that. I re-read all the past journals; listened to all the Love Systems podcasts about PR, contacted PR and 10-day bootcamp alumni to get a good sense of what I can do to give myself the best chances. I already had the application file from last year, so in December I started writing my application. After having finished it, a few weeks later, I sent it to my brother and a few friends to get feedback, I read it out loud to myself a few times and kept working on it, so much that I ended up sending it in on the last day. If I had to do it again, I would have sent it in earlier.

    Well, I sent in the application and then the waiting starts. After some time I got an email saying I made it through to the live interviews. I prepared myself by thinking about what questions they would ask me, how I would answer them, follow-up questions, etc. I gave it my all. When I found out I made it through the third interview and was invited for the fourth one, my mindset shifted. It went from thinking “It doesn’t cost to try” to this might happen after all”. In the beginning of April I found out I was accepted into the program and on the following week the fitness program would start.

    The 12-week fitness program was grueling, but it was definitely necessary. I learned a lot about pushing through, making it a habit, eating healthy and realizing that I’m capable of so much more than I think I am. I’m greatly thankful to everyone involved, especially to whom sent me regular feedback and monitored my progress. I can’t wait to see the other rockstars, who went through the same program.

    Because of the transformation I’ve been through, I’ve also been getting more attention from women, which isn’t normal for me. I think I’ll have to get used to it, there are worse problems to have. This program also taught me about discipline. Often friends and family would ask me to try/drink something and I would say no, then they would say “just this time/just once”. It’s in those moments that discipline, a clear set of rules and a goal help you a lot. During the first transformation, which I did alone, I would often succumb to these offers and end up eating/drinking. Needless the say that the results were far from what I achieved this time.

    In preparation for the summer we also had to read some books, like “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “The Inner Game of Tennis”, and watch some Udemy courses about nutrition and entrepreneurship.

    One of the things I realized too late was that I told too many people about what I was going to do. I’d say in total around 20 people around me know that I’m going to this summer, and I was getting tired of having to explain myself. But the best came last week, when visiting family friends one day. They are married and both 50+ years old, and when I told them about it, as they asked what I was up to, why I was bringing my own food, etc, they said they don’t understand it, wouldn’t do it, etc. But 30 minutes earlier, while talking about something else, they both said that they don’t enjoy their jobs and did it because their parents did it. That just blew my mind. I think a quote from Napoleon Hill sums this up nicely: “Friends and family give the worst advice”. Or what I like even more, don’t know where it is from: Don’t take advice from people who are not where you want to be. It’s amazing how many people during the 12-week transformation were ready to give me tons of advice on fitness and nutrition. I politely agreed and did my own thing. It’s not that they wish me harm, they actually want to help, but it is important to know what you want and how to get there, and the best way is learning from people who made it.

    I’m doing this program for several reasons. I want to have the skills to go after what I want, be it with women, seeking a relationship or whatever I’m interested in, or be it businesswise. I’d like to have the confidence that I can achieve that, to realize what limiting beliefs are holding me back and crush them. I love to, at the end of the summer, know what I want to do and give my very best to get there, to have an amazing network of highly motivated people that I can help and get help from, and let the instructors know they made a great choice in choosing me for the program. I’m hugely thankful to everyone involved in making this happen, even more considering they are doing this not for profit, but to help and make this a better world, to build this network and share their knowledge. I’ll make sure to bring optimism, a good vibe, and positivity to the program and listen/follow what the instructors say, as they do so with the best intentions in the heart. Let's start this journey!

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    Week 12

    In week 11 (the previous week), I closed at a body weight of 168.2lbs and 13.2% of which was body fat.

    This week was the final week of the Sports Food Nutrition and Fitness Transformation Program. I am both happy and sad that the program is finally coming to an end. Everything was so regimented that you always knew what needed to be done each day. Now that it is over we have been cut loose, but we now have the tools at our disposal, to choose how we want our bodies to look and know that we can commit to a goal and stick to it.

