Escalation Windows after Hook-up + Cooldown Period

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    Escalation Windows after Hook-up + Cooldown Period

    Hey everyone!

    I had sex with a really cute girl, let's call her Lisa, during carnival in my city earlier this year in January. We're in the same student organization which has only a few members locally (8-10) but a lot more all over Europe. After having spent the evening in my place it was all very casual, like just back to being friends/colleagues and we didn't see each other for about 2-3 months due to her travelling and me being busy with exams. Now two weeks ago we had a big conference with 1000 students and parties every night with lots of pretty girls. Since I'm in this organization for a couple of years already I know a lot of the people there and I'm quite heavily pre-selected. Logistics were pretty terrible though since everyone was sleeping in a big hall of a fair with sleeping bags on the floor. So on the second night there she got interested in me again and we made-out in some corner of the club. Since the party was so good though, I didn't want to leave that early and told her to meet up at the end of the night to go back together. Unfortunately that night was super chaotic and we couldn't find each other at the end of the night. I was really drunk at the end of the night and went to sleep with her in the sleeping bag, but due to the bad logistics and a lot of people around we didn't have sex there. So I guess this one might have come across a bit needy, but since a lot of alcohol was involved and generally everyone was pretty crazy there I don't feel this one had a really big impact.

    Up until then everything was still pretty okay, but here comes the twist: I actually focused on another girl the next two evenings which I liked even more. I succesfully seduced this one and I wanted to spare Lisa for the time when I was back home. The problem though is, that on the last evening at the conference she gave me a huge escalation window like "I think I will not party tonight and just stay in" with big goo-goo eyes looking at me. But I knew I would get the other girl that evening so I told her we can do this back home. She also wanted to take me to the city the next day, which I also had to decline because of the other girl. So back home I tried to pull her already two times now, but she's putting a lot of resistance. The first evening was after some beers after our weekly meeting, where she declined it with "I have to wake up early, another evening". The second time was yesterday. We had a party so both of us got quite drunk and we started making out in a semi-secluded corner of the party. Again I tried to pull her home 2-3 times, saying "you still have to show me your place". But again she declined the offer (she had to wake up at 6am today). She still was around for at least an hour or so though, before she left. Should I have pushed more?

    I feel it's a really weird position cuz I already got this girl, but the escalation window I missed during the conference seems to have negatively impacted her a lot. Are escalation windows still relevant after you already got a girl? Also any tips to close her again? Unfortunately it is pretty hard to spike more pre-selection in this group, cuz it is very small. There's one other girl who is in her league that defintely likes me, but this one has a boyfriend, so she keeps the flirting very low key, so it doesn't help a lot to spike jealousy.

    Should I maybe try setting up a meet out of the group? Last saturday she shot me a message like "she's chilling at home in her bed" but I couldn't capitalize on it cuz my fuckbuddy was over.

    Some tips and also general insights from you guys would be very much appreciated!

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    If you really want Lisa, you're gonna have to play hard ball. Youve rejected her multiple times because of other girls. So make a time for Lisa, reject everyone else and get the girl!

  3. Escalation Windows after Hook up Cooldown Period

    We must have been the only ones to get the SS card 2 weeks after arrival by checking off the box. Oh well Let me go play the lottery while Im at it, hehe

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