Florida Mall Day Game Fun

Went to the Florida Mall in Orlando to do Day Game. If you are in Orlando or playing on going to Orlando for Bootcamp or to visit. The Florida Mall is packed full of tourist and people from Florida.

Had that approach anxiety creep up on me and passed up a lot of fine woman. Still couldn't get to stop a moving target, the women are faster than sonic the hedgehog. Onward to what I was able to do. Goal was to Approach and Transition. Had to do this in 45 mins before I go into work

First set: HB looking at dresses. I told her that she look really gorgeous and she smiled telling me thank you. (Inner Demon telling me transition you heartless fuck) Used the line in Daytime Dating of there are a lot of beautiful women in the mall (city in the book), but you have a unique style. What do you do (trying to remember the lines)? She told me she had a boring job working for an Insurance company. I asked her if she worked for All-State and she said Travelers Insurance. While we were talking she looked like she was on speed trying to hang the dress back as she broke the hanger. Lol. I ejected and told her to have a good weekend. Guess the interaction was too much for her.

Second set: I was hesitant to open her and also she was moving. Noticed she went into a shoe store so I pursued. Told myself screw it. Heard failure weighs ounces and regret weights tons. Well with so much pretty women I passed up, I think I have 200 tons of regret. I opened her and told her excuse me, but I think you look really pretty. This girl acted like I was her long lost friend when I told her that. She said Oh my god you are the sweetest thing. Thank you that really made my day, with her hands on her face during the interaction. Said my line from the Daytime Dating book and learned she was an artist that draws, something we have in common. Well she works doing tattoo work hence the bad ass skull on her shoulder. When she got her shoes she told me good bye.

1. The last 2 were a fun set and was able to get my goal done to approach and transition to learn about them.

2. Need to get more into approaching and going after moving sets. Hell I saw two girls in Macys that literally made a lot of wives jealous and gave husbands some eye candy , which I was afraid to approach. These women were 12s, like Moby Dick which is rare. Have to stop hesitating and need to approach women even if they are in a group.

3. Didn't get thrown out of the mall and my one set before leaving that I didn't post about was almost stalker mode because I followed her out of the store and approached her. Still friendly, but she told me to have a good day. I think she knew I followed her outside or chased after her, but man girl was The Flash or QuikSilver fast. Also, the girls I was afraid to approach was really happy I did approached them. The last girl that looked like she was going to give me a bear hug during the interaction I could of done a number pull and set up a date.

Was a really fun time doing day game. Tonight will be nightgame and tomorrow back to Florida Mall again for Day Game. I think I might been banned from Forever 21 at the Altamonte Mall.