    For the past few weeks I have been continuing my travels through Costa Rica but now during week 12 I have made my way to Las Vegas.

    Noticeable physical changes
    Now that the program is over it would be a good time to look back and highlight how much of a change I have seen since the beginning of the program. In week 4 and week 8 I shared the measurements of my waist, hips and thighs as an illustration of how significant the transformation program has been for me. Now that week twelve is complete, I have collected my final body measurements:

    So, since the beginning of the program I have lost 5.5 inches of my waist, 5.5 inches off my hips and 4.5 inches off my thighs. As Iíve mentioned in previous weeks blogs, I still feel I have a little stubborn body fat on my hips, ass and thighs. Now that I am off the fitness program I still need to maintain a healthy diet, this is the intended purpose of the Nutrition course we took on Udemy as it will help us to integrate a healthy diet into our lives beyond the Project Rockstar Program.

    My vascular system in my forearms more and also in my hip flexor region are still visible at rest, my quadriceps are also still starting to show each individual muscle and once again my six pack looks pretty much the same as last week, with the horizontal lines beginning to show through

    Body and Fitness
    For week 12 I have been back in the gym doing my cardio training as I have reached Las Vegas and the hotel I am staying in has a fitness centre. Iím not the biggest fan of doing my cardio training in a gym as it feels artificial and can get very monotonous very quickly. Running on the treadmill felt difficult again as most of the training I had been doing did not involve running for extended periods of time. Having said that, since the start of the fitness transformation program I feel like my fitness has improved tremendously. I feel that my body is able to accomplish tasks and sustained effort for a lot longer than I would have been able to previously.

    During week 11 I tweaked my left shoulder in one of the workouts, so this week I have backed off the weights a little as I do not want an injury during the main part of the program. My joints have continued to feel the strain of the workouts this week, so many repetitions and loading and unloading of weight. As I mentioned last week, the Kris Gethin 12-week daily trainer seems to utilise isolated machine weight exercises an awful lot, so the muscle and ultimately the joint is taking a lot of strain and pressure for a prolonged period of time, due to the number of repetitions and also because of increasing and decreasing of loads lifted throughout the workout. I do not really favour workouts and exercises which isolate muscles as in reality this is not how the body usually operates. Now that the program is over, I will largely be avoiding these exercises and focusing more on compound movements (which are also included into the 12 week program).

    Diet and Nutrition
    So, I self-moved back onto the loser diet a couple of weeks ago in order to try and shift the extra stubborn body fat that is clinging to my hips

    Staying hydrated has also been a priority this week as I am now in Las Vegas where it is so hot! for someone from the UK this is not a normal occurrence to experience weather and specifically heat like this. I have had the added benefit of having spent the last month in Costa Rica, but even there the temperature is completely different as the humidity is so high, whereas here in Las Vegas it is a dry heat, but very intense.

    Conclusion/Closing thoughts
    Week 12 has has been an incredibly difficult week, possibly the toughest so far, and not just because of the workouts, but because of everything else that has needed to be done before the Project Rockstar curriculum starts. Due to logistical issues I have had to go back in the gym to do my cardio training, which Iím not a fan of, but it gets the job done.

    I started this week with a body weight of 168.2lbs and 13.2% body fat, and closed the week at 166.0lbs and 13.0% body fat. A drop of 0.2% body fat this week.

    The program is now finally over, we now have all the tools at our disposal to maintain a fit and healthy life!

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    My name is Khan. I'm a 35 years old "real estate" guy from Canada. I applied for the 2nd every rockstar and didn't get in. Since then Rockstar has been on my bucket list. My history with women is a smattering of successes and failiures. After a bootcamp in 2007 my abilities with women went from nothing to something that I could actually use. My cold approach game was (and still is) practically non-existent. The majority of my hookups and girlfriends have come from introductions, house parties, and friends of friends.

