She is asking for help with her studies

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    She is asking for help with her studies

    so she is asking me for help with her studies, iam known to be a good student at the faculty.

    she seemed to be intrested even before she does such stuff.. she calls a lot these days since exams had already started... when i saw her at college today for the only lecture during the day she came to say hello and we talked a little small talk, then she returned to her friends and i returned to mine.. She isnt a talkative person,she's easily embaressed when it comes to presentations and its pretty obvious. she mostly got this uncomfertable look on her face that i manage to change when talking freely infront of her to make her feel better, like saying, "FUCK THIS I DONT GET SHIT".... she's kinda dumb as well, she might fail in the subject if i didnt help her ...

    The problem is that sometimes she gives me the feeling that she only calls because she needs help and it's pissing me off.


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    she apologized few times after asking for something like " i know that iam really pissing you off with these calls" i replied with that she isnt the only one who asks for help from me (and its true... but not at the moment. i was just pissed and didnt want her to feel special or anything.

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    I have next to no idea what you are talking about. Is this thread posted the wrong place?

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    Like tank said. Im confused af. Is she trying to get at you or nah?

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