Dave Vox Boot Camp

Dave Vox's boot camp was worth every penny. At first I was thinking of cancelling it and try to learn it on my own, but during his boot camp I found out I had a lot of sticking points and issues I didn't know I had. Since it was basically a boot camp for night game and I was planning on cancelling because I thought I was good at night game and wanted day game, but I was wrong. I wasn't expecting to learn some aspects of Day time game, even though I read some of his articles explaining that all of us learning this skill set should try out day game.

After learning about his way of game which seems to be a way to learn how to be a natural with little to no routines Friday. On Saturday morning before second session, I took a trip to Eaton Center Mall in downtown Toronto. I was able to approach moving targets and girls on the street with no fear. Sure I hesitated a little, but after a few approaches I was able to move on to transitioning. I open up a cute blonde girl who was wearing a sexy black thong with a pink little bow on it in back and learn a lot about her. Then there was a cute brunette chick in a nice tight gray dress that I followed into a clothes store called Zara. I had a fun time and loved her expression when I told her how gorgeous she was. Also, seemed like she wanted me for a date to a pool party for Sunday because she excitedly asked me what my plans were for Sunday, but won't have time due to the 3rd sessions and I have to wake up early morning to catch a plane.

Saturday I had a lot of fun on women and did a lot of stuff I never did before the boot camp. I was able to mini-isolate and fully isolate on a married woman who told me she heard the story of once you go black you never go back Added sexual statements which was pretty awesome seeing the faces of the girls laugh, smile, and how their mouths dropped thinking, did he just say that.

Dave Vox taught a lot of stuff such as how to help curb approach anxiety and how to chip away at your comfort zone by a process on sitting at the edge of you comfort zone and keep challenging it to break away from what you are comfortable with. Like me, I am afraid of approaching moving sets. So on that Saturday morning I challenge it and was able to stop 5 women on the street and inside the mall, which I am still alive. Lastly, he emphasized when learning this stuff and going up to women have fun and you are enough.