    I'm also a pretty long term dater. In the past if I find a girl that I like, I end up dating her for years. Sometimes on again off again with a few random hookups in my off again phases. I often break up with a girl because I think I can do better and then go back to her when I'm worried that I can't.

    But rockstar isn't only about game. The 12 week fitness transformation has already taken me from the worst shape of my life to the best shape of my life and the things that I learned over the 12 week will definitely shape the way I interact with food and nutrition for the rest of my life.

    I'm very excited by the business and entrepeneurship part of the course. I've always been an entrepeneur until I lost everything investing in Africa. Since then I've been working on educating myself so that I can get into a top-tier MBA school. The reason for this is a bit counter intuitive: I still want to be an entrepeneur and do my own thing, but I believe the network I will gain from a top MBA will help me to fund ventures and also put me in touch with a caliber of entrepeneurs and alumni that is potentially only matched by one other place: Rockstar!

    Day 1
    Day 1 was surreal. I landed at 11AM with 3 hours of sleep, hungry and tired from the days leading up to rockstar. I'm terrible for leaving too many things to do at the last minute and didn't finish packing until 2AM with a 6AM flight. That was not a good idea. If you are a future rockstar take my advice. Get there a couple days early so you can settle in, get rest, buy supplies and hit the ground running. The lack of sleep combined with the constant shift in temprature from 40 degrees to airconditioning was almost too much for me.

    The introductions were incredible. There are stock market traders, online entrepeneurs, mobile game designers, doctors, and even a guy who created a food truck university! I feel both out of place and a sense of belonging at the same time. I can't wait to get to know some of the guys more and bounce my next startup idea to them.

    The first night out was very difficult for me. I was tired, sick, and hungry for the majority of the night. I pushed myself into 3 interactions -- I actually feel ashamed at how few I did -- and none of them really stuck.

    The night started off well, I was chatting to our a girl on our video team who is a total smoke show. For some reason though I had a voice inside my head that this doesn't count and that I shouldn't hit on the girl who is completely privy to what we are doing here. In retrospect I was both right and wrong. She's quit a nice girl and we had a great converation BUT I'm here to work on my cold approach game and I need to stop myself from talking to girls who I already know. I know as we go through the program this will be a problem for me as if I meet a girl and see her again a few days later I will be very tempted to go talk to her or hang out with her.

    The first group of girls I walked up to were bored before I got there. They were on the last night of a 3 night bachelorette party and had been drinking since early in the day. I felt like I could have done a lot more with one of the girls there, but I didn't bring enough energy for everyone and then essentially just walked away. They were standing pretty close to us so I think most of the rockstars went up to them and talked to them at some point. I don't think anyone managed to get a rise out of them.

    The next time I was standing with a couple of rockstar alums at the bar and there was a group of east indian girls standing in front of us. They opened pretty easily and the one girl was pressed right up against me while I was talking to. She seemed open to chat more but I asked some boring interview style questions and then walked away once the alum's drinks came (none of the rockstars are allowed to drink on rockstar

    Overall I was dissapointed in my performance. I had numerous other opportunities to interact with girls who stared right at me or came and stood too close to me. But everytime I hesitated. Meanwhile the other rockstars and alums were killing it. It was amazing to watch some of the alums just bring beautiful girl after beautful girl to our table. It was almost great to see some of the rockstars and alums get completely blown out as well, and then getting right back on the horse. We are all just people and people have successes and failiures.

    Also it's super easy to get blown out. I think that's what I need to focus on tonight: getting blown out as many times as possible just to get over my sense of fear.

    Rockstar is already forcing me consider social skills and my inner thoughts. There's no crutches in rockstar. Although I am surrounded by all these incredible guys, I don't really know them yet so it's hard to retreat to your group of friends and hang out in a loud club. Plus no one wants to hang out as we are all there for the same purpose. The no alcohol is also a challenge. I'm going to have to find a way to get super amped up before going into the club tonight! Maybe I'll bring some headphones and play some tunes before I walk in?

