We asked 70,000 guys to fill out a survey on dating. Here's what we learned.

'Sup guys.

A new blog post is out.


In it, we go over a recent survey we conducted (and are still conducting). We asked guys what their biggest frustrations with dating are.

We looked through the data and we found there were six things that kept coming up.

1 - I can't approach or break the ice.
2 - I have trouble keeping up a good conversation.
3 - I have trouble getting or keeping attraction.
4 - I have trouble reading the signals women give me.
5 - I have trouble getting women to come out on dates.
6 - I have trouble with my inner game and sticking points.

So, we go over each issue briefly, and offer some useful solutions.


We're also starting an email course that goes over each of these issues in more depth. To register for the course you need to fill out the survey.

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I'll be following up on this thread so let me know what you think. Are these your biggest frustrations?