Figured out what was going on..being played more or less

A week or so ago I wrote a post called " Strike while the iron is hot...waited to long " and I was regretting not making a move on a girl at work who was flirting with me. Well I found out that I was in a situation that I have been in before...a women trying to pawn me for her own twisted reasons. This is something guys should be aware and always have multiple women in the corral/being pursued so you cant be manipulated

As I mentioned, before I had a women flirt with me, but being somewhat standoffish/distrustful, I didn't really pursue, but did ask out once and was rejected. Well I ran into this girl at this bar with other coworkers and she was with this guy she left with the last time I had seen her. What I found out is that she has a boyfriend and the guy has a girlfriend . My guess is that she was using me as a way of making this work guy jealous and that quite frankly she is messed up in the head. I mean if a women is flirting with me in front of guy she is involved with, that is a definite red flag. I also work hard at my job , but I was told by a coworker that she is having these long conversations in private in a conference room with this guy on company time every so often , but because they are both favored people, they get preferential treatment. If I were to do this, I would get written up.

What's disturbing is this twisted women was trying to create drama for her own warped needs, which could have caused me to lose a paycheck. So be forewarned, anytime a women comes onto you in front of you a guy she is with, something is not right .