    If anything I am feeling uncomfortable: uncofortable with my social abilities in a night club environment, uncomfortable about my accomplishments amongst all these talented individuals, and physically unomfortable at the lack of sleep, change in diet, and general level of anxiety. And that is a good thing, because it means I am learning and challenging myself!

    Day 1 in the books!

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    Journal 1

    With no idea what to expect, Project Rockstar has finally kicked off. The first day in, I got a chance to meet the other guys and we ended up eating and shopping at one of the outlet malls in Vegas. It was great to bond with the people that I would be spending over 12 weeks with.
    All my nervous energy and excitement was revved up and coming to a summit. We all met in the lobby of one of the major hotels and head up to the conference room. Introductions was the first thing on the agenda. It took over a few hours but it was so interesting to hear everyoneís story and how they got to where they are now. We heard the background of the instructors as well as the students. What was amazing was that a lot of the stories were similar. All these successful, good, and hard-working people all had a very similar history and background. On top of that, everyone here had the right mindset of personal growth and self -development. We all left and headed over to the mansion. The mansion is everything you can imagine and more. The perfect setting to throw a party and entertain. With a swimming pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, 12 rooms, movie theater, billiards table, poker table, and entertainment area, it is nothing I could have ever fathomed. We all settled in, got an opportunity to pick rooms and were told to get ready for that night.
    That night, there was a pool party at XS nightclub. It was an amazing atmosphere with great music. Skrillex was the dj and literally had everyone jumping and moving all night. Most of the students were talking with each other and socialized to a small extent. Most of the rockstars including myself were a little jet-lagged and nervous first day in. Nonetheless, it was a great experience to be in one of the greatest cities in the world with good people.
    The following morning, we had an opportunity to go shooting in the desert with one of the instructors. We were trained on weapon use and safety and ended up breaking into two groups. I was in the first group and headed out early. Being over 100 degrees outside, I had to make sure I had proper skin and eye protection as well as bring water for hydration. I never actually had the opportunity to shoot before and was really excited to fire some rounds into some targets. The M4 assualt rifle, handgun, and shotgun were the guns we had a chance to shoot. It was such an amazing experience. The hardest part of shooting is actually reloading and getting in the proper stance for aim and recoil protection. Overall, the power and rush from having a powerful weapon in the palms of your hands cannot be explained. We also got a chance to shoot at watermelon and ham which was really cool as well. After a few hours out in the desert we headed back to the mansion to rest.
    The next day was a great instructional day for us because we got a general breakdown of conversation and how we communicate with each other. Just like anything else, communication is like a muscle that needs to be trained in every individual. People who hone their skills and use them, will eventually become a better communicator. We learned what the 4 strands of conversation were and specifically broke up into groups to practice normal conversation. The teaching by the instructors was amazing as usual. They entertained questions and gave plenty of illustrative examples to explain what they were talking about.
    After the seminar, we all went to Draiís nightclub for the pool party. I felt so much more comfortable being it was a few days in, and we received at least some instruction. Normal conversation may seem trivial, but learning this was really important to me. There were so many techniques that can make normal conversation seem so interesting. Overall, I got a much better response from women within one day. There is so much more development, but the fact that I saw a little spark of attraction from just one day of instruction has given me inspiration, excitement, and motivation for the days to come.

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    Journal 1

    Project Rockstar is off and running! On Sunday we all dropped our belongings off at the mansion and then met at the cosmopolitan for our kick-off meet and greet. I took a couple of minutes to look around before I left the mansion though. All I can say is WOW! I canít think of anything, short of a helipad, that this place doesnít have. 10 bedrooms; 3 living rooms; a billiards room; the 3 car garage was converted into a game room that has shuffleboard, foosball, a regulation poker table, and a full DJ setup which will definitely come in handy when we throw a few parties in the coming weeks; one of the entertainment rooms has a second regulation poker table and a wet bar, oh, and 5 TVs, which is the standard in this place; pool; hot tub; 9 hole putting green; and a basketball court.
    The students and instructors all have such vastly different stories and backgrounds but also seem to share a common thread, which is what brought us all together and you may well be reading this now because you share that thread with us. The things these men have done with their lives is nothing short of inspiring. After the meet and greet we mostly just went over the logistics of how this is all going to work. Then we went to the house to choose rooms and get ready to head to the club.
    That first night we went to a swim party at XS, which is a club in the Wynn, and also my favorite club in Vegas. Women, everywhere, hot women, wearing almost nothing, what more can a man ask for? Maybe a table and some bottle service, we had that too. None of us are allowed to drink during this program except for when we have our break in a few weeks but it is still nice to have the bottles. There was not really any instruction at this point, they were mostly just watching us to gauge where each of us is starting from. One of my issues is I have a hard time getting myself to go talk to the first couple of women. Very quickly Alexander noticed me just standing there and was more than happy to convince me to go talk to a woman that was nearby. I am thankful he did that so early in the night. I had a great conversation with her and my extroverted side came out of hiding during that conversation. So when she and I parted ways I just kept going. I probably talked to 30 different women, got a number from 1, and kissed 5 of them. This was the first night; we were off to the right start.
    On day 2 Justin took us all out into the desert to shoot some guns. Being from the southern US I am not new to guns at all but some of these guys are from places very different and hadnít had an opportunity to do anything like this before. There are few things that bring out masculinity the way shooting high powered guns does and it was cool to watch someone do it for the first time and light up like a kid on Christmas. It was hot as hell but a lot of fun, and even though I have shot guns my whole life it was pretty damn cool to get some training from someone with a special forces background.
    After shooting we came to the mansion with just enough time to take a 30-minute nap and get ready for the club. This time we go to Marquee at The Cosmopolitan. No table tonightÖ Instead, we have a bungalow. Which at Marquee means a 3-story condo that opens up into the pool area of the club. Go big or go home I guess. I didnít talk to quite as many women tonight but there were a couple of really good interactions, one in particular with a smoking hot girl. I ended up getting separated from her in the club and never got to get her number. Luckily one of the other guys was talking to her friend and did get her number.
    Day 3 was the first day of the 10-day bootcamp so more guys joined us and the real teaching began. I had a lightbulb moment when Ian was teaching. I have always been very good at making women comfortable and having deep conversations but not so much with some of the more masculine things. My lightbulb was that this is because my father was an over the road truck driver when I was young and so I was mostly raised by my mother. It makes so many things clear and I donít know how I never realized this.
    On day 2 guys started getting super sick 1 by 1, day 3 it got me, and it got me hard. I was in bad shape, probably shouldnít have went out but nothing was going to stop me. Night 3 we went to a pool party at Draiís in The Cromwell. The 2 girls from the second night came and met us for a few minutes but they were going to a concert so they didnít stay long. Long enough for me to get that number though. We were only allowed to have normal conversations with women tonight, no flirting, no talking about sex, no deep conversations. And we were not allowed to stop talking to them until they walked away or at least 20 minutes had passed. This made for an interesting night but I learned that I do a lot better with this type of conversation that I thought. I do great with deep conversation, pretty good with flirting, and pretty good with sexual conversation. I thought this was a very weak spot for me but I realize that that is just a mental thing I am telling myself. I had started feeling a little bit better as the night went on and my energy level was crazy high so when people started to leave I made the decision that I was not leaving until they kicked me out. The woman whose number I didnít get last night but got tonight and I had been texting while she was at her concert and I left from the club when it shut down and met her at her hotel. She was with several other women so we didnít go to her room, and she had to fly out in a couple of hours so that killed going to the mansion. We made out in the casino for a few hours though and got to know each other a little bit. She is super-hot and has a great personality to boot so I think I may try to see her again after Project Rockstar.
    We have been getting almost no sleep and starting the night with what felt like the plague means it probably wasnít the smartest idea to stay out past 7 am when I had to be up at 10 am to write this, but hey, Project Rockstar is not about catching up on your sleep, itís about learning and having fun. I can sleep in 10 weeks; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am taking full advantage and having a fucking blast!

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    07/17/2016 – Sunday – Day 01

    The day started slowly. All the rockstars went to our mansion, to drop our stuff there and then later go to the Cosmo for our first seminar. The mansion is absurd, there is a pool, golf green, basketball, 2 game rooms, etc, etc. This is going to be a sick time. Sadly we won’t be spending too much time at the mansion.

    Later we went out for lunch and then waited at the lobby from the Cosmo waiting for the instructors to pick us up. There was a hint of anxiety, nervousness and excitement in the air. We then went up to where the seminars are held and started going around giving our introductions. Interns, mentors, rockstars, alumni, and instructors. It’s amazing to hear what all of these people have been through and what they have achieved. So many inspiring, heartfelt, and touching stories. I can’t wait until we have all bonded better and start feeling like a huge family. After the introductions we went over some logistics we should know for the duration of the program and then hurried home to pick our rooms, and get ready to go out.

    The first night out, and probably every Sunday, we went to XS Nightswim, where Skrillex was going to play. I’m fucking amazed at how clubbing is here compared to in Europe. Huge club, women walking around in bikinis, pool, dancefloor, and having a great time. I made some effort to try in burn into my memory how my performance was this night. We were told by the instructors to just go out and be social, no specific goals. Mainly so they can see how we act and so that we can at the end of the program look back at this first days and probably not recognize ourselves.

    Tomorrow we are going to the desert to shoot some guns and this night the first rockstar brought a chick back!

    07/18/2016 – Monday – Day 02

    The first task of the day was to go to the gym. An instructor got us some gym passes for the gym nearby and we split up in groups to go there. It’s important to try to keep the gains/losses we made over the last 12 weeks during the fitness transformation. We will be mostly in a maintenance program, I’ll be going every second day and keep taking some supplements.

    Once we got back from the gym, a PR alumni took us out to shoot guns in the desert. What a fucking awesome experience! We shot with a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun and an assault rifle. It was definitely harder than I expected, but it felt really empowering.

    At night we went to Marquee, for our regular Monday Bungalow nights. From reading past journals I could tell this was going to be spectacular. You have a 3-storey apartment that connects to the club, so you can invite chicks over and have your party there. It helps a lot having one, and I think all of the guys took advantage of it. I’ve was much more relaxed this night and talked to a bunch of people, socializing here and there.

    Tomorrow the 10-day starts, meaning we will get some theory we can use at night.

    07/19/2016 – Tuesday – Day 03

    Today the 10-day program started. A lot of 10-day students will be joining us for the next days. Having some formal instruction was great, and the way the instructors presented it was incredible, it all felt so natural. We talked about what we will cover in the next days, and how we will approach it, so we have the big picture and how everything fits together. The first four days will cover the core foundations of being a social person, a good communicator. And on the last 6 days we will dive into some key specific areas. On the first day we learned what makes up a normal conversation and on the next three core days we will cover fun/flirty, depth, and sexual conversations. I do have to highlight again how natural it all felt, how you are supposed to own it and convey yourself, instead of being stuck to scripted conversations.

    At night we went to Drai’s with the goal of talking to as many women as possible and hold normal conversations, without going into fun/flirty, depth, or sexual conversations. At the beginning it felt hard for me, because without being able to change from normal conversation I often felt like I didn’t know to say anymore and kept asking more questions than I should. As the night progressed and I got better at it, I started to talk a lot more, making more statements and showing what I’m interested about, and also changing from the usual topics like where you are from, what do you do for a living etc, and making more small talk. At the end of the night I did feel like I was more in control of how the conversations progressed and could keep an interesting conversation for longer.

    Ps: As Edward R and me (Edward A) have a similar username, I’ve messaged an admin to change my username. Don’t be shocked if my username changes.

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